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How to get Destiny 2’s Xenophage assault rifle

The Xenophage is an extremely impressive Exotic Weapon that you can collect by completing a quest in Destiny 2.



Xenophage in Destiny 2

Wondering how to get the powerful Xenophage rifle in Destiny 2? Here’s how.

Destiny 2 has a ton of cool weapons to choose from before jumping into battle. The Xenophage Exotic machine gun is a great choice because of its accuracy, along with its explosive rounds that will annihilate your enemies.

If you want to get your hands on this powerful weapon, then you’ll need to complete an Exotic quest that requires you to solve puzzles and complete certain tasks. Here’s how you can get the Xenophage Exotic in Season of the Chosen.

Destiny 2

How to start the Xenophage Exotic quest 

If you want to start this Destiny 2 Exotic quest, then you’ll need to visit the Red Keep room where you saw Eris when completing her Memory quests. From there, you’ll have to make your way towards a puzzle that you need to solve.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Land at Sorrow’s Harbor, and move north into the Red Keep
  • Head left from the green crystal, and continue until you approach a small path on the right wall leading upward
  • When you enter the main room, light the statues in the correct order (front right, back left, back right, front left) 
  • Loot the chest in the middle of the area to claim The Journey
Xenophage Exotic quest in Destiny 2

Light all six lanterns at The Anchor of Light

You’ll then have to go east of the main southern landing zone at the Anchor of Light portion of the Moon. Once you’re there, collect the orb of flame from the Fallen-infested building.

This orb must be used to light lanterns at six different spots within one minute. Luckily, your timer will reset every time you light one in the correct order, which is the following:

  1. Right next to where you collected the Orb of Flame.
  2. On top of the building at the edge of the crevasse to the East
  3. Inside the small yellow structure interior near the Fallen-infested building
  4. At the top of the Fallen-infested building
  5. On a small rooftop by the buried section to the north
  6. On top of the large round structure over the green pit in the middle of the map

After all six lanterns have been lit in the correct order, you must insert the orb in the small Hive spire near the site where you grabbed the orb.  

Lantern location in Destiny 2

Where to find all four path fragments 

Now, you’ll have to complete all four Lost Sectors on the Moon, and successfully get through Hive rune puzzles at the end of each one. You can find these puzzles in the exit paths for the Lost Sectors.

These consist of nine grids of runes, and shooting one will change all of the symbols in the rune’s row and column. You’ll need to match every rune in the grid with the symbol above the grid. We’ve listed the correct order below:

  • K1 Communion: 7, 9, 2, 2
  • K1 Revelation: 6, 4, 5, 5, 4, 8, 5, 2
  • K1 Logistics: 1, 7, 6, 5
  • K1 Crew Quarters: 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 9, 8, 8

Once you’ve line up all the runes, chests will spawn that you can loot to collect all four path fragments.

Runes in Destiny 2

The Pit of Heresy

This next step will require you to complete various activities within the Pit of Heresy dungeon, including activating a hidden rune, lighting fires, and winning a boss fight. You’ll already have reached 970 PL beforehand, so you can get these done quickly.

Here’s how you can complete the Pit of Heresy:

  1. Clear all the minibosses at the start of the dungeon
  2. Make your way to the chamber filled with doorways and platform to the door without a symbol at the entrance
  3. Activate the hidden rune inside
  4. Visit the area packed with Hive Ogres before the Hive Totem encounter
  5. Head left from the fork, then drop down to the rocky ledge below.
  6. Find the small plate marked with runes and activate it to collect the Orb of Flame.
  7. Return to the fork, and then take the right path this time.
  8. Find the sealed door with two braziers on either side, and use the Orb of Flame to light both

This will then open up a door that leads to a boss fight. This enemy is PL 970, so be ready for a dangerous battle. You won’t be able to hurt the boss initially, and you’ll need to do some tasks before that opportunity comes.

The Pit of Heresy in Destiny 2

You’ll receive a random buff, and you must check it to see where you need to place the Orb of Light. Once you’ve put it in the correct spot in the arena, you’ll gain a Vengeance buff that allows you to hurt the enemy for 25 seconds.

Here’s where to place the orbs:

  • Abyssal Dread: Upper Arena – Far left
  • Thunderous Dread: Lower Arena – Front left
  • Fiery Dread: Lower Arena – Far right
  • Neutral Dread: Upper Arena – Front right

Just keep checking your buff, then collect the Orb of Flame and place it in the matching locations. You’ll then have the opportunity to shoot the boss with the matching elemental damage type. Just keep repeating it until you defeat the boss.

Once the enemy has been defeated, you can finally collect the Xenophage Machine Gun for yourself! Now you can go cause some serious pain to your opponents the next time you jump into a match of Destiny 2.

