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Hell Let Loose QOL 2 console patch notes: Map rotation, squad soft lock, more

Hell Let Loose’s second Quality of Life update has arrived on consoles, so here are all of the fixes included the latest patch.



Utah Beach in Hell Let Loose

Hell Let Loose, the realistic WW2 shooter arrived on next-gen consoles this year, and Black Matter have now released the second Quality of Life update. Here’s everything addressed in the patch notes, including map rotation and squad soft lock issues.

Hell Let Loose has been out on consoles for just over a month, and while players have been enjoying the game’s hardcore and brutal portrayal of key WW2 battles, some issues have gotten in the way.

The devs have now launched the second Quality of Life update on consoles, fixing some major issues such as map rotation, squad soft lock, and loading times.

Here are the early patch notes for Hell Let Loose’s QOL 2 update.

Hell Let Loose Quality of Life Patch 2 update

In a tweet on November 18, Hell Let Loose’s devs announced the “Quality of Life Patch 2 has deployed!”

Here are the main issues addressed:

  • Improved map rotation
  • Shorter load times
  • Soft lock when joining squads
  • In-game stuttering and bug fixes

Hell Let Loose Map Rotation fixed

Carentan map in hell let loose

Console Hell Let Loose players have long complained that the map rotation wasn’t working as it should have. The previous map rotation had Utah Beach appearing three times in a row, and some players still hadn’t played on certain maps because of it.

The QOL Patch 2 has fixed the issue, making it so that map rotation is now completely random. This should give a lot more variety in which map you’ll end up playing.

Soft lock when joining squads addressed

Hell let loose US soldiers in carentan

Players had also been getting ‘soft locked’ while trying to join squads, and now Black Matter has released a fix.

This issue stopped players from being able to join any squad, and they had to back out of the game and try again to fix it. Now, the devs have fixed soft-locking issues when trying to join a full squad and on the ‘Match Found’ and ‘Leave unit’ prompts.

Full Hell Let Loose Quality of Life 2 console patch notes

Quality Of Life Improvements

  • Changed map rotation on all servers to be randomised
  • Optimisation to significantly improve loading times
  • Optimisation to improve matchmaking times
  • Optimisation to reduce the amount of in-game stuttering through improved streaming speeds
  • Optimisation to improve overall visual quality of the game
  • Matchmaking optimisation to improve ping times and network stability through improved region selection and packet loss consideration
  • Added an option to toggle steady aim on/off
  • Added an option to adjust scoped weapon sensitivity
  • Added option to adjust volume of each voice channel individually
  • The “HUD Display Mode” is now set to “Always On” by default
  • Removed locked sectors from appearing on the HUD
  • Adjusted sizing of certain map icons and text on the in-game map to be more readable
  • Change so that the player will stop leaning if they start to sprint
  • Improved controller vibration under certain scenarios
  • Improved UI spacing and formatting for the deploy screen menus

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the player could become softlock when attempting to join a unit that is full or locked
  • Fixed an issue where the player may receive a network error when attempting to initiate matchmaking whilst the loading wheel is present
  • Fixed multiple issues where XP would not update correctly to show correct level or XP data in various locations
  • Fixed an issue where players can become softlocked on the “Match Found” prompt
  • Fixed an issue where players could navigate to other units as a Unit Leader
  • Fixed an issue where menus could not be scrolled down using the right stick of the controller
  • Fixed an issue where opening the in-game map whilst driving a vehicle will stop it from accelerating
  • Fixed numerous random crashes that could occur based on crash report data
  • Fixed multiple issues where the player was being kicked on entering the map and then being removed back to the frontend
  • Fixed a Networking issue, whereupon hard disconnection the user would not be able to join a game anymore without relaunching
  • Fixed an issue where the player can become softlocked on the “Leave unit” prompt if a spawn point is added or removed from the available list whilst it’s open
  • Fixed multiple issues with the “Steady Aim Toggle” setting
  • Fixed an issue where the movement sensitivity of a player would be significantly decreased after dying as a tank gunner
  • Fixed issue where button input is registered after closing scoreboard
  • Implemented multiple UI Fixes on deployment map screen
  • Fixed an issue where the Kick UI would not disappear from the HUD
  • Fixed an issue where the Melee weapon shortcut was not working on Controller Layout C & D
  • Fixed an issue where there were floating assets in Omaha
  • Fixed multiple instances of incorrect collision on Carentan
  • Fixed multiple UI focus issues
  • Fixed multiple VOIP icon issue

And that’s everything included in Hell Let Loose’s Quality of Life Patch 2 for Xbox and PlayStation.

