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How to find Fortnite Feathers and unlock all Haven Masks

Here’s everything you need to know about how to find Feathers and collect Haven Masks in Fortnite Chapter 3.



Haven masks in Fortnite

Fortnite’s 19.20 update has brought Haven Masks to the battle royale, but you’ll need to collect Feathers and complete some challenges before you can get your hands on them.

The Fortnite Chapter 3 Battle Pass brought plenty of fun cosmetic skins for players to unlock, including the character Haven. Now, the v19.20 update has added a new collection of masks for her.

You can unlock 30 different Haven Masks in the game by spending a certain amount of Feathers and completing a few different challenges such as catching fish, foraging, or gliding.

Here’s how you can find Feathers and unlock every single Haven Mask in Fortnite.

How to unlock the Haven skin in Fortnite

You won’t be able to unlock these new cosmetic items if you don’t already own the Fortnite Haven skin. You can acquire her by purchasing the Battle Pass for 950 V-Bucks or by signing up to Fortnite Crew.

You’ll need to reach Level 40 or unlock 26 rewards to get access to Haven’s page. This can take a while and you can speed things up by checking out our guide on how to level up fast in Fortnite.

How to find Feathers in Fortnite

You can collect Feathers from chests around Fortnite Island. They can be found in any type of chest, from common to rare, so be sure to search through as many as you can until you collect one.

Each chest only contains 1 Feather, and you’ll need to collect 440 Feathers in order to unlock every single Haven Mask. Once you find them, you can then spend them in the “Haven’s Masks” section of the Battle Pass tab.

How to unlock Haven Masks in Fortnite

When you visit the “Haven’s Masks” Battle Pass tab, you can also see all the special Quests that you need to complete to redeem each mask. These are small tasks that you can do at any point during a match.

Here are all of the Haven Masks in Fortnite and how to unlock them:

Haven MaskChallengeCost
All-Seeing Cat
Autumn StagConsume different types of foraged items (3)10 Feathers
Elder WolfHunt Chickens (5)10 Feathers
Hidden ScalesSlide 300 meters (300)10 Feathers
Frosty ScavengerSearch Chests (10)10 Feathers
Reanimated CatCatch a Shield Fish, Spicy Fish, and a Jellyfish (3)15 Feathers
Skelle StagGather foraged items at different named locations (3)15 Feathers
Cuddle WolfHunt Boars (5)15 Feathers
Hypno ScalesSlide continuously for 8 seconds (8)15 Feathers
Golden ScavengerSearch Seven or IO Chests (3)15 Feathers
Midnight CatCatch fish (20)20 Feathers
Primal StagConsume foraged items (25)20 Feathers
Primal WolfHunt Wolves (5)20 Feathers
Glowing ScalesDeal damage to opponents while sliding (100)20 Feathers
Midnight ScavengerSearch Rare Chests (2)20 Feathers
Spring OwlLand on a tree after gliding (1)10 Feathers
Dream HopperDrive a car, a quadcrasher, and a boat (3)10 Feathers
Friendly KlomboRide on a Klombo for 10 seconds (1)10 Feathers
Tropical ChirperComplete Daily Quests (5)10 Feathers
Fire HunterClaim Haven Masks (5)10 Feathers
Primal OwlGlide 1000 meters (1000)15 Feathers
Frosty HopperAir time while in a vehicle (10)15 Feathers
Hungry KlomboFeed a Klombo with a Klomberry (1)15 Feathers
Frosty ChirperComplete Daily Quests (10)15 Feathers
Snow HunterClaim Haven Masks (15)15 Feathers
Tropical OwlDamage opponents within 10 seconds of gliding (1)20 Feathers
All-Seeing HopperDrive 500 meters in a vehicle (5000)20 Feathers
Grouchy KlomboDeal damage to Klombos (50)20 Feathers
Primal ChirperComplete Daily Quests (20)20 Feathers
Eclipse HunterClaim Haven Masks (25)20 Feathers

That covers everything you need to know about acquiring Haven’s Masks in Fortnite. Be sure to get your hands on all of them before the end of Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 on March 19, 2022.

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How to complete Fortnite x Rocket League Live Quests: Free RLCS cosmetics

Here’s how you can complete the Fortnite x Rocket League Live Quests to unlock free RLCS cosmetics as rewards.



The Rocket League crossover has brought new challenges to Fortnite, and here’s how you can complete the Fortnite x Rocket League Live Quests to unlock free RLCS cosmetics.

Fortnite has become known for its numerous crossovers, with Epic Games adding Marvel characters like Spider-Man and even real-life celebrities such as The Rock to the battle royale title.

Now, brand-new challenges are available for players to tackle as part of the Rocket League crossover in Chapter 3, Season 3. We’ll go over how you can complete the Fortnite x Rocket League Live Quests.

How to enter Fortnite Rocket League Live Worlds event

The Rocket League Live Worlds event in Fortnite began on August 9 and will end on August 14. During this event, you can head into a new Rocket League-themed map in Fortnite’s Creative mode.

