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How to spawn vehicles next to you in GTA Online

A clever trick lets players spawn cars right beside them in GTA Online, and we’ve got all the details you need to learn how to do it.



Player beside a car in GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Online players can call their personal vehicles to be delivered to them at any time, but there’s always the chance they could be destroyed before they reach you. This handy trick can force them to spawn right beside you, removing that risk.

There’s plenty for players to do in Los Santos, from taking on Heists like Cayo Perico, grabbing a fast car and heading to a race, or even go treasure hunting in shipwrecks.

No matter what you’re doing though, you’ll likely need the use of a vehicle to get around San Andreas county. These days, players often have a garage full of cars to choose from, from street racers to muscle cars, and even crazy vehicles like the Phantom Wedge truck.

Sometimes though, you may find yourself in need of one of your cars but are nowhere near your garage. Thankfully, there’s a clever way to get your rides to come to you, spawning them right next to your character so you can jump in and go.

Franklin driving in GTA Online

How to make a car spawn next to you in GTA Online

The process of getting a car delivered is pretty straightforward. Open the GTA Online Interaction Menu, scroll down to ‘Request Personal Vehicle,’ and choose the vehicle you want. You’ll be informed that your car is on the way, and all you need to do is wait.

There is an issue with this though. Unfortunately, this method doesn’t park the car right beside you. Usually, this is fine, but if you’re surrounded by other players, they can easily blow your car up before you get close to it, leaving you stuck.

Thankfully, getting the car to spawn beside you is actually really easy. Simply look away from where you want it to appear, and it should spawn behind you. You can also switch to first-person mode and look at the floor.

  1. Open the Interaction menu and scroll down to ‘Request Personal Vehicle.’
  2. Pick the vehicle you want to be delivered, and press confirm.
  3. Immediately look away from where you want it to arrive, or stare at the ground in first-person mode.
  4. Wait a few seconds for the car to be delivered, turn around and it will be parked there for you.
Player selecting a vehicle in GTA Online

While this is a useful trick, you don’t need to do it for every vehicle. For example, the ultra-powerful Oppressor MK2 will automatically spawn right beside you if you request its delivery.

For vehicles that aren’t heavily armored or dangerous though, this trick will give you a much better chance at survival if you’re under fire, and help you get out of trouble.

Once you have your car delivered, you can cruise the streets of Los Santos as you please, and maybe even have a go at drifting with our best GTA Online drift cars.


All Battlefield 2042 Specialists: Classes, Gadgets, abilities, Traits

Here’s everything you need to know about Battlefield 2042’s new Specialist class system, and all of the confirmed Specialists.



Battlefield 2042 specialists

Battlefield 2042 has changed up the traditional four-class system to have you play as Specialists, international soldiers with different gadgets and abilities. Here’s every Specialist arriving in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 has swapped out the traditional class system to include Specialists who belong to one of four classes – Recon, Assault, Support, and Engineer.

While you can use any weapon with any Specialist, they each have different gadgets and abilities to make them specialize in certain situations.

The next iteration of Battlefield will launch with 10 Specialists to choose from, with more being added in each season’s Battle Pass. Ahead of Battlefield 2042’s launch, all ten Specialists have now been revealed.

Thanks to DICE, here’s every confirmed Specialist in Battlefield 2042 and their abilities.

Battlefield 2042 Recon Specialists

Navin Roa

Battlefield 2042 Navin Roa specialist
  • Trait: Trojan Network
  • Specialty: Cyber Warfare Suit

Navin Roa will be the perfect Specialist to sneak up on enemies and cause havoc in their objectives.

His Trojan Network Trait allows him to hack an enemy, killing them to reveal all nearby enemies. And he can also take control of enemy equipment and in-world, such as raising bollards from a distance to cut off enemy vehicles.

Ji-Soon Paik

Battlefield 2042 ji-soo paik specialist
  • Trait: Threat Perception
  • Specialty: EMG-X Scanner

Although a Recon Specialist, South Korean Specialist Ji-Soon Paik will be especially effective for aggressive players.