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Image Credit: Team17 / Black Matter


Huge Grand Theft Auto 6 leak reveals potential characters, locations, GTA Online details

A huge GTA 6 leaks has revealed details about playable characters, locations, activities, GTA Online and more.



GTA Online characters

GTA 6’s release may still be a long way away, but that doesn’t stop hype around the game from growing. With fans desperate for even the smallest scraps of information, a major new leak has dropped claims about possible locations, characters, GTA Online, and a whole lot more.

Grand Theft Auto fans were sent into overdrive when Rockstar finally confirmed that they working on GTA 6. Since then, the community has been dreaming up the ideal Grand Theft Auto game, while eagerly anticipating the next drop of information from the developers.

With GTA 5 becoming one of the biggest games of all time, and hundreds of thousands of players logging into GTA Online on a regular basis, there are some lofty expectations for the next addition to the storied franchise.

For those desperate for new details, a huge new leak has made claims about the game’s locations, who will be playable characters, GTA Online, and even more.

Cars in GTA V

In a now-deleted Reddit post, Reddit user TestPattern5 shared a huge document, filled to the brim with GTA 6 information.

Apparently, there will be three main characters in Grand Theft Auto 6. Ricardo is a former Colombian special agent. An illegal immigrant, he’s “obsessed with wealth and power,” and even though his past involved military service, he avoids conflict as much as possible.

Rose is a police officer who struggles with the death of her husband and depressive drug addiction, and is attracted to Ricardo who she believes will rise to power. Casey, a former boxer, is desperate for money, and has “no problem hurting people.”

The fact there are three playable characters is reminiscent of the last entry into the series, as GTA 5 let players control Michael, Franklin, and Trevor.

Michael, Franklin, and Trevor in GTA 5

According to the leak, each character will also have their own unique abilities and tasks. Ricardo and Casey can recruit members to their gangs, while Rose can order fellow cops away from crime scenes to avoid a wanted level.

The document claims the story will follow Ricardo in South America first, as he moves to Liberty State, Vice City, Carcer City, and Cottonmouth, with the latter two locations from another of Rockstar’s IPs, Manhunt.

There will also be plenty of side activities to help the world of GTA 6 feel alive, including:

  • Gambling
  • Golfing
  • Surfing
  • Skateboarding
  • Tennis
  • Pool
  • Chess
  • Basketball
  • Bowling
  • Strip Clubs
  • Cinemas
  • Arcades
Dr Dre playing golf in GTA 5

As for GTA Online, the document suggests that we’ll be able to control four different characters, who each have different backstories, roles, bank accounts, and assets. Live sporting events could also happen, which players could bet on to make some extra cash.

This isn’t the first major leak for the game, with a Youtuber claiming that the single-player mode would be over 500 hours long, and also mentioned multiple continents too.

As for a release date, this document claims we could be waiting until the end of 2024 to get our hands on it, with a reveal later this year.

Of course, these are just leaks, and there’s no way to verify their accuracy until Rockstar confirm them. Still, if these are even close to true, it looks like Grand Theft Auto 6 is going to be huge.

Image Credits: Rockstar

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FIFA 22 Shapeshifters: Team 3 leaked & release time

The Shapeshifters promo followed TOTS as the next Ultimate Team promo in FIFA 22. Here’s a look at what to expect from the Team 3 squad.



Shapeshifters FIFA 22 promo

The Shapeshifters promo last seen in FIFA 20 has made its way to FIFA 22’s Ultimate Team mode following the Team of the Season.

Team of the Season is certainly one of the most popular promos of the year, but it surely isn’t the final promo for FIFA 22 players to enjoy. Luckily, there are still a few Ultimate Team promos to look forward to and Shapeshifters is one of them.

The Shapeshifters promo was a fan-favorite promo in FIFA 20, and after not featuring in FIFA 21, it has made a return to Ultimate Team in FIFA 22.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Shapeshifters promo including the release date, Team 1 & Team 2 players, along with a leaked look at everyone included in Team 3.

FIFA 22 Shapeshifters Team 3 release time

EA, have confirmed that Team 3 is on the way, with the last batch of Shapeshifter cards scheduled to drop on Friday, July 1.

With exciting new content to enjoy, you’ll want to log into FIFA when the new cards make their way to Ultimate Team at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM UK.

Shapeshifters cards FIFA 22

FIFA 22 FUT Shapeshifters Team 3 leaks

The third FUT Shapeshifters team hasn’t released in-game just yet, but thanks to leakers FUTSheriff and Criminal__x, we can get an early look at the 14 cards that appear set to join the game on July 1.

According to the leak, we’re going to get six Hero cards featuring players like Ginola and Ljungberg, while major stars of current day football will also get cards too with Rashford and Sane receiving upgraded cards.

