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How many people play Minecraft? 2022 player count

Ever wondered how many people play Minecraft? Here’s the sandbox title’s active and monthly player count in 2022.



Minecraft characters and animals on a cliff

Minecraft is arguably one of the most popular games ever and despite being released over a decade ago, it has a massive player base. Read this article to know how many people play Minecraft in 2022.

While some games are well-known for their captivating story, others gain prominence for their characters. However, Minecraft neither has a story nor any characters. It puts you in a massive Overworld and leaves you to survive amidst animals, mobs, and caves.

Having said that, Minecraft is special because it allows players to do literally whatever they want. Even though defeating the Ender Dragon is supposed to be the goal, you can never visit the End and still enjoy the game.

Minecraft is still one of the most popular games in the world in 2022, and here’s how many people play it.

A fox family in Minecraft

Minecraft monthly and active player count in 2022

According to, more than 173 million people played Minecraft in August 2022. Surprisingly, the monthly player count has increased steadily in the past year, and from the looks of it, it isn’t going to decline anytime soon.

To put things in perspective, Minecraft’s monthly player base in August 2021 was close to 164 million. Within a year, it gained another 10 million players.

Minecraft’s active player base has also increased between 2021 and 2022. In August 2021, the game boasted over 16 million peak active players and now in 2022, this number has increased to over 17 million.

In simple words, over 173 million players logged in to Minecraft during August 2022 and in the past 30 days, the highest number of players playing the game simultaneously was more than 17 million.

One of the biggest reasons behind Minecraft’s popularity is the regular updates. With each content update, the developers release new mobs, blocks, biomes, and mechanics that keep attracting new players as well as veterans.

Minecraft sword with Fire Aspect enchantment

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Image Credits: Mojang