Image Credits: Bungie


Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Rewards: September 24

The Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris rewards are out for the week of September 24. Use our quick and easy guide to see what items can be redeemed.



trials of osiris logo

Players who love to battle it out in competitive PvP action to earn Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris rewards can now see what the week of September 24 has to offer.

First introduced back in Destiny 1, the Trial of Osiris has become a staple of Bungie’s sci-fi shooter thanks to its heated action.

Two teams of three wage war in elimination-style matches to earn rep that can be redeemed for sweet rewards. Come the end of the week, if you’ve performed well enough, then you might be able to acquire some incredible items and upgrade equipment for Destiny 2.

Here are the latest Trials of Osiris rewards in Destiny 2 Season of the Lost.

What are the Trials of Osiris rewards for September 24-28 in Destiny 2?

art for trials of osiris in destiny 2

The more reputation you can earn in Bungie’s Trials of Osiris, the better quality of rewards you will receive in Destiny 2.

The map changes each week that players fight on, and this week has seen the combat take place at “Wormhaven.”

Here is the full list of Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris rewards for this week:

  • Rank 4: Upgrade Module (2)
  • Rank 7: Enhancement Prism (3)
  • Rank 10: Trials Weapon
  • Rank 13: Upgrade Module (2)
  • Rank 16: Trials Weapon
  • Flawless Reward: Igneuous Hammer (Adept)

To earn the Flawless Reward, players will need to win seven Trials of Osiris matches without losing a single game.

It’s a tough feat no doubt, but with enough skill, patience, and understanding of the game’s mechanics, it’s doable.

Hopefully, this week’s Trials of Osiris rewards are worth you going after, and can be used to make your overall Destiny 2 experience more fruitful and enjoyable!

Also, check out the best Destiny 2 PVE weapons and how to get them, and also how to claim Destiny 2 Prime Gaming rewards.

Image Credit: Bungie

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Destiny 2: How to unlock the Adored Sniper Rifle

Here’s how to unlock the Adored Sniper Rifle, through the Gambit, Crucible, and Vanguard quests in Destiny 2 Beyond Light.



Adored sniper rifle in Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Season of the Hunt introduced the Adored Sniper Rifle, a reworked version of the fan-favorite Beloved. Here’s how you can get your hands on this powerful Ritual weapon.

In the second year of Destiny 2, developer Bungie began experimenting with the idea of powerful weapons that could be unlocked by completing specific milestones in the game’s three core playlists: Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit.

One of the weapons available to be unlocked this way is the Adored Sniper Rifle. With a fixed perk pool and two traits in each column, this weapon is strong in both PvP and PvE scenarios.

Triple Tap and Vorpal Weapon are excellent when in PvE scenarios, while Snapshots Sights and Killing Wind will help you aim and take down enemies quickly in PvP.

Here’s how you can get your hands on it.

Adored Sniper Rifle in Destiny 2

What is Destiny 2’s Adored Sniper Rifle?

Adored in an Adaptive-frame sniper rifle, and while it does not have the raw damage output of other snipers like the Aggressive-frame Revoker, the gun still has solid stats and some good perk combinations available.

The first two static perks on the weapon are Hammer-Forged Rifling and Accurized Rounds, which boost the gun’s range value. The first set of interchangeable perks are Triple-Tap and Killing Wind, followed by a choice between Vorpal Weapon and Snapshot Sights.

Adored offers some interesting perk combinations depending on playstyle and whether the sniper will be used in PvP or PvE.

How to obtain Adored: Vanguard, Crucible and Gambit quests

Destiny 2 character using a sniper rifle.

While there was still only a single Pursuit weapon, Bungie changed the process for obtaining the new Sniper Rifle: players can choose to complete a single quest in one of the three core playlists – Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit – and will be rewarded with the new Sniper Rifle.

Guardians should follow the steps outlined below, in their preferred playlist, to obtain Adored:

Vanguard Guide

  1. Speak to Banshee-44 in the Tower and obtain the Strikes in your Sights quest
    1. Defeat bosses, combatants, and collect points by defeating combatants while using Sniper Rifles in strikes (note: precision final blows with Sniper Rifles grant additional progress)
      • 40 bosses
      • 1000 combatants
      • 300 points
  2. Get precision final blows with a Sniper Rifle or Sniper Rifle defeat streaks without dying in strikes (note: you only need to complete one of these two objectives)
    1. 35 defeats in streaks
    2. 20 Sniper Rifle headshots
  3. Speak with Banshee-44 in the Tower to receive your Adored

