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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

How to do the Coffin Dance Easter Egg in Die Maschine



Here’s a guide on how to complete the Coffin Dance Easter Egg in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies’ map, Die Maschine.

In the new zombies map, Die Maschine, Treyarch added a funny easter egg that awards you with a free perk and a show of zombies performing the Coffin Dance.

To start this Easter Egg, you’ll need to activate the pack-a-punch. You do not need to be in the dark aether after to do this.

After activating pack-a-punch, orbs will spawn around the particle accelerator room, and you will have to shoot five of them in order to do this easter egg.

Note: The hit detection on these orbs may be off. Some you may have to shoot a few times for it to properly register.

First Orb

The first orb is located behind a vent towards the Elemental Pop & power room.

Second Orb

From the first orb, go up the right staircase towards the power room and in the corner by the computer terminals you’ll spot this orb behind a desk chair.

Third Orb

This one may be a bit more difficult to spot, but its hidden in the corner of a barrier at the bottom level of the particle accelerator. This window is located under the main staircase on the same floor as the workbench.

Fourth Orb

This orb is located at the top of a vent by the door leading to the Deadshot Daqurai room.

Fifth Orb

The fifth and final orb is a bit harder to spot. You’ll need to hop on top of the particle accelerator and look down under the platform by the upgrade station.

Once you shoot the last orb, you’ll automatically be teleported to the Dark Aether and will be treated to a hilarious performance by the zombies.

When you are taken out of the Dark Aether, the zombies will drop the coffin and when opened it will drop bonus items and a bonus perk.

Below you can see the dance for yourself.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Season 2 Battle Pass: all 100 tiers

Her are all 100 rewards tiers for the new Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 2 Battle Pass.



Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Season 2 Battle Pass

Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Season 2 is now here, and Treyarch have brought us a brand new Battle Pass complete with new cosmetics for use in both games.

This newest season of Call of Duty content brings us the new Zombies Outbreak mode, Warzone changes, and new maps for Black Ops Cold War.

Additionally, the Season 2 Battle Pass includes the return of the popular Reactive Camos from Black Ops 4, weapon + vehicle skins, new blueprints, charms, FARA 83 Assault Rifle, and the LC10 SMG. The new weapons are free for all players and do not require a purchase of the premium Battle Pass. They unlock at Battle Pass levels 15 and 31 respectively.

All 100 Season 2 Battle Pass Tiers

Here’s the rundown of all the new content in the battle pass for Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Season 2.

Tiers 1 – 5

For purchasing the pass, we’ll immediately be rewarded with Naga’s “Viper” skin and Park’s “Survivor” skin.

Tiers 6 – 14

Tiers 15 – 23

At tier 19 there is a quite brutal finishing move unlocked called “Tactical Roll”

Tiers 24 – 32

Tiers 33 – 41

Tiers 42 – 50

Black Ops 2’s official mixtape makes an appearance at tier 44, treating players with a throwback to the fan-favorite classic.

Tiers 51 – 59

Tiers 60 – 68

Tiers 69 – 77

Tier 71 rewards us with yet another exciting mixtape, “80’s Rock 2”. This includes the hit titles “Rebel Yell”, “Wild Side”, and “We’re Not Gonna Take It”

Tiers 78 – 86

Tiers 87 – 95

At tier 94, you’ll get an 80’s Pop mixtape, with hit tracks such as “Africa”, “Kids In America” and “Your Love”. Additionally, when you hit tier 95, you’ll be treated to a reactive camo for the new FARA 83 Assault Rifle.

Tiers 96 – 100

At the end of the Battle Pass, you’ll unlock this seasons exclusive player emblem, and the “Warlord” skin for Naga, alongside a vehicle skin and epic weapon blueprint.

How much does the Battle Pass cost?

Currently, the Premium Battle Pass is 1,000 CoD Points, or $10 USD. If you’d like to skip 20 tiers instantly upon purchase, you can grab the Premium Battle Pass bundle in the store for 2,400 CoD points, or $24 USD.

