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Hilarious Apex Legends bug switches Gibraltar and Pathfinder models

A new Apex Legends bug is swapping Legends models in the Winter Express LTM. One instance of this was particularly funny.



The Winter Express LTM has seen a few glitches since it went live in Apex Legends Season 7, and one of these is switching Legend’s models. One player saw this happen with Gibraltar and Pathfinder.

Your Legend’s appearance is a notable aspect of Apex Legends. Every character has a colorful and distinctive look that sets them apart from the others. You can identify a Legend from a distance by their unique design and then plan your attack accordingly.

The Winter Express LTM has seen its share of bugs ever since it went live. One of these alters your Legend’s appearance by swapping the model with another Legend. You have the abilities of the character you picked but the look of someone else, entirely.

In one instance, the bug swapped Gibraltar and Pathfinder’s models, and the results were hilarious.

Respawn Entertainment

Reddit user u/NewOldSchoool posted a clip of the bug in the Apex Legends subreddit. They were playing on the Winter Express when Gibraltar grappled into them out of nowhere and took them down. This came as a huge shock since Gibraltar isn’t one of the most mobile characters.

This was actually someone playing with Pathfinder. They had swapped models with Gibraltar and you can see this in the clip below.

The bug looks quite funny, but it can be annoying since you can’t predict when it will happen. If you don’t know who you’re up against, then you can’t fight back properly. This is especially irritating if the model’s hitbox is smaller than the actual Legend’s. You can’t hit them accurately as a result. 

It’s not entirely clear how you can trigger this bug, but some players reported this happening when they changed characters at the last possible second before dropping in. If you time this right, you can enter the game with the abilities and HUD of a different Legend.

Gibraltar's Holo-Day Bash Apex Legends skin
Respawn Entertainment

The glitch does come with a few advantages. If you manage to pull it off, your enemies will find it harder to hit you due to your uncertain hitbox. You’ll also have the element of surprise on your side since your foes will expect an entirely different attack than what you dish out.

This isn’t the only bug that has plagued the Winter Express LTM. There is also a strange glitch that traps players in boxes on the train. The LTM will probably be getting a new update patch soon, and we’ll keep checking for when it does.

Apex Legends

Does Apex Legends have split-screen?

Apex Legends is a very popular multiplayer battle royale game. Being free-to-play has definitely helped, but can you play split-screen?



apex legends gibraltar and mirage

Playing Apex Legends online with friends can be a blast, but some may want to share the experience on the same setup. For those interested, here’s the answer to whether or not Apex Legends has split-screen.

Gaming is an experience that should definitely be shared, whether you’re online or on the couch with friends and family.

There are some great local co-op games out there, but some may really want to know if they can play Apex Legends split-screen.

Here’s your answer.

Is Apex Legends split-screen?

apex legends rampart and crypto skydiving

At the time of writing this article, there is, unfortunately, no option for split-screen in the current state of Apex Legends. Of course, this could change as the game is constantly going through updates and improvements, but at the moment it is not available.

The only way players can enjoy the game together is by teaming up online through different systems. Luckily, there is cross-play, so whether or not your friend is on the same platform, you’ll be able to squad up and get in a game together.

It’s a shame that there currently isn’t an option for split-screen, as it does seem like something the players would want. On EA’s Answers HQ, one user even asked the devs to add split-screen to the game:

The developers have been great at providing new content for players and listening to feedback from the community over the seasons. They even recently revealed plans to help improve server stability.

As players have been calling for it, it seems the developers are prioritizing a next-gen version of the game and cross-progression before they release a split-screen mode.

Who knows, perhaps a split-screen mode will be available in the future, as similar games such as Fortnite and Call of Duty possess the feature.

For more on Apex Legends, check out how to check if you’re close to an Heirloom.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Apex Legends Season 11 Space Pirate Collection Event: Release date, skins, Town Takeover & Heirloom

Apex Legends Season 11’s Collection Event has been leaked by dataminers, revealing details such as skins and the release date.



Gibraltar Season 11 skin

A brand new Apex Legends Collection Event is on its way in Season 11, and dataminers suspect it may be space pirate-themed.

Apex Legends has brought loads of new content for players through Season 11, as well as shifting the Legend meta with various buffs and nerfs.

Respawn is great at keeping the game fresh and has done an excellent job at staying on top of fixes and updates. One thing Apex Legends is known for is its extravagant Collection Event updates that come every season.

