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How to register as a VIP in GTA Online

Becoming a VIP in GTA online lets players hire their own Bodyguards and build a criminal empire, here’s how to get started.



GTA VIP with Bodyguards behind them

GTA Online lets players register themselves as a VIP to start building a criminal organization, and earn some cold hard cash while they’re at it. Here’s how to become a VIP in-game.

With GTA 6 seemingly still some way off and the next-gen remaster of GTA 5 delayed until 2022, it’s a good thing that GTA Online is still offering up plenty to do. Even eight years since its launch, there’s still a huge amount of Contracts to complete and outfits to unlock.

One of the many activities on offer allows high-rollers to register themselves as VIPs, hire bodyguards, and tackle special missions. We’ve got all the details here on how to become a VIP in GTA Online.

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How to become a VIP in GTA Online Freemode

VIPs and their hired Bodyguards must work together to keep complete challenges to earn both money and RP.

While you don’t have to pay any in-game currency to register as a VIP, Rockstar says you need to have a minimum of $1 million in your account to start.

Once you’ve got together the necessary funds, here’s how to start building your empire:

  1. Open up the Interaction Menu by pressing:
    • The touchpad on PS4/5
    • The view button on Xbox consoles
    • M on PC
  2. In this menu, acess SecuroServe
  3. From here you can register as a VIP
  4. Once registered, you will have to name your organisation
  5. After this is done, the Interacton Menu will have the option of SecuroServ VIP, where players can start special missions
GTA Online character laying on bed of money

Once you’re registered, you can go about hiring up to four Bodyguards to help you complete missions and keep you safe on the chaotic streets of Los Santos.

Bodyguards earn $5,000 for every 15 minutes they are employed by the VIP, on top of any additional cash earned from VIP Work and Challenges.

There are a few things worth noting before you dive into a high-end criminal lifestyle.

  • VIP status only lasts for four hours of Freemode play. Jobs and Heists do not affect the timer.
  • There is a 12 hours cooldown after each VIP session.
  • There can only be a miximum of six VIPs in any lobby.
  • If a Bodyguard causes problems for the organization, you can terminate their employment.
gta online meet up

That was our guide on how to become a VIP in GTA Online. For maximum enjoyment, we recommend teaming up with friends before wreaking havoc across the map.

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Image credits: Rockstar Games