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How to force a car to spawn next to you in GTA Online

GTA Online players have found a simple tactic that makes a car spawn next to them.



Grand Theft Auto Online players can call their personal vehicles at any time but at the risk of them getting destroyed before reaching them. This simple trick forces the car to spawn next to you.

The world of GTA Online has a lot for you to do. You can rob stores, battle other players, take part in events, collect bounties, or just drive around and hope nobody blows you up. The biggest gameplay mechanic, however, is in the name of the game.

Most Grand Theft Auto activities require the use of vehicles, and you can own several different kinds of cars in Los Santos through either theft or more legal means. When it comes to vehicles that cost 100k or more, you will have to purchase them to keep them.

You can spawn any car that you own by contacting the mechanic. Your Personal Vehicle will then arrive near your current location, as long as you’re near a road. However, this can prove troublesome as you’ll still have to run to your car and hope that other players don’t blow it up or kill you before you can reach it.

Luckily, many players have found a quick way to make the car spawn right next to them. When calling the mechanic, you need to walk in the direction you want the car, then move the camera to in front of your character. The car will spawn in front of you, and you will be able to see it when you bring the camera back behind you.

The trick is to look away from where you want the vehicle to spawn. Alternatively, you can also go into first-person mode and look straight down at the ground. This method is effective most of the time, and you can get it to spawn the way you’re looking if there is a dip in the road.

You don’t need to do this for every vehicle, however. The Oppressor MK2 is one of the most powerful vehicles in the game and it automatically spawns right next to you if you use the MC feature. For more standard cars though, you’ll significantly increase your rate of survival by using this trick to spawn your car closeby.


How to claim free GTA Online Prime Gaming Rewards in January

Prime Gaming members can gain access to $1 million, Kosatka upgrades, and discounts. Here are the rewards for January and how to claim them.



gta online prime gaming rewards

Twitch Prime Gaming members are eligible for a whole host of GTA Online offers and goodies in 2021. January kicks off the year with lots of great benefits including $200,000 in GTA$ cash each week, huge discounts on multi-million dollar vehicles, and more.

The biggest-selling piece of media ever continues to reign supreme and assert its dominance. Millions of players are still wreaking havoc in GTA Online and are treated to weekly updates that offer free items and provide discounts on some of the game’s most notable vehicles and properties.

A whopping $1 million per month is available if you link your Rockstar Social Club and your Prime Gaming accounts. Furthermore, there’s a range of benefits to enjoy throughout the year including big price-cuts on supercars and free property to move into.

January gets members off to a hot start with significant discounts on some of GTA Online’s most opulent beasts. In addition to this, players can obtain the Kosatka Sonar Station for free – a usually expensive piece of tech.

Here’s everything new in GTA Online Twitch Prime Gaming rewards.

How to claim GTA Online Prime Gaming rewards

vespucci canals nightclub in gta online

The Vespucci Canals Nightclub has been an exclusive haven for Prime Gaming members to strut their funky stuff. The good news is that there’s no indication that this privilege is going to be taken away.

In addition to this, there’s lots of cash and offers for players to indulge in too. To gain access to these glorious benefits, you’re going to need both a Prime Gaming account and Rockstar Social Social Club account. Follow our simple instructions to amalgamate the two and you’ll have your hands on free cash and big discounts soon enough.

To get your hands on all of this, though, you’re not just going to need a Prime Gaming account, but you’re going to have to utilize Rockstar Social Club.

Here’s how you can do this.

  1. Make sure you have a functioning Prime Gaming account & Rockstar Social Club account
  2. You will then need to link them together
  3. Firstly, sign in to the Social Club website
  4. Then, link your Twitch account by signing into it on the next window
  5. Now you need to link that account to the gaming account you use on PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4
  6. Boot up GTA Online
  7. Play it and claim your free rewards each week

$200k every week in GTA Online for January

Congratulations, by following the above steps you can look forward to a luxurious month of wealth and prosperity, with $200k heading to your bank account every week.

If you manage to play GTA Online for every week of the month, you’ll also net yourself a handsome $200k bonus, taking your total earnings to a cool $1 million.

gta online prime gaming free GTA$

GTA Online Prime Gaming rewards

Free Kosatka Submarine Sonar Station

The Cayo Perico Heist was a substantial update for GTA Online and added lots of new content to the game. One of the most significant items that came with it was the Kosatka Submarine.

Primarily used for planning the Heist itself, the Kosatka is a cool vehicle to own and it has lots of expensive upgrades to improve its capabilities. One of those improvements is the Sonar Station that can be used to find Treasure Chests in GTA Online.

If you were to buy this normally, it would put a hole in your wallet as it costs $1.2 million. So getting it for free feels like a no-brainer.

Free Osiris supercar

The Osiris is an incredible supercar that usually retails for the large sum of $1,900,000 in GTA Online.

You can get it now with 80% knocked off of its price. Meaning you’ll only have to pay $380,000 to own it.

Here’s the official description of this road demon:

Osiris drivers boast the shortest average life expectancy of any consumer demographic of America. They live, briefly, in a world of bygone opulence and hyper-modern engineering. The 0.3 seconds between leaving the showroom and arriving at their first corner are the most exhilarating blur in their short, short lives. Only the stupidly rich need sign up to the waiting list.

osiris car in gta online

Free Progen PR4 F1 car

The incredible Progen PR4 F1 car is also subject to a healthy discount as the normal price is $3,515,000. But thanks to a 70% discount, you can become Lewis hamilton for only $1,054,500.