If you have all of your CoD Points saved up from the last Premium Battle Pass, you should have just enough to purchase the base Season 2 Battle Pass. If you progress it all the way to Tier 100, you’ll have 1,000 COD points for the Season 3 Battle Pass as well.

Image Credits: Treyarch

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

How to unlock the FARA 83 Assault Rifle in Black Ops Cold War Season 2

Find out how you can wield the blistering new FARA 83 Assault Rifle in Black Ops Cold War Season 2 with this handy guide.



fara 83 cod bocw season 2

Black Ops Cold War Season 2 is set to hit the ground running with a myriad of new content, including the new FARA 83 Assault Rifle. Our quick guide will show you how to unlock it.

The launch of a new season is always an exciting prospect with new maps looking to become the new fan favorite and new weapons trying to become the dominating meta. Speaking of new weapons, Black Ops Cold War Season 2 is no different as the latest season of CoD introduces some new tools to shake things up.

One of the latest firearms added to the game is the FARA 83 Assault Rifle. Based on the real-life Galil AR, the weapon has most recently been seen in Modern Warfare and Warzone. Now it’s the turn of Black Ops Cold War players to try out this impressive gun to use in both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 2.

cod bocw season 2 new operator

Unlocking the FARA 83 in Black Ops Cold War Season 2

During the course of Season 2, we expect to see new additions require special steps and requirements to make them available.

Season 1 was no stranger to this with weapons such as the menacing Streetsweeper Shotgun and the swift, slicing Wakizashi Sword both demanding different goals be fulfilled.

To gain access to the FARA 83 Assault Rifle, Treyarch is thankfully not going to make you complete the same task in 15 separate matches or anything remotely that strenuous.

cod bocw season 2 gameplay

In order for you to unlock the FARA 83, you’ll very simply need to reach Tier 15 of the Battle Pass. Doing so will immediately redeem the FARA 83 for yourself as it’s one of the free tiers in the game’s paid Battle Pass.

Treyarch and Activision have usually tried to avoid pay-to-win situations and always make new weapons available for all players so that none are locked out and creating an unfair advantage.

This was the case of the Groza and the MAC-10 in Black Ops Cold War Season 1. That is absolutely the case here for the FARA 83 as well.

Image credits: Treyarch

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

How to unlock the LC10 SMG in Black Ops Cold War Season 2

To get your hands on the all-around beast that is the LC10 SMG in Black Ops Cold War Season 2, follow this simple guide to unlock it.



lc10 smg in cod bocw season 2

The compact LC10 SMG is a powerful shredder in Black Ops Cold War, and you can get your hands on this new Season 2 addition by using our easy-to-follow guide.

Black Ops Cold War already boasts some of the finest weaponry ever seen in a Call of Duty game with absolute monsters like the Krig-6, the AK-74u, the FFAR, and more.

Season 1 hasn’t had its meta controlled by one or two weapons, with the game seeing a healthy spread of guns being used. Even after the later additions of the Groza and the MAC-10, there still wasn’t any one gun that people immediately defaulted to gain an advantage.

Unlock your own LC10 to use in both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 2, and see if it can compete with the likes of the devastating MP5 or the furious Bullfrog.

cod bocw groza ar

Unlocking the LC10 SMG in Black Ops Cold War Season 2

People are always keen to try out new toys in a game like Call of Duty, it’s what makes seasonal updates so exciting and refreshing.

The LC10 SMG is one of four new weapons that have accompanied Treyarch’s massive Season 2 update, and it could be the most desirable of the lot.

cod bocw season 2 minigun

To find out if the LC10 is the one for you, you’ll very simply need to reach Tier 31 of the Battle Pass. No K/D ruining challenges are required to unlock the LC10, you just need to keep playing Black Ops Cold War Season 2 naturally, and it will eventually unlock one as one of the free Tiers in the Battle Pass.

There are no worries here about paid Battle Pass users having access to superior firepower that other people won’t have, thankfully.

Hopefully, the LC10 helps you to tear up some games and become an absolute force in Black Ops Cold War Season 2.

Image credits: Treyarch

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