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How to show your FPS counter on Apex Legends

Here’s how to see the frames per second counter in Apex Legends, allowing you to see your FPS no matter the platform or launcher you use.



Crypto in Apex Legends

FPS is an extremely important factor in online gaming, so here’s how to see your frames per second in Apex Legends through Steam, Origin, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Having high frames per second (FPS) can make the world of difference in online gaming, especially in FPS titles. Not only will the game feel smoother and more pleasurable to play, but you’ll have lower input delay, allowing for quicker reaction times.

It’s well worth knowing your FPS as you can see what settings, such as FOV, you need to tweak to get the highest FPS possible and notice any frame drops.

Here’s how to check your Apex Legends FPS, no matter if you play on PC or console.

How to check Apex Legends FPS

Apex Legends FPS Counter in game

There are a couple of methods to turning on your FPS counter for Apex Legends. You can either do it through the game itself or through Steam or Origin, depending on your launcher of choice.

The first, and simplest, is by going to the settings tab in Apex Legends. From here, you can have your ping, packet loss, and FPS on the screen at all times.

Here’s how to see your FPS through Apex Legends:

  1. Launch Apex Legends
  2. Click on the ‘Settings’ tab and go to ‘Gameplay’
  3. Scroll down until you see ‘Performance Display’
  4. Toggle Performance Display to ‘On’
  5. You’ll be able to see the game’s performance on the right hand side of the screen

How to check Apex Legends FPS on Steam

Steam Apex Legends FPS counter setting

You can also have a more traditional FPS display in a corner through Steam. This allows you to choose which corner of the screen you want your FPS display, and you can even use a High Contrast Color mode.

Here’s how to see your Apex Legends FPS through Steam:

  1. Open your Steam Client
  2. Click on ‘Steam’ in the top left hand corner
  3. Open the ‘Settings’ tab
  4. Click on ‘In-Game’
  5. Look for the ‘In-Game FPS Counter’ menu
  6. From here, use the dropdown list to select the corner you wish to see the FPS counter
  7. Also select ‘High Contrast Color’ if you wish

How to check Apex Legends FPS on Origin

Origin Apex Legends FPS counter setting

Turning on an FPS counter through Origin uses almost the exact same method. You’ll be able to choose your desired corner and select its size and transparency.

Here’s how to see your Apex Legends FPS through Origin:

  1. Launch the Origin Client
  2. Click on ‘Origin’ in the top left hand corner
  3. Select ‘Application Settings’
  4. Navigate across to the ‘Origin In-Game’ tab
  5. Locate the ‘During Gameplay’ section
  6. Use the ‘Display FPS Counter’ dropdown list to select your desired corner
  7. Use the additional settings to select its size and transparency

How to check Apex Legends FPS on Xbox & PlayStation

Apex Legends performance display FPS setting

Luckily, seeing your FPS counter for Apex Legends on Xbox and PlayStation is the same as the standard method of seeing it in-game.

To see your console Apex Legends FPS, simply:

  1. Launch Apex Legends on either Xbox or PlayStation
  2. Click on ‘Settings’
  3. Make sure you’re on ‘Gameplay’ settings
  4. Scroll down until you see ‘Performance Display’ – it’s right above ‘Accessibility’
  5. Toggle Performance Display to ‘On’
  6. You’ll be able to see the game’s performance on the right hand side of the screen

Although Apex is available on the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, you’ll need to wait until the next-gen edition releases to get above 60 FPS, where the devs are looking to allow the game to see up to 120 frames per second.

And that’s how you check your frames per second counter in Apex Legends, no matter your platform!

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Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment / Steam / Origin

Apex Legends

Best FOV Setting for Apex Legends Season 14

Apex Legends has a variety of settings which can enhance your experience, and here are the best FOV settings in Season 14.



apex legends first person triple take

Apex Legends players have the option of customizing FOV, to give them the best advantage possible, and here is the best FOV setting that you can use in Season 14 of the battle royale.

Apex Legends Season 14 has brought plenty of brand-new content for players to explore, including some Ranked Leagues changes and the addition of the new Legend Vantage.

It’s important to have the optimal game settings when hopping into the new season, and this includes FOV which you can customize to improve your view and give yourself a competitive edge over your opponents.

We’ll go over everything that you need to know about FOV in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends aiming with FOV

What is FOV in Apex Legends?

FOV stands for field of view, which is essentially the size of the viewing angle on the screen. If this setting is higher, it will allow for a bigger viewing angle, letting players see more around them. If this setting is lower, it will decrease the viewing angle.

The default FOV on Apex Legends is set to 70, which to most experienced players is extremely low. The setting can be adjusted to go all the way up to 110.

Apex Legends Pathfinder

What Apex Legends FOV setting is best?

The best FOV setting lies between 96 and 104 depending on your setup. If you play on a big TV then you should have a higher FOV as the bigger screen will allow you to still see long-range targets.

While this setting is entirely up to your personal preference and setup, we strongly recommend that you keep it above 70 FOV. Otherwise, you’ll be limited in your ability to read what’s going on around you.

A high FOV on a smaller screen or monitor may distort your viewing and prevent you from seeing things at longer ranges, so in this case, we recommend that you keep your FOV in the 90s.

apex legends Vantage aimingdown her sniper

Ultimately, having your FOV between 90-104 will put you at an advantage over those with the default or lower, as you will be able to see more on the screen and react much quicker to situations.