Here’s the official description of it:

Okay, before you click off, we know what you’re thinking. The power, the handling, the aerodynamics, they’re all very well but what can you possibly do with as formidable an open wheel race car as the Progen PR4 on the city streets? You’re the one reckless enough to find out. You tell us.

progen pr4 f1 car in gta online

We hope all of this newfound knowledge serves you well. You should now be able to link up your accounts and can look forward to a year’s worth of great GTA Online rewards.

Image credits: Rockstar

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GTA Online Update January 21: Slamtruck, new Podium Vehicle & discounts

The Slamtruck has charged its way into GTA Online along with a new Lucky Wheel Podium Vehicle, and lots more discounts.



gta update jan 21 slamtruck

The Slamtruck has been added to GTA Online’s huge repertoire of vehicles along with a new Podium Vehicle and plenty of mouthwatering discounts.

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks in the world of GTA. The Cayo Perico expansion continues to deliver new moments and clips for fans to revel in, yet new, supposed details about GTA 6 keep rolling in.

From new GTA 6 patents to strange files in RDR2, GTA Online has taken more of a backseat this week. But that hasn’t deterred Rockstar from delivering another weekly update with exciting new content, and even a new vehicle to buy.

Our usual GTA Online leaker TezFunz2 has been able to get early info on the new update once more.

GTA Online January 14 patch notes

Slamtruck added to GTA Online

Originally announced during the Cayo Perico expansion, the Slamtruck is now a permanent member of GTA Online.

The Slamtruck looks like your average pickup truck, but more stylish, and packing a ramp. This versatile vehicle is going to cost you $1,310,000 if you want to add it to your collection.

slamtruck in gta online

GTA Online Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel Reward

The Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel has put a free Peyote Custom up for grabs for Lucky Wheel enthusiasts.

Normally costing you a hefty $620,000, you can lowride in style if you’re indeed lucky enough. Here’s the official description of the vehicle:

Once upon a time, in order to get your hands on a real Peyote you had to scope the right neighborhood, try to hotwire it before anyone saw you, lie low for two days, and only go to the mod shop after you’d dug the bullets out of your ass. Now, Benny will personally steal it, change the plates, dig the bullets out of his own ass, supermod it, and tell your friends you did it all yourself. Eligible for customization at Benny’s Original Motor Works.

peyote custom vehicle in gta online

2x GTA$ & RP GTA Online Rewards & Races

There is an opportunity for 2x GTA$ & RP on Bunker Sell Missions, Bunker, Diamond Casino, and Missile Base Adversary Modes this week. There’s also Double Bunker Research Speed as well.

As usual, we have information on the new races and time trials too.

  • Premium Race: Cutting Coroners
  • Time Trial: LSIA
  • RC Time Trial: La Fuente Blanca

Login bonuses

Players can scoop the following free Login Reward:

  • Vapid Aged Tee

Major GTA Online Discounts

Underground Bunkers are the subject of this week’s property upgrades and potential renovations. GTA Online players can get 40% off of Bunkers and a further 30% off of Bunker Renovations too.

Here are some additional discounts too:

40% Off Vehicles

  • APC ($1,855,350)
  • Caracara ($1,065,000)
  • Caracara 4×4 ($525,000)
  • GB200 ($564,000)

25% Off Vehicles

  • Winky ($825,000)

That’s your lot for this week’s update and we’ll hopefully be back at the same time next week with more GTA Online update news.

Image credits: Rockstar Games

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New GTA 6 patent leak suggests Rockstar wants best NPCs ever

GTA fans have discovered a Rockstar patent that creates dynamic and complex NPCs to try and make the best NPCs possible in GTA 6.



gta 6 rockstar npc patent

A new patent by Rockstar, to potentially use in GTA 6, has been discovered that will make the best NPCs and make them more complex and intelligent.

It’s been over seven years since GTA 5 first graced the gaming world and there’s still no official word that the 6th game is in development. Every passing day leaves GTA fans emptier and to fill this void, they are trying to find every bit of information they can.

“Their internet sleuthing seems to have uncovered an extremely interesting patent from Take-Two, which could have a major impact on NPCs in their future titles. Rockstar are well-known for filling their open-world games with as much detail as possible, and it appears that non-playable characters could be receiving a major upgrade moving forward.”

npcs in gta 5

GTA 6 NPC patent

The patent, titled “System And Method For Virtual Navigation In A Gaming Environment” patent appears to show a complex set of decision-making algorithms that would affect how NPCs behave around each other and playable characters.”

There is also further evidence to suggest that this is a system to do with a potential new Grand Theft Auto game. The inventors are Simon Parr – Lead AI Programmer at Rockstar Games – and David Hynd – Associate Director of Technology at Rockstar Games.

Information about the patent was posted recently in a Reddit post and discussed by several users. The new system allows NPCs to be more dynamic and complex. You’d imagine the hope is that every player that plays GTA 6 will have new experiences and the world will feel different every time they step foot in it.

Rockstar is never one for settling for anything less than the best. So it’s entirely possible that we don’t hear anything official about GTA 6 for a long time yet.

In the meantime, fans will continue to speculate on the latest rumors such as GTA 6 having a female main character and strange files that further hint at the existence of the long-awaited sequel.

Once official information starts to trickle out about the game, we’ll report it here.

Image credits: Rockstar

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