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How to get the Bell of Conquests Seasonal Artifact in Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen

The new Seasonal Artifact, the Bell of Conquests, comes with a ton of fun mods that you can equip in Destiny 2’s Season of the Chosen update.



Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen

There is a brand new Artifact, the Bell of Conquests, that is available in Destiny 2’s Season of the Chosen update. Here’s how you can get your hands on it.

Season of the Chosen has added some exciting content to Destiny 2 in the form of new challenges, Exotic weapons, and armor pieces, along with various other additions. It has also brought a brand new Seasonal Artifact, the Bell of Conquests.

This Artifact comes with 25 mods for you to have fun with, and it’s much easier to obtain than the one that was available during the previous season. We’ll go over all the different mods you can use, as well as how to unlock the artifact.

Destiny 2's War table

How to unlock Season of the Chosen Seasonal Artifact

You can get your hands on the Bell of Conquests right at the start of the Season of the Chosen. Once the opening cinematic ends, the game will throw you right into the Battleground: Behemoth, where you’ll have to complete a few objectives.

You’ll spend most of your time eliminating Cabal, throwing bomb orbs at generators, and killing majors. Eventually, you’ll find yourself in the first boss fight which is fairly easy to complete. Once you’ve won, you’ll be able to collect the Bell of Conquests.

You can then take your reward to the War Table in the H.E.L.M. to receive it as the Seasonal Artifact. If you want to level it up, then you can try your luck at completing all the seasonal bounties and challenges.

Bell of Conquests Seasonal Artifact Mods

In addition to increasing your power level, you can use the XP that you earn to unlock additional mods for the Seasonal Artifact. These will all grant you different perks, and we’ve prepared an overview of them below.

Column 1

  • Overload Bow: Firing fully drawn arrows will stun targets, delay ability energy regeneration and lower their damage output.
  • Overload Submachine Gun: Uninterrupted fire from your equipped SMG will stun targets, delay ability energy regeneration and lower their damage output.
  • Anti-Barrier Scout Rifle: Your Scout Rifles will fire shield-piercing rounds and stun Barrier Champions while dealing bonus damage to them.
  • Unstoppable Pulse Rifle: Aiming down Pulse Rifle sights loads a high-impact burst that stuns unshielded combatants.
  • Unstoppable Hand Cannon: Aiming down Hand Cannon sights loads a powerful explosive payload that stuns unshielded combatants.

As you may have noticed, many of these are Overload, Unstoppable, and Anti-Barrier mod types. You can try equipping the bow mod to the new Seasonal Exotic weapon, Ticuu’s Divination.

Ticuu’s Divination in Season of the Chosen

Column 2

  • Scout and Sniper Rifle Targeting: Improves targeting for Scout Rifles and Sniper Rifles
  • Scout Rifle Loader: Increases reload speed of Scout Rifles.
  • Bow Dexterity: Increases ready and stow speed for Bows.
  • Sniper Rifle Dexterity: Increases ready and stow speed for Sniper Rifles.
  • Sidearm Dexterity: Increases ready and stow speed for sidearms

Most of these focus on the ready and stow speed of different weapons, so equipping them will improve their handling. You should focus on getting “Scout and Sniper Rifle Targeting” since this will provide the same buff to two weapons.

Column 3:

  • Unflinching Scout Rifle Aim: Reduces flinching from incoming fire while aiming Scout Rifles.
  • Sniper Rifle Scavenger: Sniper Rifles get bonus reserves when you pick up Special ammo.
  • Bow Reloader: Increases reload speed of Bows.
  • Unflinching Sniper Rifle Aim: Reduces flinching from incoming fire while aiming Sniper Rifles.
  • Submachine Gun Reloader: Increases reload speed of Submachine Guns.

Since the Season of the Chosen has an increased focus on Sniper Rifles, it makes sense that the third column has multiple sniper rifle mods that focus on improving its handling.

There is also an SMG mod that you can use to increase the reloading speed of your equipped weapon. This is particularly useful during Destiny 2’s latest update since SMGs have received a new buff.

Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen

Column 4:

  • Anti-Barrier Sniper: Sniper rifles fire shield-piercing rounds; anti-Barrier.
  • Disrupting Blade: Landing consecutive sword hits disrupts combatants; anti-Overload.
  • Resonance Siphon: Gain Stasis ability energy when you or a fireteam member stuns a champion.
  • Surge Detonators: Arc grenades disrupt combatants; anti-Overload.
  • Inferno Whip: Solar melee abilities stun unshielded combatants; anti-Unstoppable.

The Anti-Barrier Sniper is a welcome addition that fits the focus on sniper rifles in Season of the Chosen. You should absolutely equip this mod if you want to dish out some pain to Barrier champs in Destiny 2.

Column 5

  • Focusing Lens: Light abilities do more damage against Stasis-affected enemies.
  • Passive Guard: Receive less damage from enemies that are close to you while you’re wielding a sword.
  • Glacial Inheritance: Defeating enemies with your Stasis super recharges your super energy.
  • Sundering Glare: Rapid precision hits versus distant targets weaken them for a short duration.
  • Volatile Conduction: Grants bonus Arc super damage when cast while critically wounded. Lasts until the super ends.
Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen

Both “Focusing Lens” and “Glacial Inheritance” can useful when playing as part of a fireteam, especially to players that use Stasis. You can use “Sundering Glare” during raids to debuff enemies, and Passive Guard is ideal if you prefer using swords.

Ultimately, this last column has the most variety in terms of the benefits these mods provide. The Bell of Conquests has an impressive selection available, which makes this absolutely worth obtaining.

Since the Seasonal Artifact is fairly easy to unlock early on, you shouldn’t face too much trouble with it but we hope that this guide has been helpful. Bungie is revealing more surprises in Destiny 2’s latest update, and we’ll keep you informed on each one.

Image Credits: Bungie


How to get Ager’s Scepter in Destiny 2: Hollow Coronation guide

The Ager’s Scepter Exotic trace rifle is available in Destiny 2 Season of the Lost, and here is how you can get your hands on it.



Ager’s Scepter in Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Season of the Lost has added a new Exotic Weapon called Ager’s Scepter, and here’s everything you need to know about it, including how to unlock it.

Destiny 2 has a wide assortment of powerful weapons that you can take with you into battle, and Season of the Lost has added some new and veteran ones like the Lorentz Drive exotic and Darkest Below.

Ager’s Scepter is an Exotic Weapon that was featured prominently in the Season 15 reveal trailer, and you can now unlock it in the game. This guide will help you get your hands on this Exotic trace rifle.

How to unlock Ager’s Scepter in Destiny 2

Ager's Scepter display in Destiny 2

Getting this Destiny 2 weapon isn’t going to be easy, since you’ll need to complete a few quests first. First, you need to get through the intro quest to Season 15, Wayfinder’s Voyage.

This requires you to find Osiris before you work with Mara Sov and Petra Venj. You’ll have to do a lot of traveling through the H.E.L.M, as well as to Trostland, the Shattered Realm, and The Tower.

After you’ve spoken with Ikora Rey and completed the quest, you can accept Tracing the Stars from the Wayfinder’s Compass in the H.E.L.M.

How to complete Tracing the Stars in Destiny 2

Astral Skew in Destiny 2

These weekly quests require you to collect objects known as Skews from different parts of the Dreaming City. These can be particularly tricky to find as they are spread out all over the city.

Here’s a breakdown of each week’s quest:

  1. Week One: Divalian Mists/Spine of Keres
  2. Week Two: The Strand/Aphelion’s Rest
  3. Week Three: Rheasilvia/Harbinger’s Seclude
  4. Week Four: Confluence/Harbinger/Gardens of Esila

How to complete A Hollow Coronation in Destiny 2

The Caliburn Gatehouse in Destiny 2

A Hollow Coronation is much easier to complete than the previous quest. This tasks you with depositing the Astral Skews that you collected while completing Tracing the Stars.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Head back to the H.E.L.M
  2. Travel through the same gate that you previously used to get to Mara Sov’s chambers
  3. Once you arrive at Caliburn Gatehouse, deposit the Astral Skews
  4. Head back through the portal to collect your reward at the Wayfinder’s Compass.