Her Threat Perception Trait marks any enemy that damages her, so anyone playing as her will have full awareness amid battle.

And her EMG-X Scanner essentially acts as wallhacks, where nearby enemies are highlighted through walls. Depending on how much range this has, it could be an extremely powerful tool in the hands of a skilled player.


Battlefield 2042 Casper Specialist
  • Trait: Movement Sensor
  • Specialty: OV-P Recon Drone

A Recon Specialist, Wikus “Casper” Van Daele, is a South African soldier best suited for players who like to take on the Scout role in their squad.

This Recon Specialist can use their Trait to detect nearby enemies with a Movement Sensor, where the screen flashes if an enemy gets too close. And for his Specialty, he deploys the OV-P Recon Drone.

Devs confirmed that the Drone will reveal enemy positions, disrupt electronics, and can be controlled manually or left on auto-pilot. It can also be used to “designate targets for lock-on weapons.”

Battlefield 2042 Assault Specialists


Battlefield 2042 Dozer specialist
  • Trait: Blast Resistant
  • Specialty: SOB-8 Ballistic Shield

Santiago “Dozer” Espinoza will be the Specialist you want to lead an aggressive push, using his Ballistic Shield and explosive resistance to survive a ton of damage.

Dozer’s Blast Resistant Trait acts very similarly to E.O.D from Warzone, where he can survive much more explosive damage than the average soldier. And it doesn’t seem to affect him, so he can stay accurate at all times.

And the SOB-8 Ballistic Shield makes him the perfect point man, where he can sponge all incoming damage and be an excellent distraction for his squadmates. Also, it appears that he can still damage and kill enemies while using the Shield.


Battlefield 2042 sundance specialist
  • Trait: Wingsuit
  • Specialty: Smart Explosives

French Specialist Emma “Sundance” Rosier is the most mobile character in the game, being able to glide around the map.

Her Trait, the Wingsuit, has been used heavily in Battlefield 2042’s marketing and now we finally know how it works. Unique to Sundance, the Wingsuit allows her to stealthily fly across the map.

And she’ll have much more lethal equipment at her disposal, as the Smart Explosives Speciality lets her switch between using Anti-Armor, EMP, and Scatter Grenades.

Webster Mackay

Webster Mackay specialist
  • Trait: Nimble
  • Specialty: Grappling Hook

Webster Mackay is a Canadian Assault Specialist, perfect for flanking enemies and getting in their faces.

His Specialty uses a Grappling Hook to quickly navigate the massive maps. Hitting a surface will pull you towards the attach point, allowing for some nifty flanking maneuvers.

Mackay also features the Nimble Trait, which allows him to be a hard target by moving faster while aiming down the sight.

Battlefield 2042 Support Specialists


Angel specialist
  • Trait: Trauma Specialist
  • Specialty: Loadout Crate

Romanian Specialist Constantin “Angel” Anghel will be the frontline medic of your squad, as he acts more like the Medics from previous Battlefield games.

Players have complained that reviving was too slow in the Beta, but his Trauma Specialist Trait allows him to revive players much faster and also restore their armor.

And in more of the Support than Medic vein, Angel can drop a Loadout Crate that allows players to select another loadout without having to redeploy.

Maria Falck

Maria Falk specialist
  • Trait: Combat Surgeon
  • Specialty: S21 Syrette Pistol

Maria Falck is a German Specialist who will take on the medic role of your squad, quickly healing teammates and reviving them to full health.

She uses the S21 Syrette Pistol to heal herself and teammates from afar, and her Trait is the Combat Surgeon, which allows her to revive allies to full health. Also, if in a pinch, the Syrette Pistol will damage enemies.

Battlefield 2042 Engineer Specialists


Boris specialist
  • Trait: Sentry Operator
  • Specialty: SG-36 Sentry Gun

As part of the Engineer category, Pytor “Boris” Guskovsky will be the heavy weapons expert of your squad, especially proficient at defending objectives.

