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Hitman devs claim Project 007 game could be first in trilogy

Developers of the upcoming 007 game, IO Interactive, have indicated that they could easily do a full trilogy of James Bond games.



project 007 hitman devs

After announcing Project 007, the first James Bond game in nine years, Hitman developers IO Interactive have said in an interview that they could easily “envision a full trilogy” of Bond games.

IO Interactive shocked the world back in November when they announced that a brand new James Bond game was finally being made. It’s incredible to think that the last main game was released back in 2012 in the form of 007 Legends.

With the experienced Danish developers handed the reins, it seems that IO are already eyeing up more than just one Bond game.

james bond played by daniel craig

A trilogy of 007 games by Hitman devs

The teaser trailer debuted on November 19, 2020, and there haven’t been any further details on the game since. Naturally, this will be because the game’s development is in its infancy and IO Interactive is also dealing with the recent release of Hitman 3.

The developers were recently interviewed by a Danish outlet and said that they could easily make three James Bond games to create a “completely original story”.

There has been a notable absence of Bond games in recent years and it apparently took a lot of convincing from IO Interactive that they were the right people for the job as lots of the recent Bond games “weren’t worthy enough”.

The new James Bond game should be in capable hands as IO Interactive has spent 20 years perfecting their premiere stealth franchise – Hitman. Agent 47 shares similar characteristics with James Bond as he’s at the top of his field, he’s stealthy and very recognizable.

As we said, the game is still fairly primitive and there’s not much known about the game outside of its debut trailer. The near-minute-long trailer features lots of the classic James Bond intro traits such as a bullet in a chamber, the iconic blood dribbling down, and the instantly-familiar Bond theme.

The project is an exciting one for both developers and fans. As IO begins to roll out information about the new game, we’ll be sure to let you know the new details.

Image credits: IO Interactive

Apex Legends

Best legends in Apex Legends Season 11: Every character ranked

Like any update for Apex Legends, Season 11 brought changes to the meta. Here are the best Legends to use in the current season.



Although there weren’t many Legend changes in Apex Legends Season 11, the best Legends to use have shifted slightly, especially with the introduction of Ash.

With Apex Legends Season 12 launching soon, players may be wondering what the current Legend meta looks like in Season 11. The new update is bound to bring some buffs and nerfs to the game, as well as new Legend Mad Maggie.

We’ve ranked all the Legends in the current Apex update, giving you a great idea of who to play in the new season if you can’t afford the new Legend.

Best Legends in Apex Legends: Season 11 ranked list

Apex Legends tier list

Remember, the ranking is based on a Legend’s performance in the Battle Royale mode, not Ranked Leagues or the Arenas mode. If you’re interested in Arenas, check out our article for the best Legends to use in the 3v3 mode.

Here’s our list for every Legend in Season 11 ranked:

  1. Valkyrie
  2. Gibraltar
  3. Bloodhound
  4. Wraith
  5. Pathfinder
  6. Ash
  7. Octane
  8. Caustic
  9. Horizon
  10. Bangalore
  11. Loba
  12. Mirage
  13. Seer
  14. Lifeline
  15. Wattson
  16. Fuse
  17. Rampart
  18. Revenant
  19. Crypto

To sum up the ranking, Season 11 Legend Ash comes in very strong, but not overpowered. Her abilities are difficult to master, but if you are a coordinated team, her kit can be deadly.

Since the nerfs, Seer has dropped in Season 11, and Bloodhound continues his dominance in the Recon class for Legends. As both maps in the rotation this season are Apex Legends’ biggest, Valkyrie takes the top spot due to her great mobility.

Unfortunately, despite the buffs for Rampart last season, her kit remains pretty underwhelming and easily countered by throwables, as well as certain Legend’s Ultimate abilities.

Wattson received major buffs from Respawn Entertainment this season, and although her kit has definitely been improved, it’s not enough to move her higher up the rankings.

Top 3 Legends in Season 11

1. Valkyrie

Apex Legends tier list Valkyrie

Valkyrie has excellent offensive capabilities with her tactical and passive abilities, flying around and stunning people while they are either trying to run away or hide.

