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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

How to complete the Main Cold War Outbreak Easter Egg in Zombies

Outbreak’s main Easter Egg is now available to players. Follow our complete Zombies guide showing you what to do in Black Ops Cold War.



cod cold war outbreak easter egg

Despite being out for several months, Outbreak’s main Easter Egg hasn’t been available until now. Our full guide will walk you through it every step of the way in Black Ops Cold War’s Zombie mode.

Testament to Treyarch, as they have not only found a way to reinvent Zombies and make the concept seem more alive than ever, but they keep doing their best to add to it. For weeks, CoD Zombies players have had to contend with horrifying enemies and even the odd horrifying glitch too.

But Black Ops Cold War Season 3 Reloaded has carried on the forward push to make Outbreak bigger and better with a new fishing activity, and now the game’s main Easter Egg.

Outbreak main Easter Egg in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

cod cold war outbreak

As with most Call of Duty Easter Eggs, the main Outbreak one is convoluted, will take some time, and requires a lot of groundwork. So strap yourself in.

Reach Round 3 in Outbreak Zombies

To actually start making headway towards the main Easter Egg, you will first need to reach Level 3 in Cold War Outbreak. As with any other game of Outbreak, it’s a case of maximizing your first couple of rounds to ensure you get your weapons Pack-A-Punched, trying to obtain Wonder Weapons, and acquiring Perks.

Be patient, collect and do everything, finish the level objectives and side missions, then move onto Round 3.

Find the radio

cod cold war radio

Somewhere on your designated level will be a radio to find. It’s up to you whether you ignore everything else and just go radio hunting, but given the vastness of the environments, you might be better off just playing normally.

For this, we recommend turning your in-game subtitles on, as nearing the radio will actually come up with “Radio: [inactive idle static],” meaning it’s close by.

Once you manage to locate it, approach it and press the action button to “Listen to signal.” It will then emit frequency feedback that sounds like crackling and bells. This will then trigger a big wave of Zombies for you mow down with the best Outbreak weapons.

Search for the Amplifiers

cod cold war amplifier outbreak

Whilst the Radio continues to transmit feedback, you’ll now need to go and find three Amplifiers in the vicinity of the Radio. Again, as long as you’ve got the in-game subtitles on, nearing one will prompt you with “Amplifier: [inactive idle static].”

Find and trigger all three so that they activate, and then make your way back to the original radio to listen to a message from Samantha Maxis, and pick up the part that the Radio produces.

The beacon

Usually your gateway to the next round, the beacon will instead be the home for the part that you picked up. You then speak with Samantha Maxis properly and move onto Round 4.

Round 4 & the monkeys

Once Round 4 begins, you will need to hunt for stone monkeys until you find the right one signposted with an “M” next to it. It should also drop some Microfilm Slides once you’ve shot it.

This process can be lengthy and exhausting without the correct knowledge, and we credit YouTuber TheRealGhost for creating a video that shows the location of all the monkeys on all the maps.

The projector

With film in hand, it’s time to locate a projector to use the Microfilm Slides on. Each map has different locations of course, and here’s where you’ll be able to find projectors:

  • Alpine – Central Lodge, 2nd Floor, south side (PAP Building)
  • Duga – Admin Offices, 2nd Floor, Big L-Shaped Building, on the south side of Duga
  • Golova – Police Station
  • Sanatorium – Administration Building, top-left of map

When all the slides have been watched, you’ll now need to move onto Round 5 – automatically taking you to the Ruka map.

Round 5 – Ruka, Silo & Launch Keys

cold war outbreak ruka

Once you arrive head for the objective that includes an elevator taking you down to the depths of the Silo below. Head to Silo A, and “Lift the Lockdown” by deactivating a switch.

You’ll then be tasked with a new objective – “Find the Launch Keys.” Following the basic rule of three, you have to locate them all and they are all situated in the Silo’s depths.

Here’s where you can find all the Launch Keys:

  1. Key One: It can be found in a dead-end corridor lit by ominous red lighting. Kill the special Mimic and claim the first key.
  2. Key Two: Found near Silo B, you’ll need to deposit Aetherium Crystal Chunks in an “Aetherium Harvesting Unit” which can be found in the Silo. Deposit 20, and you’ll receive the Aetherium Blast ability. Go and find the Jellyfish located nearby, get close, and use the ability. The jellyfish will pull you in towards it, and you can collect the second key
  3. Key Three: Collect an Essence Trap from another dead-end in Silo A, and find a vent emitting a blue glow. Set the trap below the vent, back away, and wait for a monkey to become ensnared in the trap and captured. Acquire the trap, and you’ll get the third and final key.

