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Call of Duty: Warzone

How to counter Riot Shields in Warzone

Use these strategies and equipment to counter Riot Shields in Warzone.



Riot Shields provide total protection against incoming fire, making them incredibly hard to counter in Warzone.

A Riot Shield, especially in BR Solos, is a powerful weapon that’s exceptionally easy to use. Crouch and face the shield towards enemies to become invulnerable to damage. Use the protection Riot Shields offer to close the gap on enemies and wait until they have to reload to strike or distract enemies so your team can get shots.

Coming against a Riot Shield can be a frustrating experience. If you are caught in the open facing a Riot Shield or are in an open final circle with them, you’ll find yourself without many options. Normally a Riot Shield user will wait until you have to reload, toss a Stun Grenade your way, then kill you with lethal equipment or melee while you are stunned.

To give you a fighting chance next time you face a Riot Shield, here are the equipment and strategies you can deploy.


Equipment is vital to countering a Riot Shield as bullets alone won’t be effective enough.

Battle Hardened

Running the Perk Battle Hardened removes one of the biggest advantages a Riot Shield user has. Their Stun or Flash grenades won’t impact you much, allowing you to either get away or manage a quick kill when they are rushing you.

Battle Hardened is situational and you need to run it instead of Amped. It won’t be effective in most engagements but could be crucial against a Riot Shield or any other player running Stun Grenades.

Thermite Grenades

Thermite Grenades are one of the most effective tools to counter a Riot Shield. A well-aimed Thermite stuck to the Riot Shield will instantly kill the user. The speed and distance a Thermite can be thrown make this especially effective.


Semtex is a little slower than Thermite grenades but more versatile. Stick a Semtex to the enemy’s Shield to instantly kill them.

Stun Grenades

If you are hit by a Riot Shield users Stun Grenade, tossing your own Stun back will even the playing field. While the enemy is stunned, either make a getaway or move around them to shoot where their shield isn’t covering.

Thermite Launcher

A Reddit user showed off the effectiveness of Thermite Launchers against Riot Shields. If you have an extra attachment slot on your weapon, it’s worth considering the Thermite Launcher. While running the Thermite Launcher, switch to your secondary fire mode and quickly shoot the Riot Shield with the Thermite. This will result in an instant kill.

Squad Modes

Riot Shields are less effective in squad modes but can still be devastating if not countered effectively. Countering a team with one or more Riot Shields takes teamwork.

If you spot a Riot Shield user early, you want to spread your team out and keep a distance. A Riot Shield is only effective face-on, so spreading your team out will allow you to shoot past the shield. Also, if you are spread out enough, a Stun or Flash grenade won’t affect the whole team.

If a Riot Shield takes you by surprise in close quarters, you must try to get away from it and back to your team. If it’s impossible to make it back to your team, use your equipment and the strategies deployed in the Solo section below.


Countering Riot Shields in BR Solos is much more tricky. You will need to use all the equipment and environment available to you at the time.

If it’s still early or mid-game, the Riot Shield user has spotted you and you can make an escape – do so. You don’t want the Riot Shield user starting the fight with a well-thrown Stun Grenade. If the player hasn’t spotted you, stalk him for a while to catch him without his Riot Shield deployed. Shoot for the legs and as they take it off their back, you will still be hitting shots.

If it’s late-game or your initial shots don’t get the kill, don’t bother shooting. This will give them time to line up a perfect Stun Grenade. Try and get to a spot where if a Stun Grenade hits you, you have enough cover to not get hit by their Thermite or Throwing Knife.

Height advantage is perfect against Riot Shields. Even if a Stun Grenade hits you while you are above them, there is little they can do to harm you.

Either as they push you, or from your height advantage, use your Thermite Grenade or Semtex and aim directly for the Shield. This will kill them instantly.

Also, if there’s a vehicle on the map, try and use it as Riot Shields won’t block vehicles.

It’s extremely difficult to counter a Riot Shield in BR Solos but these tips just might help you next time you face one.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

How to unlock the Sykov Pistol in Modern Warfare & Warzone Season 2

The Sykov full-auto pistol has finally been added to Warzone and Modern Warfare, so here’s how to unlock this powerful new sidearm.



Warzone Sykov Pistol

In a surprise update on April 15, the highly-anticipated Sykov full-auto Pistol was added to Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare, so here’s how to unlock this powerful new sidearm.

After players found the Sykov Pistol in Plunder, they were desperate to get their hands on this new Modern Warfare weapon. In an update on April 15, the Sykov Pistol was finally added to the game.

It’s described in-game as a “double-action/single-action sidearm” that “comes with a few custom gunsmith mods that make it an outstanding addition to any arsenal.” From gameplay, we know that these powerful modifications are the full-auto feature and the 80 Round Mags.

With the right attachments, the Sykov pistol is unstoppable at close-range. Here’s everything you need to do to unlock it.

How to unlock the Sykov in Warzone and Modern Warfare

How to unlock the Sykov in Warzone Season 2

The Sykov Pistol is easy to unlock in Modern Warfare and Warzone, you simply need to get 4 kills while using pistols in 5 different matches.

If you own Modern Warfare, this is the place to do it. Jump into small maps such as Shipment or Shoot House in Hardcore mode, use any pistol, and you’ll be able to one-tap other players with ease.

If you only own Warzone, the challenge will be more difficult but is still very manageable. We recommend jumping into Plunder with some of Warzone’s best pistols. The akimbo Diamattis are still powerhouses, and dual Renettis will also offer similar results.

Also, we recommend you finish the match for progress to count. Leaving the match early can cause issues with the progress not counting, so you can simply get your pistol kills then play on as normal until the match ends.

