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How many people play Battlefield 4? 2021 player count

After undergoing a rebirth thanks to Battlefield 2042, find out how many players are still playing EA’s Battlefield 4 FPS in 2021.



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Thanks to Battlefield 2042, Battlefield 4 has been given new life as eager fans of the franchise need their fix, so let’s find out how many are still playing it in 2021.

Battlefield 2042 is one of 2021’s most anticipated games of the year as EA and DICE return to provide millions of players with the tools to unleash destruction. The legendary franchise is known for its large-scale warfare, and Battlefield 2042 aims to bring it to the max.

The wait has proved to be too much for many players though as they have resorted to playing one of its closest comparisons – Battlefield 4. The 2013 title features modern-day/futuristic combat, similar to what 2042 looks to offer, and players have been hopping back into it to prepare.

What is Battlefield 4’s player count in 2021?

With Battlefield 4 being an online multiplayer game, it’s virtually impossible to ever know the live player count as it will constantly fluctuate.

However, using some basic metrics, we can get an idea of how EA’s former behemoth stacks up to current trendsetters and previous BF games 8 years later.

According to Steam Charts, Battlefield 4 had 3,408 peak players in May 2021, and when Battlefield 2042 was announced and unveiled in June 2021, the month’s peak numbers increased to 11,714.

Now, as of September 7, 2021, the game’s last 30 days have seen the game reach a player peak count of 12,284.

Battlefield 4 player count comparison to other Battlefield games & Apex Legends

In comparison, in the last 30 days, Battlefield 1 has hit 30,414 peak players, and Battlefield 5 has topped this with 87,268 peak players.

To use a hot game at the moment, Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends has managed to attract 295,361 peak players in the last 30 days.

Battlefield 4 isn’t exactly breaking ground in terms of its peak numbers, but people are clearly still craving that modern-day fix. For a frame of reference, Battlefield: Hardline was released in 2015 and only attracted 80 peak players in the last 30 days.

It’s expected that numbers for Battlefield 4 will dwindle as Battlefield 2042’s Beta comes out and we get closer to the game’s release date.

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Image Credit: EA / DICE


Battlefield 2042 devs buff controller aim assist following Beta feedback

Following feedback from the Battlefield 2042 official Beta, the game’s devs have decided to increase aim assist for controller players.



EA and DICE have decided to buff controller aim assist in Battlefield 2042 after complaints that “it was too low” in the Battlefield 2042 Beta.

One of the biggest differences between controller and mouse and keyboard players is the freedom to aim. Battlefield 2042 is no different, and the devs have confirmed that they’ve buffed controller aim assist to keep gameplay between the two input methods more consistent.

The Battlefield 2042 Beta allowed the devs to learn a lot about the game and how it copes when filled with dozens of players. Now, they have taken that feedback on board, and Battlefield 2042 controller players should be more satisfied in the game’s final release.

The information has come as a result of an official EA blog post entitled: “Battlefield Briefing – What We Learned From The Open Beta.”

It discussed a ton of details regarding the Beta, what went well, what could be improved on, and EA outed multiple areas that will be different when Battlefield 2042 comes out.

“We’ve also heard your feedback on Aim Assist strength on controllers. You helped to show us that it was too low, so we’ve worked to improve this experience, making it more familiar to players who played with us in past titles.”

Whereas mouse and keyboard players have free reign to do as they please with their aiming, controller players have to adjust their sensitivity settings to achieve the desired outcome – and even then it’s not always as accurate as can be.

This is why games provide a handy lock-on boost for controller players called “aim assist,” this mechanic allows players to snap on closer to the target when aiming, and it should now be stronger in Battlefield 2042.

There is a whole host of other changes that will be implemented between now and the full release of Battlefield 2042, EA and DICE will hope they’ll be enough to provide solid competition for CoD: Vanguard and Halo Infinite.

Also, check out the full list of changes that will be made to Battlefield 2042 following Beta feedback.

Image Credit: EA / DICE

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Battlefield 2042 devs reveal major changes from Beta to launch

Following the Battlefield 2042 Beta, the game’s developers have revealed the major changes made to the game for its launch on November 19.



DICE has revealed a wide range of changes that players will experience from the version of Battlefield 2042 that was available during the Beta and the launch version that will be released on November 19, 2021.

There has been a great deal of excitement brewing in the video game world regarding the newest entry in the fan-favorite Battlefield franchise in 2021 with Battlefield 2042 scheduled to release on November 19.

Battlefield 2042 will be bringing plenty of new elements to the high-profile series with the addition of Specialists being one of the new features coming.

Following the game’s Beta, DICE has provided a detailed breakdown of all of the changes that players will see from the version of the game that was playable in the Beta and the launch version of Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 Beta changes

It is not unusual for games to undergo changes from their Beta version to how they will be on launch day with Battlefield 2042 receiving the following changes for launch to start off the developer’s summary of the Beta.

  • Increased the number of Tanks that you’ll experience on Orbital. It’s up from 4, to 8 on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.
  • Made changes to movement, adding strafe input to sliding, adding the ability to vault on moving objects, and toning down jump spamming.
  • A nearby Grenade Indicator has been added.
  • Entry and Exit animations are now shorter, with some being removed entirely.
  • Elevators have been fixed so that you see less funky behaviours with doors.

DICE also stated that the reason why the version of Battlefield 2042 that was playable in the Beta was not the most up to date build was due to branching which “allows us to strip out all of the unnecessary systems, content, and mechanics that are still under various forms of testing, and polish up what you sometimes hear referred to as a Vertical Slice of the game,” said DICE.

“We work hard to optimise it, stamp out critical bugs, and drive for maximum compatibility and performance on known hardware,” DICE continued. “By stripping out other content and systems, we remove potential conflicts that keep things running in the best possible manner.”