Start the Launch Sequence

cod cold war outbreak legion boss

It’s now time to approach the end of this journey. With all three keys, you’ll need to quickly go around all three silos and “Insert Launch Key.” Doing so will trigger a timer, so you need to head to the middle room to be able to ascend the stairs and “Get to the Surface.”

Defeat Legion

Exit the elevator and you will see a huge presence warp into the map, and your final mission in the Easter Egg is to simply “Kill Legion.

As you can expect, the boss has a whopping health bar, summons minions and Zombies to help, and will take a titanic effort to beat it. But if you are successful, then you will not only be victorious, but you will get to see the final cutscene, and complete the Easter Egg.

Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Best Krig 6 loadout for CoD: Cold War Season 5

Here are the best attachments and Perks to absolutely dominate with the Krig 6 Assault Rifle in CoD: Black Ops Cold War Season 5.



Cold War Krig 6 loadout

The Krig 6 still is one of the most accurate Assault Rifles in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 5, and possibly the game, and we’ve got the perfect Perks and attachments to help you become unstoppable.

This powerful Assault Rifle is incredible at close-to-mid-range and absolutely decimates at long-distance engagements. We even ranked the Krig 6 as Cold War’s best weapon in Treyarch’s latest Call of Duty title, so it’s absolutely worth having in at least one of your Black Ops Cold War loadouts.

On top of its CoD: Cold War supremacy, it’s also been an unbelievable gun in Call of Duty’s battle royale title too. If you’re looking for the best class in Warzone, you can check out our Krig 6 Warzone loadout.

Here’s the best combination of attachments and perks for your Krig 6 in Black Ops Cold War Season 5 Reloaded.

Best Black Ops Cold War Krig 6 attachments

Best BOCW Krig 6 attachments & loadout
  • Optic: Microflex LED
  • Muzzle: Infantry Compensator
  • Barrel: 19.7″ Ranger
  • Body: Ember Sighting Point
  • Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip
  • Magazine: 40 Rnd
  • Handle: Airborne Elastic Wrap
  • Stock: Raider Stock

With the Gunfighter Wildcard equipped, the Krig can hold up to eight attachments, so we’ve started with the Microflex LED sight for precise shots at any range. To improve the weapon’s accuracy even further, the Infantry Compensator and Field Agent Grip will make vertical recoil almost non-existent.

As you’ll want to hold down long lines of sight, you’ll need a high bullet velocity to take out targets quickly at any range. To do this, the 19.7″ Ranger barrel is an excellent choice.

For the Krig 6’s body, we’ve applied the Ember Sighting Point. Not only will you be able to hip-fire with deadly accuracy if the situation arises, but the torch will also reveal enemies, counteracting some of Black Ops Cold War’s visibility issues.

aiming the krig 6 in cod bocw Miami map

The 40 Rnd Magazine bolsters its ammo capacity, allowing you to take out several targets without reloading, and you can even afford to miss a few shots in a firefight.

Next, we have the Airborne Elastic Wrap for our handle as it greatly increases your ADS and allows you to get firing much quicker. Plus, it nullifies most flinch resistance effects too.

The final attachment you should run is the Raider Stock which gives your Aim Walking Movement speed a healthy bonus, making yourself a hard target to hit while strafe shooting.

Best Perks to run with Black Ops Cold War’s Krig 6

BOCW flak jacket perk
  • Perk 1: Flak Jacket
  • Perk 2: Scavenger
  • Perk 3: Ghost

While holding down lanes and defending Hardpoints or flags in Domination, expect a shower of Frag Grenades and Semtex to come your way. Flak Jacket will keep you protected from explosives, which is vital to staying alive and keeping killstreaks going.

To make sure you can hold onto your devastating Krig 6, Scavenger will allow you to resupply ammo on the fly. Finally, to further preserve your life, Ghost will keep you hidden from enemy Spy Planes, allowing for effective flanks and ambushes.

Most recent Krig 6 buffs and nerfs in Cold War

krig 6 gun on wall

Treyarch has left the Krig 6 Assault Rifle alone for quite some time now which shows how much the devs feel the Krig 6 is balanced right now.

Here is the extent of the Krig 6 changes:

  • Reduced range penalty on Agency Suppressor muzzle attachment from 30% to 25%.

How to unlock the Krig 6 in Black Ops Cold War

cod cold war krig 6 assault rifle

The Krig 6 is simple to unlock in Black Ops Cold War. You just need to play the game until you reach Level 16.