Here’s the full list of leaked FUT Hero players that could make their way to Ultimate Team when Team 3 releases on July 1:

  • David Ginola (Hero) ST
  • Mario Gomez (Hero) CB
  • Freddie Ljungberg (Hero) CAM
  • Fernando Morientes (Hero) CAM
  • Lars Ricken (Hero) RM
  • Jurgen Kohler (Hero) CDM
  • Franck Ribery (Salernitana) LW
  • Marcus Rashford (Manchester United) CAM
  • Leroy Sane (Bayern Munich) CF
  • Ernesto Valverde (Real Madrid) RWB
  • James Maddison (Leicester City) RW
  • Giovanni Reyna (Borussia Dortmund) LW
  • Felipe (Atletico Madrid) CDM
  • Marc Cucurella (Brighton) LWB

Of course, this is a leak, so may not be completely accurate at time of release. We’ll be sure to update these names with any changes that take place when the third Shapeshifters team goes live.

Ultimate Team Shapeshifters explained

The Shapeshifters promo is a fan favorite due to its unique tendency to have top players in unconventional positions. This promo takes players out of their standard position and allows you to build a squad with more options at your disposal.

This drastic change opens the door to new squad-building possibilities. These special cards received rating boosts, SM/WF upgrades, and position changes, which makes Shapeshifters a top-tier promo.

Throughout the Shapeshifters promo, players will be able to earn Summer Swaps Tokens that they can later exchange for valuable rewards. Summer Swaps Tokens rewards include Shapeshifters Kimpembe and several Shapeshifters player picks.

FIFA 22 Shapeshifters Team 1

TOTS was always going to be a difficult act to follow, but EA have certainly delivered an incredible promo with some stellar players on offer. Lionel Messi, Heung Min Son, and Youcef Atal will be highly sought-after players.

  • Alphonso Davies – LB ST
  • Lionel Messi – RW CF
  • Youcef Atal – RB CM
  • Heung Min Son – LM ST
  • Eden Hazard – LW CAM
  • Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – ST LW
  • Leonardo Spinazzola – LWB CDM
  • Pierre Kalulu – RB CB
  • Jeremiah St. Juste – CB RW
  • Héctor Bellerín – RB LB
  • Nordi Mukiele – RWB CB
  • Jack Grealish – LW CAM
  • Andrew Robertson – LB CDM
  • Everton – LM ST

Anderson and Carrasco are both available via SBC, while Thuram is expected to join them as an SBC reward throughout the promo.

Meanwhile, Wolfsburg’s Gerhardt and Arsenal’s Pepe are available via Objective.

  • Yannick Carrasco – LM CAM or LM RW (SBC)
  • Felipe Anderson – LM RW (SBC)
  • Marcus Thuram – LM ST (SBC)
  • Samuel Grandsir – LM ST (OBJ)
  • Yannick Gerhardt – CM LWB (OBJ)
  • Nicolas Pepe – RM ST (OBJ)

FIFA 22 Shapeshifters Team 2

One look at the Shapeshifters Team 2 players and there is plenty of reason to be excited with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcelo included. It seems Ferland Mendy eludes Ultimate Team fans once again, but there’s always the next FIFA 22 promo to look forward to.

Take a look at the players involved in Shapeshifters Team 2:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo – ST LW
  • Marcelo – LB ST
  • Sergio Ramos – CB ST
  • Timo Werner – ST RF
  • Adama Traore – RW CF
  • Stephan El Shaarawy – LW CAM
  • Silas – RM CF
  • Jesus Corona – RM CM
  • Kieran Tierney – LB CB
  • Emre Can – CM CB
  • Roberto Pereyra – CM LWB
  • Thiago Mendes – CDM RB
  • Marko Arnautovic – ST CB
  • Daley Blind – CB CDM
  • Raphael Guerreiro – LB CM or RB (SBC)
  • Emerson – RB CM (OBJ)
  • Thomas Delaney – CDM CB (OBJ)
  • Hirving Lozano – RW ST (SBC)

Shapeshifters Team 2 is looking equally as strong as Team 1. Ultimate Team fans should be excited to receive a promo that includes Ronaldo and Messi so soon after TOTS. Marcelo and Ronaldo are the two most sought-after cards, but Ramos isn’t too far behind.

For more FIFA news, check out our guide to FIFA 23 including everything you need to know about the upcoming game.

Image Credit: EA Sports

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FIFA 23 Serie A ratings: Every team’s best players predictions

The Serie A will bring some of the world’s best players to FIFA 23, so we’ve predicted who will have the highest rating for each club.



