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Don’t get to excited, these are photoshopped “Gun DLC Concept images” that we came up with. Ever since ELiTE announced their aggressive DLC plan, there’s been a lot of rumors that MW3 might be the first Call of Duty to receive new weapons post-launch. Even Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling hinted that it might be a possibility. Unfortunately we haven’t received any confirmation since then so we decided to come up with these concept images to show the community (and developers) what weapon DLC might look like.

One concern with fans is that if new weapons are introduced, it might throw off the balance of the weapons in the game. One suggestion we had was that if new weapons were released, it should be done in the form of “aggressive camos”. So instead of new guns, they would simply be new “weapon skins”.. What are your thoughts on gun DLC? Yes, no? What guns would you like to see return?

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