“#TheRace” is finally over, the Twitch TV/Machinima guys just hit ‘Prestige Master’ this morning at 5am (PST). Hashtag TheRace began playing right when the game was officially launched (Nov. 12th 2pm PST) so there was no head start for their rank. As acknowledged by MrErnestLe in the video, “oTradeMark” was the first to reach Prestige Master however he had a 4 day head start. The group did beat his time though by 2 hours and 1 minute it seems.

They achieved this by playing in rotation under the Gamertag “Hashtag TheRace” which was played by MrErnestLe, TmarTn, IIJERiiCHOII, GoldGloveTV. Currently they’re number one in the worldwide leader boards too.

There’s a bit of controverary as to who is “the First” so we’ll let you guys decide in the comments below. Technically we think both are though. Either way, quite an enormous feat by everyone involved. Congrats to everyone!