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Apex Legends

How to play Arenas in Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy

Apex Legends brand new Season 9: Legacy gameplay trailer revealed details around the 3v3 mode, Arenas, and what players can expect from it.



Apex Legends the Arena

After the release of Apex Legends Legacy gameplay trailer, players were given more insight into how the new Arenas game mode will work, including map details, the shop, and how to win.

With Apex Legends’ latest gameplay trailer, players got to see the new Arenas 3v3 mode coming in Season 9: Legacy. The trailer is packed with information about the new mode and some gameplay of the new Legend, Valkyrie.

It seems the past leaks and rumors were correct, and Apex Legends fans will be excited to hear that the new 3v3 mode will arrive next season. Announced by Ash, the mode will feature custom-tailored maps and a completely different way to play Apex Legends, which is traditionally just a free-to-play battle royale.

Apex Legends the Arena phase runner

The Apex Legends Arenas tailored maps

In the gameplay trailer, it seems there will be a mix between some completely new locations and some familiar POIs that have been altered to suit the Arena’s 3v3 playstyle.

As stated by Ash in the trailer, “each Arena has its own personality and acts as an optimal combat testing ground,” one of which even includes a Phase Runner. This map, set in a remote section of planet Talos, features a Phase Runner for creative plays and “unique combat opportunities.”

This could mean that other maps will feature different ways of getting around, perhaps ziplines or other forms of transport, for flanking the enemy and getting different angles.

Some maps featured in the trailer are taken from the current POIs in the game, such as Artillery on Kings Canyon, Thermal Station on Worlds Edge, and Gardens on Olympus.

The Arenas shop

For those familiar with the format in games like Rogue Company, CSGO, and Valorant, this mode will be easy to pick up. Before players enter the game, they will choose a Legend that can not be changed for the duration of the match. Then, at the start of each round, players will be in a spawn room to access the shop to buy their items.

In the shop, players can buy and upgrade weapons and purchase consumables, ordinances, and abilities with Crafting Materials. Ash will provide players with a certain amount of Crafting Materials each round and find more around the map and gain extra through performance.

Apex Legends Arenas shop

You don’t have to spend your materials. You can save them up if you’re confident enough and purchase something with a higher value in the later rounds, so use your credits wisely.

However, it is important to note that purchases do not follow over rounds, so make sure you’re spending based on each round.

In the shop, players can also see what weapons will be in the Airdrop, which is high-risk, high reward loot that spawns in the map during the middle of each round.

Players can also see their armor level in the top left, which, although it hasn’t been confirmed, will most likely increase in rarity throughout rounds or stay the same for every round.

How to win in Arenas

Winning in the Arena is simple. Players fight in a round-based deathmatch until one team reaches 3 victories with a two-win margin, taking home the victory.

If teams both battle to a dead-lock, which in this case is a 4-4 tie, round 9 will feature a Sudden Death, where the team who wins that round will be victorious, without the need for a two-win margin.

Apex legends Arenas deadlock

The Arena is a fast-paced game mode where it could all be over in a matter of minutes, so be careful and strategize correctly to get that two-win margin before your opponents.

For more details on Apex Legends Arena mode and Season 9: Legacy, be sure to stay tuned on Charlie INTEL and check out our article on the new Hop-Ups being added into the game.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends

Apex Legends players call for devs to make Firing Range change after Season 14 update

Apex Legends players are calling for the devs to fix the Firing Range after the Season 14 update changed the way players die.



apex legends dummy in firing range

Apex Legends players have noticed a difference in the Firing Range after the Season 14 update, and now they are calling for the devs to make a change.

Apex Legends players are still getting used to the changes in Season 14, as there have been both drastic updates to existing content and new introductions such as Vantage and the Laser Sight attachment.

With that said, players have already found great ways to utilize Vantage and also discovered how strong character buffs are, including Mad Maggie and Newcastle‘s.

However, like any new update, Season 14 has brought some pretty crazy glitches, and players have also found an unwanted change in the Firing Range that they’re now calling for the devs to revert.

apex legends firing range

Players often use the Firing Range to practice and 1v1 others, but the removal of the Self-Revive has caused these interactions to be much slower and less enjoyable.

Prior to the Self-Revive’s removal, players would 1v1 with a Gold Knockdown Shield so that if they went down, they could easily get back up or switch characters to gain health and retain their loadout.