Here’s how to enter this map:

  1. Launch Fortnite
  2. Open Creative Mode
  3. Head to Island Code
  4. Enter the code 8205-6994-2065

How to complete Fortnite x Rocket League Live Quests

Once you’re on the map, you can check your Quests tab to see all the available Fortnite x Rocket League Live Quests, and completing these will grant you RLCS cosmetics as free rewards.

Here are all the Fortnite x Rocket League Live Quests:

  • Deal Damage to Opponents at the RL Live Deathmatch (0/1)
  • Deal Damage to Opponents at the RL Live Deathmatch (0/1)
  • Eliminate Opponents at the RL Live Deathmatch (0/1)
  • Eliminate Opponents at the RL Live Deathmatch (0/1)

These are fairly straightforward and you should be able to get them done within a minute or so of landing in the match. Simply fire away at your opponents and once you’ve dealt damage and eliminated them, the challenges will be marked as completed.

Fortnite x Rocket League rewards

Successfully completing all the Fortnite x Rocket League Live Quests will unlock four new RLCS cosmetics in Chapter 3, Season 3. These include a new Glider and Back Bling.

Here are all the Fortnite x Rocket League rewards:

  • Rocket League Trophy Back Bling
  • Regal Rocket Glider
  • Nice Shot! Emoticon
  • Golden Goal Spray

That covers everything that you need to know about how to complete the Fortnite x Rocket League Live Quests. Be sure to hop into the game and get these free rewards before the event comes to an end.

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How to crouch in Fortnite

Crouching is a common action that players perform in Fortnite to line up a shot or stay low. Here’s a guide on how to crouch.



Fortnite consists of several keybinds by default, each of which performs a different action. One of the common actions that players perform is a crouch to line up their shot with accuracy or to hide from their opponents. Here’s how you can crouch in Fortnite.

Movement mechanisms in Fortnite have evolved over time since the OG days in Chapter 1. Crouching has been around since Chapter 1 in Battle Royale, however, players of Fortnite’s PvE campaign Save The World did not have it at first.

As new mechanics of Sprint, Slide and Mantle were added to Chapter 3, all movement mechanics in Fortnite became common across its PvP and PvE modes. Players use crouch frequently whenever they want to hide or line up a shot against their opponents.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to crouch in Fortnite.

How to crouch in Fortnite

Crouching in Fortnite is pretty simple. However, the controls vary across different platforms and input methods. The default keybind to crouch on PC is the Left Ctrl key. However, you can also change the key according to your preference as well.

When it comes to the controller, the default button in Standard configuration on a PS4 is the L1 button and Xbox is the LB button. However, if you use the Combat Pro controller configuration, the crouch action will bind to pressing Right Analog Joystick or R3 button on your controller.

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The difference between the two configurations is that the Right stick in Combat Pro only allows the crouch action upon tapping and not holding as compared to an assigned button in Standard mode. While there is a debate between players on the two modes, they tend to use the tap action to use the stick to look around while crouching.

There are various ways you can move around Fortnite island. Whether it’s sliding down a hill or sprinting away from your opponent or mantling over their builds, these mechanics will help you survive and get you that Victory Royale.

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Image Credits: Epic Games

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How to flip a car in Fortnite

One of the most enjoyable things to do in Fortnite is driving cars. However when you wreck a car, here’s how you can flip it back upright.



Fortnite players have their fair share of fun around the island while fighting for their survival. Cars have been a vital element of that fun as players cause carnage around the island while they drive. Here’s how to flip a car in Fortnite to get it back on track.

Cars have been one of the most popular vehicles in Fortnite. Before they were introduced, players were just breaking them to harvest materials as cars were just a mere prop in the game.

But ever since cars became a part of the island as a vehicle, players have been driving around the island, fueling their cars up, tuning into radio stations, modding them, and eliminating their enemies by driving past them.

However, sometimes when players make a wrong turn or drive the car up a ramp or a hill, it tends to get overturned and wrecked. To bring it back to its original state, here’s how you can flip a car in Fortnite.

How to flip a car in Fortnite

Flipping a car in Fortnite Season 3 is pretty simple. All you need to do is either find an overturned car or you can overturn one yourself. You can either run it off a hilltop or build a ramp and drive off it to do the same.

Once it’s overturned, here’s how you can flip it back on its wheels:

  1. Approach the overturned vehicle.
  2. Press the interact button on your keyboard (E by default), or controller (Square on PlayStation and X on Xbox) to flip the car.
  3. And you’re done! You have successfully flipped a car and it’s ready for you to drive.

However, you need to be mindful of your surroundings as your nearby opponents can hear you start and drive a car around them. So get those driving gloves on and drive as fast as you can to leave your opponents in the storm.

Apart from cars, other vehicles like Ballers and the Armored Battle Bus are currently in-game as well. You can use these to roam around the island as you like and have some fun as No Sweat Summer comes to a close in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3.

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Image Credits: Epic Games

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