Boris can deploy the SG-36 Sentry Gun as his Specialty, which auto-engages enemies and vehicles.

He has the Sentry Operator ability for his Trait, which boosts the Sentry’s efficiency when he stands near and “spots the enemy target when the Sentry Gun locks on to the enemy in question.” Be warned, though, the Sentry Gun can be EMP’d.


Irish Specialist
  • Trait: Veteran
  • Specialty: Fortification System

Kimble “Irish” Graves is the latest Battlefield 2042 Specialist to be revealed after featuring heavily in the Exodus short film. Irish was one of the main characters of Battlefield 4’s storyline and is now looking for revenge in 2042.

As another Engineer, Irish can use the Fortification System to place the “DCS Deployable Cover to protect from bullets and explosives, and the APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel to take down explosive projectiles.”

And for his trait, Irish has Veteran. This allows him to provide armor “with additional bonuses from downed enemies.”

And those are all ten of the Specialists confirmed for Battlefield 2042’s launch!

You can also check out the best keybinds and settings for playing Battlefield 2042 on mouse and keyboard.

Image Credit: EA / DICE

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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team rewards schedule: FUT Champions, Division Rivals & Squad Battles

Check out our full FIFA 22 Ultimate Team schedule of when FUT Champions, Division Rivals, and Squad Battles rewards are released.



FIFA 22 Ultimate Team rewards schedule

There’s plenty of ways of earning packs in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, whether it’s in Squad Battles, Division Rivals, or FUT Champions. But every different mode drops its rewards on a different day. Here’s the schedule for each one.

The main hook of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is grinding out packs in pursuit of a high-rated superstar like Ronaldo or Mbappe.

To consistently earn pack rewards, there are three different modes to take part in, from offline Squad Battles against the AI or the sometimes brutal FUT Champions Weekend League.

Each different has its own schedule for handing out rewards, we break down each one below.

When are Squad Battle rewards released?

Squad Battles in FIFA 22

In FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, Squad Battle rewards drop in the early hours of Sunday morning every single week.

This is a change from the Sunday night / Monday morning schedule used since Squad Battles were first introduced.

The time that you can expect your hard-earned packs depends on where you live, so we’ve listed some of the most popular timezones below:

  • North America: 12:05 AM PDT / 3:05 AM EDT
  • UK: 9.05 AM BST
  • Europe: 9:05 AM CEST / 10:05 AM EEST

EA cuts off the chance to earn points and move up a rank five minutes before rewards are released, so be sure to leave enough time to squeeze in a final game.

When are Division Rivals rewards released

Division Rivals in FIFA 22

Division Rivals rewards also work on a weekly schedule, releasing every Thursday just in time to make last-minute changes before the Weekend League.

Again, the times that the rewards appear in a player’s account varies based on country, so here they are by timezone:

  • North America: 12:00 AM PDT / 3:00 AM EDT
  • UK: 9:00 AM BST
  • Europe: 9:00 AM CEST / 10:00 AM EEST

Here, packs and coins are dished out based on both a player’s rank and if they have achieved three or seven wins throughout the week.

When are FUT Champions rewards released?

FUT Champions in FIFA 22

FUT Champion Finals works slightly differently because players can claim their packs after they complete all 20 games, or after the Monday morning deadline if they have games leftover.

After the Weekend League opens on Friday morning, players are free to complete their 20 matches as quickly as they choose, and claim their rewards as soon as the final game ends.

Alternatively, if someone chooses not to complete all 20 matches, they can get rewards for whichever rank they are after the mode closes on Monday.

Once again, this cut-off point varies across different countries, here it is by timezone:

  • North America: 2 AM PDT / 5 AM EDT
  • UK: 11 AM BST
  • Europe: 11 AM CEST / 12 PM EEST

Will these times change?