These abilities are also great for when you’re on the defensive, as well as being able to quickly duck out of an unwanted fight with the VTOL Jets and prevent people pushing you with the Missile Swarm.

Furthermore, her ultimate Skyward Dive is arguably the best rotation tool in the game now, taking over Octane’s Launch Pad. This ultimate is excellent for finding out where enemy teams are, as Valkyrie’s passive includes the ability to scan and highlight enemies in her FOV while skydiving.

2. Bloodhound

Bloodhound Apex Legends

Bloodhound is the best Recon Legend in the game, which is a class every team will want at least one of their Legends to be in due to the capability to scan beacons and see where the next circle will land.

The Recon Legend’s Tactical, Eye of the Allfather, allows him to scan enemies in a radius of up to 200 meters, which is great for getting intel on enemy positions. His Tactical is even better when it is used mid-fight, as it allows you to anticipate opponents coming out of cover so that you and your team can get the first shot off.

Bloodhound’s Passive allows him to track enemy footsteps and actions, as well as the number of seconds it has been since the action. This, coupled with his Ultimate, Beast of the Hunt, makes him the perfect hunter for an aggressive team.

3. Gibraltar

Gibraltar in Apex Legends

Since the game was released, Gibraltar has been a Legend who has remained at the top of every Apex legends tier list, being the staple of almost every team in the ALGS tournament. Gibraltar is the strongest defensive character in the game, with all of his abilities defensively aiding the team and being used offensively.

His Dome of Protection is probably his most important piece of kit, allowing the team to push up or protect themselves from a push with the protection it provides. Further, what makes it even more helpful is the faster revive Gibraltar can perform to teammates while inside the dome.

Gibraltar’s Ultimate, Defensive Bombardment, is also great for stopping an enemy’s push and being aggressive, dealing huge damage to those caught within it. His passive is also great for taking on enemies, especially in 1v1 situations, as his Gun Shield gives him extra health.

That’s all for the best Legends to use in Apex Legends Season 11. For more, check out the most popular Legends in Season 11.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Has Star Wars Battlefront 3 been canceled? Leaks, rumors & everything we know

It’s been reported that Star Wars Battlefront 3 isn’t in development at DICE, so here’s everything we know about the Star Wars shooter.



Although rumors made it likely that Star Wars Battlefront 3 was in development, recent reports claim DICE and EA have abandoned the game in favor of continuing to support Battlefield 2042.

The Star Wars Battlefront franchise was rebooted in 2015 by DICE on the Frostbite engine. Huge battles, stunning visuals, and sounds directly from the films made the game a Star Wars fan’s dream.

Although 2017’s Battlefront 2 loot box system received massive backlash, changing how microtransactions were implemented in video games forever, Star Wars fans loved the core gameplay and were desperate for Battlefront 3.

However, following on from Battlefield 2042’s troubled release and the recent news that Respawn Entertainment are working on new Star Wars titles, journalist Jeff Grubb has reported that Star Wars Battlefront 3 isn’t in development.

Here’s everything we know about Battlefront 3.

Star Wars Battlefront 3 reportedly not in development

Star Wars Battlefront 2 gameplay

It was announced on January 25 that Respawn Entertainment would be developing three new Star Wars titles and alongside this news, VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb reported that “Battlefront 3 isn’t happening.”

Battlefront 3 was noticeably absent from EA’s latest Star Wars video game announcement. Then, suspicions were seemingly confirmed after Grubb said “DICE, which is still putting out fires with Battlefield 2042, is focusing on the Battlefield franchise going forward.”

It was previously reported by industry insider Tom Henderson that Battlefront 3’s pitch was denied because it was too expensive to make.

Unfortunately, it sounds like Battlefront 3 isn’t in development.

Respawn Entertainment developing Star Wars FPS game

Star Wars Respawn Entertainment announcement

It was announced that one of the titles Respawn Entertainment are developing is a new Star Wars FPS title.

