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GTA Online Summer Update: Date, details, new cars, Stunt Races

Rockstar has announced a bumper new Summer update to add lots of new content to GTA Online: including new cars, events, and more.



gta online summer update

The online portion of Grand Theft Auto 5 is set for a massive Summer Update with Rockstar confirming that we will see “fan-requested additions” being added to the game, along with new cars, races, and more.

Give credit where credit is due as despite GTA 5 being nearly eight-years-old, the game continues to be downloaded and welcome new fans. Not only that, but Rockstar is making sure to appease their fans by keeping GTA Online fresh and full with weekly updates.

It wasn’t too long ago that the game received its biggest update in a long time with the Cayo Perico Heist expansion – adding a new Island to the game. Now, Rockstar is seeking to enhance the online experience even more with a wealth of content in the coming months.

GTA Online Summer update release date

gta online sun

Thanks to a blog post from Rockstar on May 18, 2021, we know that the incoming slew of content will begin during the month of May with no exact time or date scheduled for the majority of the content.

Currently, the only confirmed date for new GTA Online content is May 27, as “eight new Stunt Races are right around the corner, coming to the GTA Online Stunt Series.”

Everything else we can expect to drop at some point during the Summer months.

GTA Online Summer update new content

gta online green car

New GTA Online cars

A new feature will debut that will allow players to show off their rides and debate potential customization options, without the constant hassle of having them be blown up.

As well as a new underground meet area, GTA Online can expect “high stakes and high action as crews hit the streets to get hold of the latest vehicles on the hot list, challenge each other in new race types, or take part in a series of multi-part robbery missions, where a precisely modified getaway vehicle will be your best weapon.”

New GTA Online Stunt Races

gta online stunt races

The stunt community is about to be fed a huge helping of goodness with the aforementioned new Stunt Races.

What these races will be remains to be seen, but knowing Rockstar, they’re sure to take GTA Online players to new heights – literally.

New modes

As well as new cars and races, fans of the game’s Deadline and Survival modes will be pleased to hear that Deadline is getting new arenas, and Survival will “expand to new locations throughout Los Santos and Blaine County.”

GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced content

gta online pic

As well as the big reveal that the Grand theft Auto V: Expanded and Enhanced rerelease will be out on November 11, 2021, Rockstar has also discussed some extra content to tie in with it.

“As an added bonus — this summer’s updates to GTA Online will include special benefits for players to take advantage of in these expanded and enhanced versions when they drop.”

GTA 3 20th Anniversary content for GTA Online

And finally, the now legendary GTA III will be celebrating its historic 20th Anniversary this year, and to celebrate, there will be some special content for GTA Online players to acquire in the coming weeks. With rumors still abound about a potential trilogy remaster, this could maybe link to that.

As always, as even more details become official regarding the GTA Online Summer Update, we’ll update this page.

In the meantime, check out our ranking of every GTA game and where we’ve tiered them too.

Image Credit: Rockstar


Where is Spider in Destiny 2? Season of the Lost location

Spider is still available to visit in Destiny 2: Season of the Lost, so here’s the location where you can find him to take on Bounties and more.



Spider in Destiny 2

Although we’re now well into Destiny 2 Season of the Lost, you can still visit Spider to accept Bounties and find loot, so here is Spider’s location.

Destiny 2 Season of the Lost is now in full swing, offering players a ton of new content such as Trials of Osiris rewards, Ager’s Scepter, its Catalyst, and more. In Season of the Lost’s story, Spider gets an ominous mention, so we may be seeing him again soon.

Even though he arrived in 2018’s Forsaken, this Fallen crime syndicate leader can still be found to offer Bounties, Wanted Bounties, and do a Material Exchange.

Here’s where to find Spider in Destiny 2: Season of the Lost.

Destiny 2 Spider location

Spider in Destiny 2

You’ll be able to find the Destiny 2 Spider location in Thieves Landing on the Tangled Shore. He acts as the primary vendor for this area but can be pretty tricky to discover if you’ve never visited him before in Destiny 2.

To find the Destiny 2 Spider location, once you’ve landed at Thieves Landing on the Tangled Shore, you need to go straight ahead until you find a small set of stairs. Go up these stairs, then head left into the cave entrance. Hop over the wall and follow this round to the right, and then keep following this corridor.

You’ll eventually find Spider at the end of this corridor, sitting atop his throne with a guard on either side of him. From here, you can speak to him to begin Bounties, Wanted Bounties, or do a Material Exchange.

Spider in Destiny 2

You can also reach him quicker by using your Sparrow. Although challenging, getting your Sparrow over the small wall is possible, allowing you to reach Spider in half the time.

Once you have found the Destiny 2 Spider location, you will be able to take advantage of everything he offers or know where to go if a quest asks you to meet and speak with this unique character at the Destiny 2 Spider location.

For more Destiny 2, be sure to check out Xur’s location and items for each week and the best PVE weapons you can run.

Image Credit: Bungie

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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: Best full-backs you can buy

Ultimate Team is back for another year in FIFA 22, so here are the best FIFA 22 Ultimate Team full-backs you can buy. to help your team dominate.