Son in FIFA 22

As time zones change throughout the year, EA tweaks the schedule to reflect the difference in time.

In the case of each different country, the time that rewards are released moves forward or back to match the changed time.

For example, when the UK converts to GMT and clocks go back by one hour, all rewards will drop an hour earlier than before.

That is everything you need to know on when the rewards for each FIFA 22 Ultimate Team mode will be released.

For more on FIFA 22, check out every promotion coming to the game, as well as the latest Team of the Week.

Image credits: EA

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Battlefield 2042’s five final Specialists revealed

The five final Specialists for Battlefield 2042 have been officially revealed, so here’s every new character and their abilities.



Battlefield 2042 Angel, Ji-Soo and Dozer Specialists

Battlefield 2042 will feature 10 unique Specialists at launch, and DICE have officially revealed the final five who boast a range of powerful Gadgets and Traits.  

After months of waiting, we’re now only weeks away from experiencing Battlefield 2042 in all its glory. All three game modes, All-Out Warfare, Portal, and Hazard Zone, have now been revealed, so it was only the five final Specialists left for us to see. 

These five Specialists have now been showcased in a new gameplay trailer, showing off their abilities and some of the unseen maps. 

Here’s every Specialist that will be joining Irish, Falck, and more when Battlefield 2042 launches in November. 

Navin Roa – Recon 

Battlefield 2042 Navin Roa specialist

Navin Roa is an Indian Specialist who falls under the Recon class. His Trojan Network Trait allows him to hack nearby enemies, revealing all nearby enemies. This would be the perfect class for sneaking into enemy territory, provided you’re stealthy enough. 

His Cyber Warfare Suit Specialty allows him to hack enemy equipment and in-world objects. In the trailer, we see him hack a control panel from a distance, putting up bollards and blocking an enemy car. 

Santiago “Dozer” Espinoza – Assault 

Battlefield 2042 Dozer specialist

Mexican Specialist Dozer is sure to be a powerful force on the battlefield, carrying an SOB-8 Ballistic Shield as his Speciality. This protects the Assault Specialist from all incoming projectiles, and we even see him kill an enemy with some sort of weapon through the shield.

For his Trait, he essentially has the E.O.D Perk from Warzone, where the Blast Resistant ability reduces explosive damage and allows him to recover quicker. 

Emma “Sundance” Rosier – Assault 

Battlefield 2042 sundance specialist

Wingsuits have been featured heavily in Battlefield 2042’s promotional material, and we now know that it’s attached to Emma “Sundance” Rosier. The Wingsuit acts as her Trait, where she can stealthily fly long distances. 

And her Smart Explosives Speciality allows her to switch between Anti-Armor, EMP, and Scatter Grenades. 

Ji-Soo Paik – Recon

Battlefield 2042 ji-soo paik specialist

Another Recon Specialist, Ji-Soo automatically spots enemies who damage her through her Threat Perception Trait. You better take this South Korean Specialist fast, because she’ll know exactly where you are. 

And for her Speciality, she essentially has wallhacks. The EMG-X Scanner highlights enemies through walls, so she is sure to be one of the best Specialists

Constantin “Angel” Anghel – Support 

Battlefield 2042 Angel specialist

Following Battlefield 2042’s Beta, there were several complaints that reviving was too slow, and players called for the old system to return. Romanian Specialist Angel appears to be the fix for this problem.

With his Trauma Specialist Trait, he almost instantly revives fallen teammates and restores their armor. And his Loadout Crate Speciality allows players to change their loadout at any point during a round. 

Battlefield 2042 final Specialists trailer

Below, you can check out the Battlefield 2042 trailer showcasing all of the final five Specialists and their abilities. This also gives us a much more in-depth look at some of the maps we are yet to play on, such as Kaleidoscope and Hourglass.

And those are the final five Specialists coming to Battlefield 2042 in November!

You can also check out all of the maps and weapons coming to the game. 

Image Credit: DICE / EA 

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