Completing challenges, taking advantage of Double XP events, and racking up high killstreaks will all be massive contributors to ranking up fast. Once you hit Level 16, you’ll have access to the Krig 6 in Cold War and Warzone.

Best alternatives to Cold War’s Krig 6

If you’re not feeling the Krig 6, then there are plenty of other Assault Rifles that perform well, especially thanks to the improved Iron Sights of some ARs – the XM4 has become a god as of late too.

Charlie INTEL is the perfect place for all news and guides concerning Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and we have all the latest on Call of Duty: Vanguard as well.

Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Cold War Zombies players furious as update deletes camo progress

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies camo is being affected after a recent update has reset camo progress for many players.



cold war gun with dark aether camo

The newest Black Ops Cold War game settings update has ruined Zombies camo progress for many by resetting their accomplishments and stats.

Completing and unlocking camos is a big deal for many Call of Duty players, as the thrill of seeing hard work pay off is a huge buzz.

Whether it’s Diamond, Damascus, or Dark Matter, being able to equip these cool camos with your favorite guns is a great visual. Treyarch made it so that players could also unlock camos through specific Zombies challenges so that they didn’t feel forced to play multiplayer.

However, one of Black Ops Cold War’s “Game Settings update” improvements has inadvertently deleted Zombie camo unlock progress for many.

dark aether unlock requirements

Posted in the official Call of Duty Zombies subreddit, a video from user noeltorious brought attention to the changes made by the latest game settings update.

The player showed off two different versions of their Marshal Shotgun, one with a standard look, and one that had the Dark Aether camo.

In one loadout, they hovered over all the hardest-to-unlock camos, and they were all locked, despite the challenges underneath showing that the requirement had been fulfilled.

The player then went to a loadout where the Marshal actually had the Dark Aether camo equipped, but despite the camo being applied to the weapon, it still showed up as locked.

One frustrated player stated that: “Nah nah, if this happens I’m going to be so f*cking pissed, all my hard work, so close to Dark Aether, I’m never touching cod again.”

This seems like a pretty big change and glitch in the system that is affecting a lot of Cold War players. We would imagine it’s something that Treyarch will be looking at as soon as they can.

Also, check out the first Cold War Season 6 Zombies map teasers.

Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Cold War September 16 update patch notes: Nuketown 12v12, Zombies fixes, more

Treyarch has released another Cold War update, bringing the chaotic Nuketown 12v12 as well as fixing some Zombies issues.



Zombies player fighting krasny soldat

Treyarch has released another update for Black Ops Cold War Season 5, adding Nuketown 12v12 and fixing issues with the Zombies mode.

Black Ops Cold War Season 5 Reloaded continues with the September 16 patch notes. In this update, the devs “turn up the chaos” by adding Nuketown 12v12, which will be available in both Core and Hardcore modes. Gunfight Blueprints also return for those looking for more tactical gameplay.

It also brings Zombies updates with stability “stability fixes related to Trials, joining matches in progress, the Black Chest World Event in Outbreak.” On top of that, they’ve changed the LT53 Kazimir from Rare to Epic to help with recognition.

Cold War Season 6 is on the horizon, and the devs have teased that “more intel on what’s to come at the launch of Season Six” next week.

Nuketown in Black Ops Cold War

Cold War September 16 patch notes


Featured Playlists

  • Nuketown 12v12 [NEW] (Also available in Hardcore)
  • Zoo 24/7(Also available in Hardcore)
  • Demolition(Also available in Hardcore)
  • Gunfight Blueprints
  • Face Off 6v6(Also available in Hardcore)
  • 12v12 Moshpit(Also available in Hardcore)
  • Party Games (now featuring Double Agent)
  • Multi-Team



  • Added stability fixes related to joining matches in progress, the Black Chest World Event in Outbreak, zombies using projectiles on vehicles, and Trials.


  • Changed the rarity of the LT53 Kazimir from Rare to Epic to assist with item recognition.

Featured Playlists

  • Outbreak (Endless and 3 Region)
  • Mauer der Toten
  • Firebase Z
  • Die Maschine
  • Dead Ops Arcade 3
  • Dead Ops Arcade 3: First Person
  • Onslaught (PlayStation)
  • Onslaught Drive-In (PlayStation)
  • Onslaught Diminishing Light (PlayStation)
  • Onslaught Containment (PlayStation)

For more Call of Duty content, you can check out how to play in Vanguard’s Open Beta, which goes live for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC players this weekend.

SOURCE: Treyarch

Image Credit: Activision

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