This prevented the effort of having to respawn and collect your loadout again, allowing players to 1v1 efficiently. Unfortunately, as Skeptation has highlighted, the removal of Self-Revive means this is no longer possible.

Now, Skeptation and others who agree in the comments are calling for the devs to “change this so players get downed not full killed with friendly fire on.”

While it’s not a major issue, it is clearly something the fans want and may have actually been something that the devs didn’t consider when they took the Self-Revive out of the game.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but for now, check out how Apex Legends has reached new heights in Season 14.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Apex Legends players claim Mad Maggie “too good not to use” after major Season 14 buffs

Mad Maggie received a major buff in Apex Legends Season 14, and players claim that the Legend is now a must-pick.



Mad Maggie in Apex Legends

Mad Maggie has never been the most popular character in Apex Legends, but thanks to a major buff in the Season 14 update, players claim she’s “too good not to be used.”

Apex Legends Season 14 is here, bringing a new version of Kings Canyon, major weapon buffs and nerfs, and of course, a new Legend — Vantage. That’s not all though, as existing Legends have been tweaked, and Mad Maggie was on the receiving end of a powerful buff.

Now, with her improved Wrecking Ball ability, her popularity is steadily rising, as she becomes a direct counter to the ever-popular Gibraltar.

Apex Legends Season 14 gave Maggie’s Wrecking Ball a major buff, where it will now deal damage to several placeable objects such as the Black market, Castle Walls, and Gas Barrels. But the biggest takeaway is that “it will also destroy Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection.”

Gibraltar is considered a crutch Legend in competitive thanks to the Dome of Protection keeping players safe in the chaotic endgame. While the Riot Drill could penetrate the shield before, players can now use Maggie’s Wrecking Ball to completely shatter the dome, leaving whole squads exposed.

Reddit user Ship_Doctor showed Maggie’s Wrecking Ball in action, claiming that “Maggie is too good not to be used this season.” In the clip, the user uses the Wrecking Ball to shatter the shield, then the Riot Drill to deal even more damage as they take cover behind a tree.

“Went from quite literally never touching her (I played her twice on Control) to this season so far, she’s all I’ve played,” replied one player. “She’s so much fun.”

“I’ve never met anyone else who hated Gibby more than me. His dome is a complete crutch, glad they did this unintentional nerf to him,” explained another.

However, some players explained that Gibby doesn’t appear in pubs all that often, but Maggie is sure to take plenty of squads by surprise in Ranked. Especially if they never read the patch notes.

For more Apex, be sure to check out how the Season 14 update allows Newcastle to move ridiculously fast while reviving.

Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment

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Apex Legends buff allows Newcastle to move ridiculously fast while reviving

Newcastle received some buffs in the Apex Legends Season 14 update, as the Legend can now revive players while also speeding around the map.



newcastle apex legends

Following a huge buff in the Apex Legends Season 14 update, players have discovered just how strong Newcastle’s revive is, as he is able to pick teammates up while zooming around the battlefield.

Apex Legends Season 14 is keeping things interesting for players, not only by introducing Vantage but also through buffs and nerfs to Legends in attempts to shift the meta.

While a lot of the talk in the community has been regarding the Mad Maggie buffs and Valkyrie nerfs, some have discovered that Newcastle’s revive is now extremely strong.

For those unaware, Newcastle’s Passive is called “Retrieve the Wounded,” and it allows him to move while reviving his teammates and also protect them with their Knockdown Shield. This was already fairly strong prior to Season 14, but following some major buffs, it’s arguably the best revive in the game.

In the patch notes, it states that Newcastle’s shield revive ability has had its move speed increased by 25% and also reduced its turn slow by 50%. Ultimately, this buff improves the speed at which Newcastle can move while reviving teammates, and this is something that Mokeysniper picked up on.

As you can see in the video, Newcastle can revive his teammates while moving at an incredibly fast speed. This is very strong when you are trying to reset in a fight and need some breathing space while reviving a teammate, giving them time to heal up as well.

According to Mokey, players can do this by simply activating the revive on a slope or ledge and walking down the slope. Newcastle will gain momentum down the hill while also continuing to revive.

The bigger and steeper the slope the better, as this will make you go fast and across a further distance.

For more Apex Legends tips, check out how the Season 14 Legend Vantage is able to wall run.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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