In order to collect the Scepter, you’ll also have to complete some Astral Alignments, Strikes, and get Mara Sov to craft a Noble Seal for you. Once that’s done, you can finally claim Ager’s Scepter.

For more Destiny 2, stay tuned to Charlie INTEL and check out how to claim Destiny 2 Prime Gaming rewards.

Image credits: Bungie

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How to claim Destiny 2 Prime Gaming rewards

Make sure you’re not missing out any free goodies by knowing how to claim free Prime Gaming rewards in Destiny 2 which will help you build an arsenal.



Destiny 2 Prime Gaming Rewards

You could be depriving yourself of some incredible Exotic and Legendary gear in Destiny 2. See if you’re missing out on potentially a year’s worth of amazing stuff by learning how to claim your free Prime Gaming rewards in Destiny 2.

If you didn’t already know, Destiny 2 is all the rage now, thanks to the launch of Season of the Lost and the upcoming arrival of the highly anticipated Witch Queen expansion.

There is always new loot floating around in the world of Destiny 2, with one of the most consistent ways for players to get new items is by claiming all of the Destiny 2 Prime Gaming rewards that are available.

However, players will need to make sure they have everything they need to be eligible to claim the Destiny 2 Prime Gaming rewards, so here is all of the information you need to know.

Destiny 2 Guardians

How to get Destiny 2 Prime Gaming rewards

As is the case with 99% of things nowadays, one brand has content that only subscribed members can have access to. This is the case with Destiny 2 and its partnership with Amazon Prime.

So to gain access to a whole year of freebies – you will need an Amazon Prime Subscription.

Destiny 2 Prime Gaming Rewards

Despite a name change – from Twitch Prime to Prime Gaming – the service offers more free rewards than ever. Amazon is clearly moving with the times, and by offering these great rewards, they can hope to attract even more users to their service.

guardian in destiny 2 beyond light

Owners of Destiny 2 with Amazon Prime can look forward to four free items a month for the whole year. The good news is that your first drop already awaits you.

In it, you will receive a Sparrow, Ghost Shell, ship, and an emote. This is not bad for a first drop, and with a whole year of content ahead, you can expect to see weapons, skins, ornaments, and more.

Here’s how you can claim your free Destiny 2 Prime Gaming Rewards:

  1. Select your platform and link your Bungie and Amazon Prime accounts
  2. Startup Destiny 2
  3. Go to the Tower’s hangar and visit Amanda Holliday
  4. Collect your gear

What if your Amazon Prime Membership runs out, but you still want to keep playing Destiny 2? Then don’t worry, as you’ll still get to keep any items you’ve obtained from Prime Gaming.

So what are you waiting for? You know how to claim free your free Destiny 2 Prime Gaming rewards, so go and do it!

Image Credits: Bungie

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Best Destiny 2 PVE weapons: Ranked list & how to get them

Destiny 2 is known for being a PVE game a lot more than a PVP experience, So here’s our list of the best Destiny 2 weapons ranked.



best destiny 2 pve weapons

Between Raids, Strikes, and tons of activities, Bungie’s Destiny 2 places a huge emphasis on its PVE gameplay, so we’ve put together a ranked list of the best weapons and how to get them.

Four years later and Destiny 2 continues to be an engaging online title packed with all sorts of content and cool weapons to use. Its seasonal cycle keeps marching on with the game now exploring the ‘Season of the Lost.’

PVE, or Player Versus Environment/Everyone, is at the heart of these regular content drops and focuses on the player’s battle with AI, as opposed to real-life players. While PVP, Player Versus Player, concentrates on the Crucible and online competition, PVE is the game’s core.

