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How to hide radio stations in GTA Online

GTA Online players now have the ability to hide radio stations when they are playing to make sure they are only listening to what they want.



Hide GTA Online Radio Stations

The Los Santos Tuners update brought plenty of exciting changes to the world of GTA Online, with one of the less spectacular but fan-favorite being the ability to hide radio stations to make sure you only hear the ones you want to listen to when playing.

There is no denying that one of the enjoyable things players find when playing GTA Online is listening to the radio stations the game has to offer when they are playing, as they can be heard playing popular hits from the real world.

However, not everyone is a fan of every radio station that GTA Online offers, so the Los Santos Tuners update adds a way for players to hide GTA Online radio stations to make sure they only listen to what they want to a well-received feature addition.

With this in mind, here is how to hide GTA Online radio stations to make your own playlist.

hide GTA Online radio stations

How to hide GTA Online radio stations

Players can hide GTA Online radio stations by going to their inventory screen. Once they have gone to their inventory screen, they can hide a station by going to the interaction menu.

You will then have a button or key prompt that will allow you to hide the station and not hear it until you unhide it, allowing you to customize their radio playlist to a certain degree.

This may not be a major highlight addition in the Los Santos Tuners update compared to all of the new cars that are now available for players to add to their collections.

It is still the arrival of a long-overdue feature that will undoubtedly be used by plenty of community members going forward in their time spent playing the high-profile Rockstar games title.

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Image Credits: Rockstar Games


What is JP in GTA Online? How to get Job Points

Every wondered what JP means in GTA Online? Here’s everything you need to know about Job Points, including how to earn them.



GTA Online race earning Job Points

GTA Online players will notice they accrue ‘JP’ or Job Points while completing missions, so here’s what they mean and how to earn them.

GTA Online has been out for eight years now, giving players a ton of content, including missions, races, Heists, and Deathmatches. With the next-gen version of GTA V releasing next year and the GTA Remastered Trilogy coming soon, there’s good reason to pick up GTA Online in 2021.

But as you’re completing jobs, you may notice that you’re building up JP.

These are Job Points, and we explain exactly what these do and how to earn them.

What are Job Points in GTA Online?

GTA Online players on a mission

JP, or Job Points, are the points awarded to players who complete jobs in GTA Online. These are especially important in playlists, where the player with the most JP at the end is crowned the winner.

Job Points are also used for tiebreakers in the job selection menu. When two jobs receive the same amount of votes, the outcome is decided by the side with the most combined Job Points.

When you back out of a session, your JP will reset to 0.

How to get Job Points in GTA Online

Cars racing in GTA Online

Job Points are straightforward to earn. You’ll get them for completing jobs in GTA Online, such as Races and Missions. The better you do in the job, the more JP you’ll earn.

Here’s a breakdown of the points earned for Races and Deathmatches:

  • 1st Place: 15 JP
  • 2nd Place: 12 JP
  • 3rd Place: 10 JP
  • 4th Place: 8 JP
  • 5th Place: 7 JP
  • 6th Place: 6 JP
  • 7th Place: 5 JP
  • Etc

Players can also earn an additional JP for being the MVP in Deathmatch modes. If you’re the MVP on the winning team, you’ll earn 16 JP.

Successful missions will grant players 15 Job Points, with an extra JP being awarded to the player who completes the main task, boosting it to 16.

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Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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GTA Online Prize Ride October 14 vehicle: How to get Dominator ASP free

Thanks to the GTA Online Los Santos Tuners update, players can earn a weekly Prize Ride vehicle, and here’s how you can do it, and what it is.



gta online meet up

The Los Santos Tuners update introduced the new LS Car Meet, and this week players can get the Dominator ASP free as the GTA Online Prize Ride October 14 vehicle.

The Los Santos Tuners update is certainly up there with the Cayo Perico update in terms of an important content drop for GTA Online. Many players love to earn lots of money, buy cars, mod them how they see fit, and parade them around the city.

As well as adding new cars and collectibles, the new update has also welcomed a fun new challenge for players to complete. GTA Online’s Prize Ride can be obtained by meeting a certain requirement, and we’ll detail everything below.

How to unlock GTA Online’s free Dominator ASP Los Santos Tuners Prize Ride

dominator asp vehicle in gta online

To get the Dominator ASP, you’ll need to place top 3 in 6 LS Car Meet Races in GTA Online to complete the Prize Ride challenge.

