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GTA Remastered Trilogy is reportedly in development

A GTA Remastered Trilogy is reportedly in development and could be coming to multiple consoles, including the Nintendo Switch.



GTA Remastered Trilogy

It’s not GTA 6, but a GTA Remastered Trilogy is reportedly coming to multiple platforms, including the Nintendo Switch.

It’s been nearly eight years since the last entry in the Grand Theft Auto franchise was released. Fans have been patiently waiting for news regarding the release of GTA 6, while Rockstar Games has continued to develop new content for GTA 5.

Well, GTA fans can rejoice as Rockstar Games might be working on series of remasters that have nothing to do with GTA 5.

In fact, it’s been reported that three PS2-era GTA games are being remastered and brought to the Nintendo Switch.

GTA Remastered Trilogy

GTA Remastered Trilogy

According to a report from Kotaku, three unnamed sources have leaked the development of the GTA remastered Trilogy.

Kotaku wrote, “we can confirm via corroborating details from three sources that GTA remasters are currently in the final stages of development.

However, upon reaching out to Rockstar directly, Kotaku has yet to receive a response.

The three titles reportedly in development for the GTA Remastered Trilogy are Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Vice Cityand Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. They are being developed in Unreal Engine with a mix of old and new graphics.

Rockstar Games’ parent company Take-Two had revealed recently that three unannounced remasters were currently in development, lending even more credibility to these newest report.

They will reportedly be made available on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Google Stadia, and mobile devices.

The studio reportedly in charge of the development of these titles is Rockstar Dundee. Previously known as Ruffian Games, the studio had a hand in developing Crackdown 2 & 3, Master Chief Collection, and the current-gen GTA V ports.

GTA Remastered Trilogy

A digital bundle, including all three titles, is reportedly planned to release around late October/early November. However, the PC and mobile ports of the GTA Remastered Trilogy could be postponed until next year.

That being said, until we hear from Rockstar Games, we won’t have any official information regarding this reported GTA Remastered Trilogy. With the alleged time of release, we could possibly be getting official announcements sometime in the near future.

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Image Credits: Rockstar Games


GTA Online August 11 patch notes: Ubermacht Cypher Podium Vehicle, 2x GTA$ & RP

The August 11 GTA Online update patch adds the Sugoi to the Casino Podium, along with major discounts and bonuses.



Sugoi in GTA Online

A new GTA Online weekly update has arrived, with the August 11 patch adding the Ubermacht Cypher as the Casino Podium reward, along with some significant bonuses and discounts.

Grand Theft Auto fans are being treated well, with the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S re-release finally here and Rockstar Games confirming that the highly-anticipated GTA 6 is currently in development.

The developers also implement frequent changes in GTA Online through weekly content updates, and a new patch arrived on Thursday, August 11, bringing discounts, bonuses, and a brand-new podium vehicle.

GTA Online August 11 patch notes

Diamond Casino Podium Reward vehicle: Ubermacht Cypher

Cypher in GTA Online

The grand prize at GTA Online’s Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel this week is the Ubermacht Cypher, a two-door sports car that appears to be based on the real-life BMW M2. This vehicle boasts an impressive top speed and acceleration.

The Cypher normally costs up to $1,550,000 but you can acquire it for free if you land on the vehicle reward during one of your free spins this week, so simply head to the Diamond Casino and Resort, walk over to the wheel, and have a go.

2x GTA$ & RP

cash in gta online

Special promotions and extra earning opportunities are here once more as you can get yourself a nice helping of 3x GTA$ & RP on Cayo Perico Races.

You can also get a 2x speed boost for Warehouse Staff sourcing special cargo, which will offer even more opportunities to make money in GTA Online over the next week.

GTA Online discounts

Executive office in GTA Online

GTA Online players will find a ton of discounts this week, with plenty of clothing and vehicles up for grabs at a fraction of the price. These discounts will remain available until the end of the week, so you’ll want to hurry up before they expire.

Here are all the latest discounts in GTA Online:

  • 30% off
    • Itali GTB ($832,300)
    • Penetrator ($616,000)
    • T20 ($1,540,000)
  • 40% off
    • Brickade ($666,000)
    • Cognoscenti ($152,400)
    • FMJ ($1,050,000)
    • Arena Imperator ($1,370,964 – $1,030,800)
    • Windsor Drop ($540,000)
  • 50% off
    • 811 ($567,000)
    • Super Diamond ($125,000)
    • Defiler ($206,000 – $154,000)

That just about does it for this week’s update, which will last until August 18, 2022 – so check back then for all of the latest bonuses and discounts.

