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Call of Duty

How to earn Squad Points in Call of Duty: Ghosts



Call of Duty: Ghosts introduces a new way to unlock all the things you want in Create A Solider for your load out. You have to use Squad Points to purchase the items you want to have in your load out. Many people are wondering exactly how to earn them, so here’s how.

  • You earn 2 Squad Points for ranking up
  • You get 1 Squad Point for the successful completion of a Field Order (the blue suite case with a specific challenge)
  • Operations: Completing 1 operation gives you 1 squad point, If you finish 5 Operations in those 2 weeks, you get an extra 4, if you only finish 4, you get 3 squad points, and (3 gives you 2 points, 2 gives you 1 extra).

SOURCE: Reddit