The project will be helmed by Peter Hirschmann, who worked on fan-favorites such as the original Battlefront II, The Force Unleashed, the classic LEGO games, and Republic Commando.

Little is known about this new Star Wars FPS game, but it’s highly unlikely that it’s anything to do with the Battlefront franchise.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 actors returned to work

Iden and Admiral Versio in Star Wars Battlefront 2

Battlefront 3 rumors began to fly when actors from Battlefront 2’s campaign tweeted that they were working together again in late 2020, posting images of motion capture suits.

Several actors from the original Battlefront game have posted that they are back to work on social media. In November, TJ Ramini, who played Del Meeko, posted an image of him holding a motion capture suit to his Twitter. Alongside it, he said “Hello, old friend,” with a video game controller emoji beside it.

Janina Gavankar, who played Iden Versio, posted an image of a motion capture suit around the same time.

Also, Anthony Skordi, who played Imperial Admiral Versio, posted a picture of him in a recording booth and bantered with Ramini, confirming they were working on a project together.

With these actors confirming they are working together and posting motion suit pictures around the same time, many believed they were working on the Star Wars Battlefront 3 campaign together.

It’s possible that they were working on Battlefront 3 which has since been scrapped, it could have been for another Star Wars project, or a different project entirely.

Also, be sure to check out everything we know about Crysis 4 and the rumored Warzone 2.

Image Credits: DICE / EA / Respawn Entertainment

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FIFA 22 Team of the Week: TOTW 19 & featured players

EA have announced another FIFA 22 Team of the Week. We’ve got everything you need to know, as well as the full FIFA 22 TOTW 19 lineup.



Chelsea players celebrating in FIFA 22

It’s time for another FIFA 22 Team of the Week. In FIFA 22 TOTW 19, there are some huge names for people to add to their teams and we’ve got all the details listed for you.

Ultimate Team remains the most popular mode in the FIFA series. One of the many reasons for this is incorporating real-world football into its addictive gameplay loop through special cards, such as Icons or the new FUT Heroes.

One of the mode’s oldest promotions is ‘Team of the Week’, which offers players a weekly batch of upgraded cards, based on real-life player performances the previous week, to help build out their squads.

We’ll be updating this hub with the latest FIFA 22 TOTW news, so be sure to check back here every week.

Here are the full updates for FIFA 22’s Team of the Week 19.


FIFA 22 striker Erling Haaland

The FIFA 22 TOTW 19 is here, and it’s full of big names from across the world. For those who like to try out new cards and have the funds to do so, FIFA’s TOTW is great.

Check out the full squad for the FIFA 22 TOTW 19 here.

What are TOTW cards in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

Team of the Week items are special cards that boost stats based on that player’s performance in the previous week of real-world games. Any player awarded an in-form will see both their ratings and in-game stats get a permanent increase.

Every week, EA unveils a 23-man squad of the stars who had the best games in the previous domestic or international fixtures round. They could be awarded for a last-minute winner in a big game or a heroic performance from a goalkeeper to keep a clean sheet.

Each TOTW is available in packs for an entire week until it is replaced by the next squad on the following Wednesday. Player’s can not receive an in-form two weeks in a row.

While an in-form card is in packs, it replaces the base version of that player. The normal card will return to packs when that TOTW is over.

AC Milan player dribbling the ball in FIFA 22

In FIFA 22, EA has addressed fans’ complaints that TOTW items are often quickly rendered useless by the other promotional cards added to the game throughout the year.

Every week, one player will receive a special Featured TOTW card. These players will receive a larger boost than the rest of the squad in an attempt to make them more desirable to those building their teams.

To qualify for this additional stat-boost, the player must have a base card that is under 80-rated and not have any other performance-based card in packs – such as a Ones to Watch.

Screenshot of Jude Bellingham card

When is the TOTW released?

Historically, EA announces the latest TOTW every Wednesday so that any Monday night games can be considered.

Each new team is normally Tweeted out around 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM GMT with a full look at every upgrade.

For more on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, check out the 10 best Ultimate Team cards in FIFA 22 and our guide on which strikers you should buy.

Image Credits: EA Sports

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