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The ultimate melee weapon Easter egg has been found!

With the recent completion of the Golden Knife/Scalpel Easter Egg, the Zombies community spared no time on finding out the next step to this long-awaited side quest.

The Golden Spork-Knife is the most powerful melee weapon in all of Black Ops 4 Zombies and is a one hit kill on any round. It literally takes a single hit to take down a Warden on high rounds. Wild.

With a reward this great, it’s no surprise that the steps themselves are a some of the longest and toughest in Zombies to date. First, players must have the Golden Scalpel which requires the Golden Spork and Hell’s Redeemer to obtain. Steps on that can be found here.

1. Place the Golden Scalpel/Knife in the Bathtub in New Industries (image via ‘Glitch’)

Once the Golden Scalpel is in your possession, head over to the Bathtub in New Industries and interact with it to place it in the Skeleton’s hand.

Head over to the middle of the Catwalk where you can see the water tower from and there will be a sign with a knife and piece of paper on it. All you have to do here is kill a Warden with your melee attack in front of this sign.

2. Melee a Warden to death by this sign (image via ‘Glitch’)

While Warden’s start to spawn frequently in higher rounds, Zombies Youtuber “Glitch” recommends waiting until the end of the round and then inputting 666 into the Citadel Tunnels number pad that’s used during the Main Quest Easter Egg. The reasoning for this is that there will be far less Zombies attacking you and gives you more time to melee the Warden to death without interference.

3. Interact with tub to collect the Spork-Knife (image via ‘Glitch’)

When the Warden dies, the piece of paper on the sign should drop to the floor signifying you have completed this step. Head back to the Bathtub in New Industries and interact with the tub once more and Voila! The Golden Spork-Knife is yours!

Make sure to check out Glitch’s fast guide on this Easter Egg down below:

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