FIFA 23 Serie A player rating predictions

New arrivals have made the Serie A an exciting league to keep an eye on in FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team. From Juventus to both divides of Milan, here are our predictions for the top Serie A ratings in FIFA 23, as well as every team’s best players.

With each iteration of FIFA, EA updates player ratings based on their performances in the previous season, and FIFA 23 will be no exception. Seria A fans received a title race for the ages during the 2021/2022 season as both Milan sides looked to conquer Italy.

When it comes to Serie A player ratings in Ultimate Team, you can expect the top performers to receive major rating boosts. However, don’t forget that new transfers are making their way to Italy over the summer and some major stars cannot be overlooked.

Who will be the best players in the Serie A? We’ve put together our predictions for the top 10 highest-rated Serie A players in FIFA 23, and highlighted the best players from each club.

Theo Hernandez dribbling the ball in FIFA 22

FIFA 23 Serie A top 10 player rating predictions

PlayerClubUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Ciro ImmobileLazio+188
Milan SkriniarInter Milan+187
Romelu LukakuInter Milan-187
Theo HernandezA.C Milan+286
Wojciech SzczesnyJuventus-186
Kalidou KoulibalyNapoli86
Lautaro MartinezInter Milan+186
Paul PogbaJuventus-186
Sergej Milinkovic-SavicLazio+186
Mike MaignanA.C Milan+286

There are some incredible storylines that should make for some great Serie A Ultimate Team squads in FIFA 22. Superstars Paul Pogba and Romelu Lukaku are returning to their former clubs after time in the Premier League.

Given how both of these players failed to meet expectations, their ratings are expected to drop in FIFA 23. While new faces will make their way to Serie A, some top players will be departing including Chiellini, Insigne, Kessie, and possibly more.

Fortunately, top performers from the previous season are ready to step in to fill the void in Ultimate Team. Mike Maignan won the goalkeeper of the year award last season so there’s no denying that he’s deserving of a rating increase.

Milan Skriniar was a brick wall for Inter Milan last season and will surely receive a rating increase whether he stays with Inter Milan or moves on to PSG as rumors suggest. Koulibaly is another that could depart Serie A, but if he stays at Napoli he’ll continue to be one of the best defenders in the league.

Lautaro Martinez and Lukaku Inter Milan

FIFA 23 Serie A rating predictions: Every team’s best players

The top 10 player ratings list is dominated by Italy’s elite, but the Serie A has some hidden gems across clubs outside of the top six. EA will dish out some interesting upgrades and downgrades across the league. FIFA 23 will take into account the top performers of last season as well as the duds that failed to meet expectations.

With this in mind, we’ve made our predictions for every Serie A club’s top three players in FIFA 23:


Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Duvan Zapata83
Ruslan Malinovsky+182
Mario Pasalic+482


Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Marko Arnautovic81
Roberto Soriano+179
Riccardo Orsolini+177


Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Emanuele Valeri75
Leonardo Sernicola73
Matteo Bianchetti72


Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Szymon Zurkowski+373
Petar Stojanovic+273
Andrea Pinamonti+573


Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Lucas Torreira+181
Nicolas Gonzalez+279
Cristiano Biraghi+278

Hellas Verona

Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Antonin Barak+280
Giovanni Simeone+378
Adrien Tameze+176

Inter Milan

Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Milan Skriniar+187
Romelu Lukaku-187
Lautaro Martinez+186


Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Paul Pogba-186
Wojciech Szczesny-186
Juan Cuadrado+184


Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Ciro Immobile+188
Sergej Milinkovic-Savic+186
Luis Alberto84


Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Gianluca Frabotta+273

A.C. Milan

Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Mike Maignan+286
Theo Hernandez+286
Fikayo Tomori+382


Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Alessio Cragno-180
Leonardo Mancuso+274
Giulio Donati+173


Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Kalidou Koulibaly86
Fabian +183
Victor Osimhen+282


Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Lorenzo Pellegrini+182
Leonardo Spinazzola-182
Tammy Abraham+381


Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Franck Ribery-180
Luigi Sepe77
Federico Fazio+176


Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Antonio Candreva79
Francesco Caputo+179
Emil Audero 78


Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Domenico Berardi+284
Andrea Consigli81
Maxime Lopez+378


Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Daniele Verde+276
Ivan Provedel+175
Giulio Maggiore+273


Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Andrea Belotti-180
Sasa Lukic+277
Armando Izzo-178


Player NameUpgrade / DowngradeRating
Gerard Deulofeu+180
Roberto Pereyra80
Marco Silvestri79

EA are yet to reveal the official ratings for Serie A players in FIFA 23. We’ll be sure to update this page with the latest information when ratings are revealed.

For more on FIFA 23 ratings, be sure to check our predictions for Premier League ratings in FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team.

Image credits: EA Sports / Serie A

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