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How to get your 2020 PlayStation Wrap-Up & free PS4 theme

Sony is now giving players the ability to see a PlayStation recap of their gaming from 2020. Here’s how to see yours.



2020 has ended and now Sony is sending PlayStation users an overlook on their long year of gaming. Here’s how to get yours!

The PlayStation wrap-up this year offers players an exciting recap on their gaming habits from 2020. If PlayStation is your main gaming system, this list will most likely leave you shocked at the number of hours you’ve spent gaming.

Metrics like most played games, trophies earned, total online hours, and time spent playing single-player games are all displayed on the wrap-up page.

PlayStation wrap-up 2020

Most interestingly is a chart that shows players what days of the week are most popular for their gaming habits. It will also include the most popular day and time of day you’re likely to log in and game.

There are also community metrics, like total hours played in The Last Of Us Part II, and the top PlayStation Now games.

PlayStation wrap up metric, The Last of Us Part II

How to view your own PlayStation wrap up, and get a free PS4 theme

To view your 2020 PlayStation wrap-up, all you need to do is click here to be brought to the official PlayStation wrap-up page. You’ll have to log in to your account and then your yearly report will be generated for you.

At the end of the wrap-up, you’ll be offered an exclusive theme for your PS4. Be sure to click “redeem your theme” and claim your code on your PlayStation or the website.

That’s it! Be sure to tweet your PlayStation 2020 wrap-ups to us @CharlieIntel on Twitter.