FIFA 22 full backs and logo

The right choice of full-backs can be the secret to a well-balanced team in FIFA Ultimate Team. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the very best FIFA 22 Ultimate Team full-backs you can buy.

Crafting the perfect Ultimate Team is something that takes fans dozens upon dozens of hours over the year. Swapping and constantly changing to find the right balance of players to suit each individual’s playstyle.

Luckily, now that the full slate of ratings are out there in the wild, we’ve got guides on each position outlining the best FIFA 22 has to offer. This time, it’s the full-backs under the microscope.

Best FIFA 22 Ultimate Team full-backs

FIFA 22 full-back passing the ball

Full-back is one of the most underrated positions on the Ultimate Team pitch. On the one hand, they can work wonders defensively as they nullify the threat down the wing. On the other, they can be a secret weapon in the future as they overlap into crossing positions.

FIFA is a game that relies heavily on pace, especially in wide positions, which unfortunately makes some left and right backs nearly unusable in the game’s meta.

With this in mind, now that EA has released the rankings, these are the best FIFA 22 Ultimate Team full-backs set to dominate this year’s game.

Player NameClubPositionRating
Andrew RobertsonLiverpoolLB87
Jordi AlbaBarcelonaLB86
Luke ShawManchester UnitedLB84
Theo HernandezAC MilanLB84
Ferland MendyReal MadridLB83
Trent Alexander-ArnoldLiverpoolRB87
Joao CanceloManchester CityRB86
Achraf HakimiPSGRB85
Kyle WalkerManchester CityRB85
Juan CuadradoJuventusRB83

Best cheap full-backs in FUT 22

Theo Hernandez dribbling the ball in FIFA 22

If we’re honest, high-rated full-backs that fit the meta do tend to be few and far between, which means the ones that do can be very pricey early on. This being the case, you may want to look at some cheaper options to get the ball rolling when it comes to the best FIFA 22 Ultimate Team full-backs.

On the left side, Liverpool back-up Kieran Tierney has more than enough pace to cope with those starter team wingers, but his hard-to-link nation will keep his price down. Elsewhere, Layvin Kurzawa of PSG is expected to have a solid all-around card with handy chemistry links.

In terms of the opposite side, Max Aarons is due a boost after a solid season with newly-promoted Norwich City, which could make him a great first right-back.

The versatile James Tavernier from Rangers will also start with a strong pace stat, but his value will remain low because he applies his trade in the Scottish Premiership.

Mason Mount in FIFA 22

Those were the best full-backs in FUT this year. We’ll be updating this page throughout the season with more Transfer Market bargains.

For more FIFA 22 Ultimate Team guides, be sure to check out our similar articles for goalkeepers, midfielders, wingers, and strikers.

Image credits: EA

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How to get the GTA Online Prize Ride vehicle: September 23

Thanks to the GTA Online Los Santos Tuners update, players can earn a weekly Prize Ride vehicle, and here’s how you can do it, and what it is.



gta online meet up

The Los Santos Tuners update allows GTA Online players to take advantage of the new Prize Ride vehicle challenge. Players can scoop a free Previon this week, and our quick guide will show you what to do, and how to get one.

The Los Santos Tuners update is certainly up there with the Cayo Perico update in terms of an important content drop for GTA Online. Many players love to earn lots of money, buy cars, mod them how they see fit, and parade them around the city.

As well as adding new cars and collectibles, the new update has also welcomed a fun new challenge for players to complete. GTA Online’s Prize Ride can be obtained by meeting a certain requirement, and we’ll detail everything below.

How to unlock GTA Online’s free Previon Los Santos Tuners Prize Ride

GTA Online prize ride challenge

With GTA 6’s 2025 release date being contradicted by an alleged GTA 6 voice actor claiming that the first trailer may be on the way, it’s hard to know what to think. Instead, fans are instead eagerly waiting for new details on the GTA Remaster Trilogy supposedly in the works – although that wait could be longer too.

The Enhanced and Expanded Remaster has been delayed for the PS5 and Xbox Series X, so Rockstar has stepped up its efforts to make GTA Online even bigger and better, and the Los Santos Tuners update has packed the game with even more content.

The Los Santos Tuners update has cool cut-scenes, meet-ups, and all sorts of content to satisfy car enthusiasts. But if you’re looking to extend your garage’s repertoire of wheels, then you have a chance to add the Previon to it – for nothing at all.

To acquire your own Previon, you’ll need to place top 5 in Car Meet Series Race for 4 days in a row in GTA Online to complete the Prize Ride challenge.

GTA online Previon vehicle

That’s the simple condition you will need to meet to win a free Previon. Given that it normally costs $1,490,000, it’s definitely worth trying to get!

Here’s the official description of the Previon:

The Karin Previon goes like a bullet. Well, like a reloaded cartridge that you forgot in the back of the garage for twenty years which might blow your hand off, but hey! How much you overload it in the workshop is up to you. Just remember, eating the steering wheel and going up in smoke is half the fun.

Also, check out the complete list of cars in the GTA Online Los Santos Tuners update.

Image Credit: Rockstar

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