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Hell Let Loose QOL 2 console patch notes: Map rotation, squad soft lock, more

Hell Let Loose’s second Quality of Life update has arrived on consoles, so here are all of the fixes included the latest patch.



Utah Beach in Hell Let Loose

Hell Let Loose, the realistic WW2 shooter arrived on next-gen consoles this year, and Black Matter have now released the second Quality of Life update. Here’s everything addressed in the patch notes, including map rotation and squad soft lock issues.

Hell Let Loose has been out on consoles for just over a month, and while players have been enjoying the game’s hardcore and brutal portrayal of key WW2 battles, some issues have gotten in the way.

The devs have now launched the second Quality of Life update on consoles, fixing some major issues such as map rotation, squad soft lock, and loading times.

Here are the early patch notes for Hell Let Loose’s QOL 2 update.

Hell Let Loose Quality of Life Patch 2 update

In a tweet on November 18, Hell Let Loose’s devs announced the “Quality of Life Patch 2 has deployed!”

Here are the main issues addressed:

  • Improved map rotation
  • Shorter load times
  • Soft lock when joining squads
  • In-game stuttering and bug fixes

Hell Let Loose Map Rotation fixed

Carentan map in hell let loose

Console Hell Let Loose players have long complained that the map rotation wasn’t working as it should have. The previous map rotation had Utah Beach appearing three times in a row, and some players still hadn’t played on certain maps because of it.

The QOL Patch 2 has fixed the issue, making it so that map rotation is now completely random. This should give a lot more variety in which map you’ll end up playing.

Soft lock when joining squads addressed

Hell let loose US soldiers in carentan

Players had also been getting ‘soft locked’ while trying to join squads, and now Black Matter has released a fix.

This issue stopped players from being able to join any squad, and they had to back out of the game and try again to fix it. Now, the devs have fixed soft-locking issues when trying to join a full squad and on the ‘Match Found’ and ‘Leave unit’ prompts.

Full Hell Let Loose Quality of Life 2 console patch notes

Quality Of Life Improvements

  • Changed map rotation on all servers to be randomised
  • Optimisation to significantly improve loading times
  • Optimisation to improve matchmaking times
  • Optimisation to reduce the amount of in-game stuttering through improved streaming speeds
  • Optimisation to improve overall visual quality of the game
  • Matchmaking optimisation to improve ping times and network stability through improved region selection and packet loss consideration
  • Added an option to toggle steady aim on/off
  • Added an option to adjust scoped weapon sensitivity
  • Added option to adjust volume of each voice channel individually
  • The “HUD Display Mode” is now set to “Always On” by default
  • Removed locked sectors from appearing on the HUD
  • Adjusted sizing of certain map icons and text on the in-game map to be more readable
  • Change so that the player will stop leaning if they start to sprint
  • Improved controller vibration under certain scenarios
  • Improved UI spacing and formatting for the deploy screen menus

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the player could become softlock when attempting to join a unit that is full or locked
  • Fixed an issue where the player may receive a network error when attempting to initiate matchmaking whilst the loading wheel is present
  • Fixed multiple issues where XP would not update correctly to show correct level or XP data in various locations
  • Fixed an issue where players can become softlocked on the “Match Found” prompt
  • Fixed an issue where players could navigate to other units as a Unit Leader
  • Fixed an issue where menus could not be scrolled down using the right stick of the controller
  • Fixed an issue where opening the in-game map whilst driving a vehicle will stop it from accelerating
  • Fixed numerous random crashes that could occur based on crash report data
  • Fixed multiple issues where the player was being kicked on entering the map and then being removed back to the frontend
  • Fixed a Networking issue, whereupon hard disconnection the user would not be able to join a game anymore without relaunching
  • Fixed an issue where the player can become softlocked on the “Leave unit” prompt if a spawn point is added or removed from the available list whilst it’s open
  • Fixed multiple issues with the “Steady Aim Toggle” setting
  • Fixed an issue where the movement sensitivity of a player would be significantly decreased after dying as a tank gunner
  • Fixed issue where button input is registered after closing scoreboard
  • Implemented multiple UI Fixes on deployment map screen
  • Fixed an issue where the Kick UI would not disappear from the HUD
  • Fixed an issue where the Melee weapon shortcut was not working on Controller Layout C & D
  • Fixed an issue where there were floating assets in Omaha
  • Fixed multiple instances of incorrect collision on Carentan
  • Fixed multiple UI focus issues
  • Fixed multiple VOIP icon issue

And that’s everything included in Hell Let Loose’s Quality of Life Patch 2 for Xbox and PlayStation.

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Image Credit: Team17 / Black Matter

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Anniversary event: Release date, skins, & more

Apex Legends is nearing its third anniversary, and Respawn usually like to celebrate in style. Here’s everything there is to know.



apex legends anniversary

Respawn love to celebrate the Apex Legends anniversary with an event. The game is coming up to its third birthday and for those interested in the date, here’s when Apex Legends’ anniversary is.

Apex Legends is known for having great content updates and communication with the community. Not only has Season 11 brought more server stability, but it also introduced a great new map and Legend.

With that being said, players are always hungry for new content. With how special the Season 8 Anniversary event was for 2021, it’s only right that fans are intrigued about the next one.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Apex Legends Anniversary event.