One will be arriving in Season 11 and dataminers may have leaked the details.

When is the Apex Legends Space Pirate Collection Event?

apex legends season 11 patch notes

According to popular Apex Legends dataminer GarretLeaks, players will be seeing a Space Pirate Collection Event in Season 11.

After investigating code, the leaker believes players could be seeing the event drop soon after December 11. As Apex Legends’ updates usually come on Tuesdays, we may be seeing the Space Pirate Collection Event on December 14.

There are also rumors that the Collection Event will be dropping along with the Christmas-themed-Holo-day Bash event.

Of course, these are just leaks so the dates should be taken lightly. However, GarretLeaks is a reliable source, leaking various Apex content in the past such as the map Storm Point.

Space Pirate Collection Event skins

Mirage season 11 battle pass skin

As for the theme, Garret states that seasonal battle passes have actually hinted at Collection Event themes in the past.

Season 11’s battle pass has a lot of salvaged Pilot content, which makes sense considering one of Storm Point’s POIs is a fallen Titanfall ship.

Both Gibraltar and Mirage’s Legendary Season 11 battle pass skins are salvaged Pilot outfits. This could be where the Space Pirate theme is coming from. Perhaps Pilots began salvaging armor and going on their own adventures after the Frontier War in the Titanfall timeline.

There are currently Legend banners in the battle pass depicting salvaged Pilot helmets for a variety of the Legends. Maybe the Space Pirate Collection Event will expand on this. It makes sense considering the devs mentioned plans to bring more Titanfall content.

Seer skin

apex legends space pirate collection event seer skin

Garret also revealed an Epic rarity Seer skin that will be included in the event. The skin is fairly simple but has the image of a skull in the middle of Seer’s chest. This further implies the Space Pirate theme, as Pirate flags are often depicted with a skull and bones.

There are a variety of Legends and weapons skins that have been mentioned in the code, but there are currently no images.

Wattson Heirloom & Town Takeover

Garret also believes the Wattson Heirloom will be dropping with this event, which was previously leaked.

This would make the most sense considering Wattson is one of the earliest Legends without an Heirloom. The Heirloom is said to be something like a Nessie Tamagotchi that responds to Wattson’s actions.

Further, we may also be seeing a Wattson Town Takeover during this Collection Event. Not much information has been released regarding the Town Takeover, but we’ll update this piece as news is released.

That’s all the current information we have on the Apex Legends Season 11 Space Pirate Collection Event. As more information is released, we will update this piece so stay tuned.

For more, check out our piece on when the next-gen versions of Apex Legends will be dropping.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment / GarretLeaks

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Apex Legends players furious with “illegal” Black Friday sale prices

Some Apex Legends have expressed their opinions on the Black Friday sale deals, claiming the developers may have changed the prices.



apex legends black friday sales

Apex Legends brought some new Black Friday deals to the in-game store recently and not all of the community is impressed.

Apex Legends has always been known for having great cosmetics. As a free-to-play game, cosmetic items and Apex Packs are a way for the developers to continue working and making great content for players.

Having said that, some players have been looking into the Black Friday deals and may have uncovered some interesting details about the prices.

apex legends black friday sale

Reddit user try-nerf-this looked into the Octane Laughing Fool bundle, comparing its price to the previous year’s Black Friday sale.

For those that don’t know, both the Octane and Wattson skins have been available in all three of the Apex Legends Black Friday sales. This is another chance for those who missed out on the previous two years to finally get their hands on these rare skins.

Unfortunately, many are not happy with the Octane bundle, claiming the devs have changed the original pricing.

In the post, the player highlights the Octane skin bundle in this and last years Black Friday sales. The original price of the bundle has changed. Many are claiming it is illegal “to market something as on sale when it had never been sold at the previously listed price.”

There may be a method for companies to get around this issue, and perhaps there is a time span for when the price can change. One user even said: “You can’t sell a skin on Thursday for $5 then sell it on Friday for $4 as a 60% discount, but you can take it off the store for a month before hand and do it.”

So, although it may not seem legit, it doesn’t mean it is illegal and Respawn are trying to give players a bad deal. The devs have received a lot of stick over cosmetic pricing over the years, and in all fairness, they have previously changed the way Collection Events work.

Perhaps they will look into this issue and address it soon. If any new information is released, we’ll be sure to cover it. For now, check out how you can check the map rotation without being in game.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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