Crucible Guide

  1. Speak to Banshee-44 in the Tower and obtain the Crucible in your Sights quest
  2. Defeat Guardians as a team, earn Valor ranks, and collect points by defeating Guardians while using Sniper Rifles in Crucible (note: precision final blows with Sniper Rifles grant additional progress)
    1. 500 Guardians
    2. 3 Valor ranks
    3. 200 points
  3. Get long-range or precision final blows with Sniper Rifles in Crucible (note: you only need to complete one of these two objectives)
    1. 5 long-range Sniper Rifle final blows
    2. 5 Sniper Rifle headshots
  4. Speak with Banshee-44 in the Tower to receive your Adored
Hawkmoon Exotic in the Crucible

Gambit Guide

  1. Speak to Banshee-44 in the Tower and obtain the Gambit in your Sights quest
  2. Defeat combatants with precision damage, earn Infamy ranks, and collect points by defeating combatants using Sniper Rifles in Gambit (note: precision final blows with Sniper Rifles grant additional progress)
    1. 300 precision headshots
    2. 3 Infamy ranks
    3. 250 points
  3. Defeat Guardians or Blockers as a team with a Sniper Rifle in Gambit (note: you only need to complete one of these two objectives)
    1. 5 Guardians
    2. 20 blockers
    3. Speak with Banshee-44 in the Tower to receive your Adored

Is Adored worth the grind?

Adored sniper in Destiny 2

While the three quest options for obtaining Adored are quite simple compared to some previous Pinnacle weapon quests, the question still stands: is the weapon worth the grind? Members of the Destiny 2 community have started to issue their verdicts on the new gun.

While it may not be the most powerful Sniper Rifle in the game, Adored does appear to be a solid choice for both PvP and PvE, especially with the recent sunsetting of many other weapons.

If you are looking for a new Sniper Rifle to use in Beyond Light and Season of the Lost content, completing the short grind to obtain this weapon is probably a good idea.

For more Destiny 2 content, check out our guide on how to get Bright Dust or where to find Xur this week.

Image Credits: Bungie

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All Destiny 2 Season of the Lost Emblem Codes for September 2021

Here is a complete list of all the free Destiny 2 Emblem Codes in September 2021 and how to redeem them as well.



destiny 2 emblem

Some awesome Destiny 2 goodies are available to players through free Emblem Codes in Season of the Lost. We have all the codes, and instructions on how to acquire them in September 2021.

Each month, players are given the opportunity by Bungie to add to their collection of cosmetics in Destiny 2. It’s a chance to try out some new looks as you tackle the Trials of Osiris or PVE activities.

Our useful guide has all the Destiny 2 codes for September 2021 and also shows you how to redeem them as well.

Free Destiny 2 Emblem Codes for September 2021

different emblems in destiny 2

The Emblem Codes will give Guardians access to a whole range of different items, and to reiterate, they are all free!

Here is every free Emblem Code for Destiny 2 in September 2021:

  • YRC-C3D-YNC – Spicy Ramen emblem
  • 7D4PKRMD7 – Sequence Flourish
  • X9FGMAH6D – The Unimagined Plane
  • XFV-KHP-N97 – The Visionary
  • A7LFYC44X – Flames of Forgotten Truth
  • JDT-NLC-JKM – Ab Aeterno
  • N3LXN6PXF – The Reflective Proof
  • 7CP-94V-LFP – Lone Focus / Jagged Edge
  • FJ9-LAM-67F – Binding Focus
  • 7F9-767-F74 – Sign of the Finite
  • X4C-FGX-MX3 – Note of Conquest
  • JD7-4CM-HJG – Illusion of Light
  • JNX-DMH-XLA – Field of Light
  • 3VF-LGC-RLX – Insula Thesauraria
  • RA9XPH6KJ – Cryonautics (Beyond Light)
  • JYNJAAY7D – Galilean Excursion (Beyond Light)
  • 7LVGTKT7J – Future In Shadow (Beyond Light)

Even if you’re not wholly interested in every free item being gifted here, it’s still worth claiming them so that you always have the option in the future.

How to redeem Destiny 2 Emblem Codes

destiny 2 season of the lost characters

Bungie doesn’t make it that easy to redeem items as you’ll have to go to their official website to claim them.

Here’s what you’ll need to do with these codes:

  1. Go to Bungie’s code redemption website
  2. Sign into your account, or make one if you haven’t got one
  3. Select your platform
  4. Go through the steps until you get to the code redemption box
  5. Simply enter one of the above codes into the box and click “Redeem”
  6. Now, look at the ‘Redemption History’ tab for instructions on how to gain each item
  7. The item should now be available for you the next time you sign into Destiny 2!

With this knowledge in hand, you should now be able to claim all the items using the above steps.

Also, learn how to fix the Destiny 2 Error Code: BUFFALO.

Image Credit: Bungie

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