Following the discussion of the game’s version for the Beta and launch, DICE went on to explain how the studio has made great strides in its matchmaking for Battlefield 2042 with updates to stop players from being put in Bot majority lobbies and being placed on servers outside of their region.

One of the most glaring missing features from Battlefield 2042 in the Beta was a map that players could use to see the entire map at once, but this Big Map will indeed be in the launch version of Battlefield 2042.

The Commorose communication system that allows players to quickly communicate with their teammates regarding what they are doing will also be in the launch version of the game after not being available in the Battlefield 2042 Beta.

A ping system will also be ready for players to use when Battlefield 2042 launches, while the compass feature has gotten an update to provide better communication abilities for players to their teammates.

DICE also went on to explain how the first 4 to 6 hours of the game players will have access to loadouts which are fully customizable and allow players to choose from a group of various gadgets before they gain access to the use of the Specialist characters.

“For the first 4-6 hours in the full game, expect to be working with a reduced array of gadgets for your open gadget slot, with your journey through the ranks slowly introducing new ones for your loadouts. That traditional experience of a Battlefield game, where classes fulfill traditional roles is an experience that you graduate out of through the first ten levels. Your Specialists will have the options to choose from a Medical Crate, Ammo Crate, the Recoilless M5 Launcher, and our Repair tool as starting gadgets, and enable the experience of playing in ways that allow players to feel the benefit of playing in more supportive roles,” DICE stated.

These are some of the biggest highlights of the changes that have been made from the Battlefield 2042 Beta to the launch version that will be available for players to experience on November 19, 2021.

You can read about all of the changes that will be made in the official Battlefield 2042 blog post about the game’s development.

For more Battlefield 2042, check out everything you need to know about the Hazard Zone game mode and stay tuned for future news and guides.

Image Credits: EA / DICE

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Battlefield 2042 Specialists: Classes, gadgets, Abilities, Traits

Here’s everything you need to know about Battlefield 2042’s new Specialist class system, and all of the confirmed Specialists.



Battlefield 2042 has changed up the traditional four-class system to have you play as Specialists, international soldiers with different gadgets and abilities. Here’s every Specialist arriving in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 has swapped out the traditional class system to include Specialists who belong to one of four classes – Recon, Assault, Support, and Engineer.

While you can use any weapon with any Specialist, they each have different gadgets and abilities to make them specialize in certain situations.

The next iteration of Battlefield will launch with 10 Specialists to choose from, with more being added in each season’s Battle Pass. Ahead of Battlefield 2042’s launch, five Specialists have now been revealed.

Thanks to DICE, here’s every confirmed Specialist in Battlefield 2042 and their abilities.

Battlefield 2042 Recon Specialists


A Recon Specialist, Wikus “Casper” Van Daele, is a South African soldier best suited for players who like to take on the Scout role in their squad.

This Recon Specialist can use their Trait to detect nearby enemies with a Movement Sensor, which we’ve seen in previous modern Battlefield titles. And for his Specialty, he deploys the OV-P Recon Drone.

Devs confirmed that the Drone will reveal enemy positions, disrupt electronics, and can be controlled manually or left on auto-pilot. It can also be used to “designate targets for lock-on weapons.”

Battlefield 2042 Assault Specialists

Webster Mackay

Webster Mackay is a Canadian Assault Specialist, perfect for flanking enemies and getting in their faces.

His Specialty uses a Grappling Hook to quickly navigate the massive maps. Hitting a surface will pull you towards the attach point, allowing for some nifty flanking maneuvers.

Mackay also features the Nimble Trait, which allows him to be a hard target by moving faster while aiming down the sight.

Battlefield 2042 Support Specialists

Maria Falck

The Support class also returns in Battlefield 2042, but the first Specialist announced acts more like the Medic class than Battlefield V’s Support.

Maria Falck is a German Specialist who will take on the medic role of your squad, quickly getting fallen teammates back in the fight.

She uses the S21 Syrette Pistol to heal teammates from afar, and her Trait is the Combat Surgeon, which allows her to revive allies to full health. Also, if in a pinch, the Syrette Pistol will damage enemies.

Following the Technical Playtest, EA’s community manager Adam Freeman revealed that her S21 Syrette Pistol was too powerful. It could previously heal and revive players, but this caused “significant enough imbalance in gameplay to warrant making some changes.”

Now, the Syrette Pistol can only heal enemies and not revive.

Battlefield 2042 Engineer Specialists


As part of the Engineer category, Pytor “Boris” Guskovsky will be the heavy weapons expert of your squad, especially proficient at defending objectives.

Boris can deploy the SG-36 Sentry Gun as his Specialty, which auto-engages enemies and vehicles.

He has the Sentry Operator ability for his Trait, which boosts the Sentry’s efficiency when he stands near and “spots the enemy target when the Sentry Gun locks on to the enemy in question.” Be warned, though, the Sentry Gun can be EMP’d.


Kimble “Irish” Graves is the latest Battlefield 2042 Specialist to be revealed after featuring heavily in the Exodus short film. Irish was one of the main characters of Battlefield 4’s storyline and is now looking for revenge in 2042.

As another Engineer, Irish can use the Fortification System to place the “DCS Deployable Cover to protect from bullets and explosives, and the APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel to take down explosive projectiles.”

And for his trait, Irish has Veteran. This allows him to provide armor “with additional bonuses from downed enemies.”

You can also get access to the Battle Hardened Legendary Skin by preordering the game.

The final five Operators will likely be revealed ahead of the game’s launch on all consoles on October 22, but you’ll be able to get a feel for the new class system during the Open Beta, which is scheduled for September.

Image Credit: EA / DICE

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