How to unlock Akimbo for the Sykov pistol

What makes the Sykov so powerful is its Akimbo perk. This isn’t unlocked as a regular challenge, you’ll need to get 3 kills in 5 different matches using the Mo’Money perk with the Sykov.

The challenge description is reportedly bugged and will tell you to use the Renetti, but you need to use the Mo’Money perk with the Sykov.

Again, this challenge is easy in Modern Warfare’s multiplayer. We recommend playing Hardcore Shipment and Shoothouse as you’ll get the kills in no time.

For Warzone, we recommend hopping into Plunder. Equip Mo’Money to your Sykov and take close-range fights and you should be able to get at least three kills.

The Sykov’s arrival follows three new maps being added to Modern Warfare – Killhouse, Al-Raab Airbase, and Drainage. The latter two have been removed but will be returning soon as they still needed more “love.”

The Sykov is also the first of the unreleased Modern Warfare weapons to have arrived in the game, with the CX-9 SMG and Raal LMG still scheduled to arrive.

Ranked up, the Sykov pistol is likely to be a dominant weapon close-range in Warzone, so if the issues with unlocking it are addressed, it’s worth utilizing the upcoming Double XP event to quickly unlock all of the attachments.

Image Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

New Modern Warfare MP maps returning soon

Killhouse added to Modern Warfare, as two more maps to come soon.



Killhouse in Modern Warfare

Following the Warzone Season 2 Reloaded update, Modern Warfare received three new maps – Call of Duty 4’s Killhouse, Al-Raab Airbase, and Drainage. Now, the two new maps have been temporarily removed but will return soon, and Killhouse still remains.

Although Call of Duty games usually lose the majority of their player base when the next installment of the franchise releases, Black Ops Cold War’s joint progression system has given Modern Warfare fans a reason to stay. Even while playing 2019’s title, they will continue to increase their rank in Warzone and Cold War.

Modern Warfare’s content lifecycle was set to end in November 2020 with the release of Cold War, but as part of Warzone’s mid-Season 2 update, Activision treated fans to three new maps: Killhouse, Al-Raab Airbase, and Drainage.

Killhouse was, and still is, available in a 24/7 playlist in Modern Warfare’s multiplayer, but Al-Raab and Drainage were only available in private matches. Now, however, Al-Raab and Drainage have been mysteriously removed from the game.

Old-school CoD fans will remember Killhouse well as it made its debut in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare but has also been included in CoD Mobile and Modern Warfare Remastered.

This close-range map, inspired by CoD 4’s tutorial level, F.N.G, is set in a military training warehouse. Although the map is small, it has plenty of cover and obstacles to navigate between.

You can still jump straight into Killhouse by selecting the “Killhouse 24/7” playlist from the Modern Warfare menu.

Al-Raab Airbase map Modern Warfare

The other 6v6 map added in this surprise update was Al-Raab Airbase, but it could only be accessed through Private Matches. This map may also be familiar as it appears to be modeled after the Russian airbase Alex and Farah assault in the campaign mission, Proxy War. This map is relatively larger than CoD’s standard 6v6, with plenty of verticality and long lanes to snipe down.

A new Gunfight map, Drainage, was also added to Modern Warfare’s Private Matches. Similar to Airbase, Drainage is large for a 2v2 map, but it will also support 3v3 and other small team game modes. A bridge goes over the map as its standout feature, and there’s a ton of debris on the ground for players to use as cover.

These two maps will be returning to Modern Warfare MP “soon” Infinity Ward says in a new tweet. The maps needed more “love” before they could become available to play.

Drainage map Modern Warfare

Infinity Ward never acknowledged the maps being added or taken away, so we don’t know if these are the only changes made to Modern Warfare.

We’re also still waiting for the Soap Operator Bundle the Sykov pistol to arrive in MW and Warzone.

Image Credit: Activision / CODTracker

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone players call for “Classic” mode with only Modern Warfare weapons

Many Warzone players feel that Call of Duty’s battle royale game could do with a mode that only allows the use of Modern Warfare weapons.



cod modern warfare warzone

Disgruntled Warzone players want to see the game incorporate a “Classic” mode that goes back to the game’s roots, using only CoD: Modern Warfare weapons.

The integration of Black Ops Cold War into Warzone really did change the game and its meta forever. Across Season 1 and Season 2, Warzone’s already stellar roster of guns received a massive boost and gave players a lot more options to choose from.

But these extras haven’t been to the delight of everyone, as some of them namely Cold War’s DMR, Diamattis, and MAC-10 have had a huge impact on Warzone. In response, some players are keen to see a mode that only makes use of the game’s original weapons.

cod modern warfare

It speaks volumes that most loadouts in Warzone Season 2 have featured either one or both of the FFAR and AUG.

Cold War and Warzone use different game engines, meaning that the guns don’t translate as well when they make the transition to a different game.

melon_b0y has alluded to this fact and is calling for Raven Software to accommodate frustrated CoD players.

He said, “Without the Cold War weapons, the game would flow a lot smoother and would bring back skill into gunfights, not just who shoots first. Not to mention that without the FFAR and AUG around to compete, the game mode would be more balanced.

I’m not saying completely remove Cold War weapons, but I think a mode without them would greatly improve the fun in Warzone and bring back some nostalgia as well.”

It’s an interesting concept that should definitely be considered. It certainly does feels like a lifetime ago that Warzone was only populated by Modern Warfare weapons and felt more balanced.

If this became a reality, you’d imagine that it would be supported by many players, and could result in players abandon the normal version of the game.

Image credits: Activision

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