Each week, players can unlock a new vehicle for free as part of the Los Santos Tuners update at the LS Car Meet. From October 14, players will be able to get their hands on the Dominator ASP, but only for seven days.

gta online's dominator asp car

That’s the simple condition you will need to meet to win the car for yourself. Given that it normally costs $1,775,000, it’s definitely worth trying to get!

Here’s the official description of the Dominator ASP:

From the all-American line of Dominators comes the middle generation ASP. Too contemporary to be a classic, too old-school to be cutting edge, this is the kind of car you forget all about until it punches you square in the junk. Now pony up.

GTA Online prize ride challenge

With GTA 6’s 2025 release date being contradicted by an alleged GTA 6 voice actor claiming that the first trailer may be on the way, it’s hard to know what to think.

On the plus side, the long-rumored GTA Trilogy Remastered: Definitive Edition has finally been announced, so players will take to Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas in their most stunning versions yet!

The Enhanced and Expanded Remaster has been delayed for the PS5 and Xbox Series X, so Rockstar has stepped up its efforts to make GTA Online even bigger and better, and the Los Santos Tuners update has packed the game with even more content.

Also, check out the complete list of cars in the GTA Online Los Santos Tuners update.

Image Credit: Rockstar

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GTA Online October 14 update patch notes: Specter Podium Vehicle, 3x GTA$, RP & discounts

The October 14 GTA Online update patch notes puts the Specter on the Podium and offers 3x GTA$, RP, and discounts.



specter in gta online

The October 14 GTA Online update patch notes offer the chance to grab a Specter from the Podium, as well as 2x and 3x GTA$, along with other discounts.

The GTA Online Summer update has added lots of new cars, Survival mode has been given some love, and there are even new collectibles too – plus Shipwreck Treasure!

GTA Online is positively thriving right now, and it’s all for the 2022 rerelease of GTA V for the PS5 and Xbox Series X. In terms of Grand Theft Auto 6, the latest rumor suggests that GTA 6 will now only be released in 2025, but an alleged voice actor for the game has hinted a trailer may be on the way.

Until GTA 6 is official and we can be more certain, we will provide updates on the confirmed GTA The Trilogy: Definitive Edition.

Our usual GTA Online leaker TezFunz2 has been able to get early info on the new update.

GTA Online October 14 patch notes

Specter Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel Reward

specter vehicle in gta online

The grand prize at the Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel this week is the Specter, a sleek and sexy vehicle.

This lightweight, two-door beaut would normally set you back $599,000, but one lucky spin will save you a truckload of money.

Here’s the official description of the Specter:

Imagine the most exclusive two-door sports car on the planet. Now imagine gutting it, and transforming it into a lightweight, liveried, carbon-fiber racer. Why, you ask? Well, why did we go to the moon? Why do we build to the stars? Why do we watch celebrity sex tapes instead of proper porn? Exactly. Now stop asking perfectly legitimate questions and get out your damn wallet.

3x & 2x GTA$ & RP

cash in gta online

As always, players will be able to get a nice helping of 3x GTA$ and RP, with Rockstar tripling rewards on Sumo Adversary Mode this week.

There is also 2x GTA$ and RP on Gerald Missions and Special Vehicle Work.

50% GTA$ on Daily Objective Reward, login reward & 50% off Benny’s Hydraulics

As the title says, there is a chance for 50% GTA$ on Daily Objectives, so make sure you’re doing them.

Also, players can earn a Rockstar Games Typeface Tee for simply logging in, as well get 50% off Benny’s Hydraulics.

Vehicle & property discounts

Executive office in GTA Online

There are some pretty useful discounts in GTA Online this week, with the main property offer being 40% off all Garages.

If that’s not enough, there are also major vehicle discounts too, meaning you can pick up some of GTA Online’s best automobiles at seriously low prices.

Here are all the latest vehicle discounts in GTA Online:

  • 40% off
    • Casco ($542,640)
    • Clique ($545,400)
  • 30% off
    • Hauler Custom ($980,000)
    • Moonbeam ($22,750)
    • Moonbeam Custom ($259,000)
    • Primo ($6,300)
    • Primo Custom ($280,000)
    • Slamtruck ($917,000)
    • Yosemite Rancher ($490,000)

That’s your lot for this week’s October 14 update, and we’ll be back at the same time next week with more GTA Online update & patch note news.

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Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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