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Image Credit: Rockstar Games / GTA Wiki

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GTA Online Prize Ride August 11 vehicle: How to get Ocelot Swinger for free

Thanks to the GTA Online Los Santos Tuners update, players can earn a weekly Prize Ride vehicle, and here’s how to get one, and what it is.



gta online meet up

A new GTA Online weekly update has arrived, and players can get their hands on the Ocelot Swinger for free as the GTA Online Prize Ride August 11 vehicle.

Rockstar brought a new GTA Online update on August 11, with the Ubermacht Cypher becoming available as the Diamond Casino Podium Reward vehicle, along with major discounts and bonuses across Los Santos.

This week’s update also features the Ocelot Swinger as the new Prize Ride Challenge vehicle that can be obtained by GTA players for free after completing a challenge, and we’ll detail everything you need to know.

How to unlock GTA Online’s free Ocelot Swinger Prize Ride

Ocelot Swinger in GTA Online

In order to unlock the Ocelot Swinger for free in GTA Online, you’ll need to place top 1 in a Pursuit Series race for 3 days in a row. Once this Prize Ride Challenge is completed, the vehicle will become available to you.

This classic 2-door sports car costs typically up to $902,000, but if you can prove your racing skills are up to the task, you’ll get the vehicle absolutely free.

Here’s Rockstar’s official description of the Ocelot Swinger:

“The Ocelot Swinger was supposed to be a myth. A few blueprints got passed around by collectors, but it just didn’t seem possible: the aerodynamics were decades ahead of their time, the engineering too complex for a classic car, the bodywork so alluring that just feathering the clutch would feel like cheating on your spouse. But now, thanks to the power of assembly robotics and easily monetized nostalgia, the legend has finally hit the streets.”

GTA Online prize ride challenge

From August 11, players can get their hands on this awesome vehicle which will remain available only until August 18, 2022. So, you’ll want to hurry if you want to acquire the Ocelot Swinger completely free of charge.

Each week, players can unlock a new vehicle at the LS Car Meet, and the GTA Online weekly update patches also feature a plethora of other fun content for you to get your hands on.

Also, check out our article on the GTA Online 2022 player count stats, and stay tuned for the August 18 Prize Ride vehicle when it releases!

Image Credit: Rockstar Games / GTA Wiki

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GTA 6 leaker claims Rockstar will expand game with new cities & single-player DLC

GTA 6 will be supported with single-player DLC and new cities to explore, according to a well-known Rockstar insider.



GTA 6 story DLC

GTA 6 is seemingly still years away, but one leaker has allegedly revealed how the game will be supported post-launch with new areas and DLC.

Of all the games currently in development, very few have the hype surrounding them that GTA 6 does. Rockstar only confirmed that the follow-up to the hugely successful GTA 5 is being worked on recently, but rumors and leaks have been circulating for years.

Fans have been desperate for any slither of information regarding GTA 6, from where it will be set and story details to when it will finally release.

Even though the game’s release is still likely some way off, a well-known GTA leaker has claimed that plans are already in place for post-launch content and single-player DLC.

On a GTAForums post, insider Tez2 stated that Rockstar will be reverting back to how they used to plan content before GTA Online exploded, meaning that solo expansions are back on the cards.

“When GTA V released, development on SP DLC already started prior to release,” Tez2 said, before explaining that this additional content, along with a port of Liberty City, was later scrapped.

Los Santos with GTA 6 logo

GTA Online has received countless new updates over the years, whereas GTA V’s story mode hasn’t been given the same treatment. The insider believes that GTA 6 won’t suffer the same fate, and that ideas for DLC will be laid out ahead of time.

“The first wave of ‘new cities and missions’ we will receive as DLC will definitely be planned out before VI releases,” Tez2 continued.

When it comes to what the new areas will be, the leaker believes that GTA 6 will receive “instanced new cities,” such as North Yankton from GTA 5’s prologue or Cayo Perico from the GTA Online heist.

“That way, Rockstar can introduce a new heist for the next GTA Online mode with each new DLC. If we are lucky, we could receive a fully-fledged new city from time to time.”

Of course, nothing is confirmed just yet so take this information with a pinch of salt until Rockstar layout their GTA 6 DLC plans closer to release.

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Image credits: Rockstar Games

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