When is Apex Legends’ Anniversary?

apex legends anniversary

Respawn’s free-to-play battle royale was released on February 4, 2019, making this date its anniversary every year since its launch. In celebration, players typically get an in-game event to mark the date.

The Apex Legends Anniversary events usually drop around this date, meaning the third-anniversary event can be expected in early February. As Respawn usually drop updates on Tuesdays, perhaps February 1 or 8 marks the date.

As Season 11 is expected to end around February 8, this anniversary event could either be dropping in Season 11 or 12. We’ll update this as more information is released so stay tuned for the official date.

What to expect for Apex Legends’ Anniversary event

apex legends anniversary event Season 8

In the previous Anniversary event, players were blessed with a whole Collection Event and Reward Tracker. As we already know that Season 11’s Collection Event won’t be Anniversary-themed, we can expect the 2022 Anniversary event to be something more simple.

Apex Legends dataminer GarretLeaks believes it could be similar to the Monster’s Within event, which was called a Thematic Event. This also included a Reward Tracker.

According to the dataminer’s recent video, the Anniversary will bring new skins for players – possibly recolors. Garret even suggests that an LTM could arrive along with it.

That’s all we currently know about the third Apex Legends Anniversary event. As more news is released, we’ll be updating this article so make sure you stay tuned.

If you’re interested in more on Apex, check out the most popular Legends in Season 11.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Apex Legends

Apex Legends Wraith and Ash combo bug makes them untouchable

Apex Legends players have discovered a Wraith and Ash combo bug that makes the duo virtually untouchable in combat.



Wraith and Ash in Apex Legends

Wraith and Ash are extremely powerful characters, and a few Apex Legends players have found a combo bug that lets them escape easily, effectively making them untouchable.

There are several powerful characters to choose from in Apex Legends, and all of them have some amazing abilities. Wraith and Ash are Legends that are capable of opening portals in battle.

If you want to be able to change your positioning easily then it’s useful to keep these two on your team. Now, a few players have discovered a strange combo bug that makes them untouchable.

Ash in Apex Legends

Reddit user ‘UnholyBeast’ highlighted this combo bug in the Apex Legends subreddit. It involves Ash’s ultimate ability Phase Breach that lets her travel across the map through a portal.

If you use Wraith’s tactical ability Into the Void while taking an Ash portal, the tactical’s cooldown will no longer matter, as you’ll be able to use it again right away. So you can change your position and avoid all damage.

This combo is quite clever but it clearly gives certain players and teams an unfair advantage since they can become untouchable while doing this. So, this bug can be considered game-breaking.

This didn’t escape the attention of the developers, as Respawn’s Live Technical Director ‘Exgeniar’ responded to the bug in the same post. After apologizing, they stated that “bugs are meant to be fixed.”

Based on these comments, it seems that the developers will be investigating this issue and will probably patch it up in a future update. Until then, this combo will make Wraith and Ash a strong duo.

For more Apex Legends, check out this clever Apex Legends Ash and Valkyrie trick that lets players fly around the map and when the next-gen versions of Apex Legends will be dropping.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Halo Infinite’s cheating problem may be bigger than Warzone’s

A popular anti-cheat account has expressed concern that Halo Infinite’s cheater situation will be “much worse” than Warzone’s.



Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta is facing a hacker problem, and a notable anti-cheat security account has shared concerns that this situation will be worse than Warzone’s.

Halo Infinite has a ton of fun content but the game is also facing a few problems. Aside from the glitch that de-ranks players after wins, there is also the issue of cheaters and hackers ruining matches.

Online multiplayer titles often have to deal with this problem, and one popular anti-cheat Twitter account is concerned that the Halo Infinite cheater situation might be worse than the one in Warzone.

Halo Infinite spartans holding weapons

Call of Duty: Warzone players frequently have to deal with cheaters, so the developers will be implementing the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat in the Pacific launch. There are concerns that Halo Infinite might need a similar system.

The Anti-Cheat Police Department Twitter account is known for understanding cheaters well, and they tweeted out that the new Halo title will end up like Warzone but “much worse.” They then proposed a possible solution to the devs.

“Release dedicated server clients to the community and you probably have the next CS:GO and the cheating situation helps solve itself, taking some of your burdens away,” they tweeted.

According to the Anti-Cheat Police Department, Halo Infinite’s detection system takes too long to detect cheaters, so making use of dedicated server clients will greatly reduce the problem.

They explained that the issue of cheaters will remain as long as Halo Infinite continues to use “in-game data detection to combat cheating.”

Halo Infinite devs respond to cheating concerns

While it’s unclear whether or not the developers will listen to this suggestion, 343 Industries are aware of the cheater problem, as Community Manager, John Junyszek responded to this problem on Twitter.

“Unfortunately, cheating is a natural part of supporting a F2P PC game and it’s one we anticipated,” he tweeted. It’ll never go away entirely, but we’re prepared and committed to releasing consistent improvements to our game’s systems and taking action on bad actors.”

He then let the fans know the game currently doesn’t have a “Report Player” feature, they can file reports against cheaters on the game’s support website, preferably with video evidence.

Hopefully, Halo Infinite’s anti-cheat measures will prevent the game’s situation from becoming as bad as Warzone’s. Until then, it remains to be seen if the developers consider giving players dedicated server clients.

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Image Credit: 343 Industries

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