At the heart of a first-person shooter like Destiny 2, you need a bunch of tough, varied weaponry to be able to tackle any threat that comes your way. So here are all the game’s best weapons for PVE for Season of the Lost and how you can get your hands on them.

Destiny 2 Season of the Lost PVE Weapons Ranked List & how to get

5. IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.2 – Best SMG in Destiny 2

ikelos SMG in Destiny 2

As a submachine gun, it delivers everything you’d want and expect from it – a rapid-fire rate and thunderous shots make it arguably Destiny 2’s best SMG.

Despite its unusual name, this Legendary SMG is guaranteed to do the business for you and has many different ways to modify it to how you want it to behave.

How to unlock the IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.2

The weapon is currently roaming free in the world’s weapon pool, meaning to get one of these you need to give materials to one of the vendors in the Tower or find a Legendary Engram and hope one drops.

4. Chroma Rush – Best Auto Rifle in Destiny 2

chroma rush auto rifle in destiny 2

Introduced in Season of the Splicer, the Chroma Rush came in and absolutely floored players with awesome capabilities. Destiny 2 hasn’t had too many awe-inspiring Auto Rifles, but the Chroma Rush certainly changed that. Plus, extra mods to Auto Rifles mean that players will be looking for the best ones to make it even more superior.

How to unlock the Chroma Rush

You’ll need to activate the Override activity from HELM and play through it. Once completed, you will be able to open the Conflux Chest and hope you land one in a random drop.

Another way to unlock it is to focus Threshold Engrams. You get them by completing activities and you can take them to the ‘Prismatic Recaster’ and focus them to get what you want.

3. Anarchy – Best Grenade Launcher in Destiny 2

anarchy grenade launcher in destiny 2

A weapon that you must simply carry at all times. Anarchy has been a long-time favorite for Destiny 2 players, and it’s not hard to see why. It can bludgeon anything in its path, and it’s simply glorious for sub-bosses, Raid bosses, and any other stronger-than-normal enemies.

It’s held back slightly by its reduced Magazine and ammo capacity, but its DPS potential is something to behold and not something you should miss out on.

How to unlock the Anarchy

Acquiring Anarchy is a bit more straightforward to obtain with several different ways proving to be quite useful.

You can simply purchase it at the Exotic Kiosk in the Tower, provided you have the following resources:

  • 1 Exotic Cipher
  • 150,000 Glimmer
  • 2 Ascendant Shards
  • 240 Spoils of Conquest

A second method is to complete Raids in Destiny 2 and hope you get lucky with the loot at the end of it.

Finally, if these two ways don’t suffice, then random Exotic Engram Drops could be a solid way for you hopefully get one.

2. Heritage – Best Shotgun in Destiny 2

Everyone loves a Shotgun, right? Well, the good news is that the Heritage is a beastly gun befitting of its class. If the Bungie gods are kind, then you’ll get some decent rolls with your Heritage and some exclusive Deep Stone Crypt Perks will make it one of the hardest-hitting weapons in the game.

How to unlock the Heritage

The Heritage is tied directly to the Deep Stone Crypt Raid, and can only be obtained by either completing the second boss in the Raid or from its secret chests.

1. The Lament – Best Sword in Destiny 2

the lament sword in destiny 2

Swords have a reputation in first-person shooters for being unnecessarily OP (we’re looking at you, Halo’s Energy Sword). The Lament is another fine example of this as this big, bulky, battering ram can inflict unreal damage.

Its potential DPS can also be given a huge increase thanks to the ability to rev it up. By revving it up, your damage output goes up, as well as the opportunity to stack bonus damage. It’s absolutely the best option in the game for PVE.

How to unlock The Lament

To get your hands on the Lament, you’ll just need to complete the “Lost Lament” questline, which requires a few steps.

Check out our full guide on how to unlock the Lament here.

These weapons should absolutely serve you well in Destiny 2’s PVE content, and we strongly advise you to give them all a fair crack of the whip to see which suits your playstyle best.

Also, see how you can Upgrade Modules with our extensive Destiny 2 guide.

Image Credit: Bungie

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