After setting a new, higher FOV, you may also want to play around with your sensitivity and increase that, too, as these settings scale, and a higher FOV might make your original sensitivity feel too slow.

For more on Apex Legends, you can check out our full Season 14 review, as well as everything we know about Apex Legends Season 15.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Apex Legends

Apex Legends players call for removal of Arenas in Season 14

Apex Legends players are calling for Arenas to be removed from the game in Season 14 as they address the lack of support for the mode.



Arenas in Apex Legends

The Apex Legends community is speaking out about the lack of support the 3v3 Arenas mode has received in recent updates, calling for it to be removed in Season 14.

Apex Legends Season 14 has had a very successful launch, bringing a heap of players to the game thanks to exciting new content such as Vantage and Kings Canyon overhauled.

It’s clear that Apex Legends isn’t going anywhere, with Dr Disrespect explaining why he believes the BR isn’t close to dying out, but players are disappointed and now calling for the removal of Arenas.

While it isn’t the most popular mode, Arenas does have a fan base who are disappointed with the lack of support the mode has seen in recent updates, especially Season 14.

Apex Legends content creator and community figure Thordan Smash took to Twitter to discuss this lack of support, believing that Respawn should remove Arenas in favor of another game mode.

Thordan feels that Arenas should be removed for solos, TDM, or even Control, feeling as if Arenas is no longer “fun.”

The devs have already confirmed that Control will not be permanent anytime soon, but it will be returning at some point as an LTM.

Players in the comments seem to be in agreement with Thordan Smash, with a user saying that Arenas should either be removed, revamped, change, or replaced with other game modes:

“Been saying this for awhile I think they should either remove the mode, revamp it or Change the overall structure, or at the very least add other casual game modes and take arenas out for one season to work on improving its playability.”

While not everyone in the comments agrees that it should be removed, many agree that the mode deserves more attention. One comment even said, “I enjoy Arenas, but I wish it got some TLC and adjustments…it needs work for sure.”

We’ll have to wait and see what happens with Arenas in the future, but until then, check out our review of Apex Legends Season 14.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 14 review: Respawn hunt issues with welcomed change

Apex Legends Season 14 has officially arrived, and Respawn have decided to freshen the game up with a variety of welcomed changes.



apex legends vantage and echo

The Apex Legends Season 14 has been well received among the community, bringing a positive buzz and increase in popularity for Respawn’s Battle Royale as they introduce mass change.

Apex Legends players have had some time to enjoy the new Season 14 update, which has brought a plethora of new content and changes to refresh the Battle Royale.

In the previous season, the popularity of Apex was in decline and players were slightly disappointed with the lack of content and meta changes. Having said that, it seems the community’s experience with Season 13 has influenced the Season 14 update.

With that said, let’s get into our review of Season 14, as it seems the update has brought some excitement back to Apex Legends, despite some minor improvements still being needed.

Apex Legends Season 14 review

Vantage and Echo bring the fun

vantage in apex legends

The Apex Legends Season 14 Legend, Vantage, has introduced a fun and exciting way to play the Battle Royale. Most FPS gamers tend to enjoy a bit of sniping every so often, as the devastating power of the weapon category can make for satisfying gameplay.

This ethos is essentially the idea behind Vantage, as her sniper-focused kit provides unique and exciting gameplay opportunities that players seem to be enjoying according to the Season 14 pick rates.

Combined with the sniper gameplay, her bat companion, Echo, also makes for some great gameplay moments, as Vantage can order Echo around the map and jump to its location.

Both the Sniper’s Mark and Echo Relocation abilities compliment each other extremely well and having the mobility option also means that Vantage can compete with the meta, which is dominated by Legends who have quick relocation/escape tools.

King’s Canyon refreshed with Relic and more

apex legends kings canyon relic poi season 14

With the Season 14 update, Kings Canyon finally returned to the map rotation, but with some pretty drastic changes.

First off, the brand-new Relic POI is a great location for players to drop hot and battle it out, much like its predecessor, Skulltown. Unlike the chaotic experience that was Skulltown, Relic is more open and provides many more opportunities for players to get loot in the area.

Having said that, it still provides the thrill and excitement of Skulltown, giving players a great POI to land at if they wish to engage right off drop.

Further, Kings Canyon has also had many more minor changes which have greatly helped the map’s flow. Choke points and various other rotations have been tweaked so that players can predict enemy movements better. These changes have helped Kings Canyon become a more formulated experience rather than third-party central.

Buffs & nerfs bring a much-needed meta shift

Caustic holding mug up in apex legends

Apex Legends Season 14 saw a heap of changes in the patch notes, including a variety of buffs and nerfs to both Legends and weapons. Prior to this season, players had been calling for the devs to bring a drastic meta change, and so far, it seems the devs have delivered.

The buffs to Mad Maggie have brought huge ramifications to the overall Legend meta, as Maggie is now an extremely good counter to Gibraltar and various other defensive Legends.

The Valkyrie nerfs have tamed the incredibly popular Recon Legend, bringing her back in line with the rest. Further, the buff to Newcastle has also increased the Legend output greatly, now possessing arguably the best revive in the game.

Weapons saw some pretty huge changes as well, with the Spitfire and Wingman both changing weapon categories. The overall balancing and RNG for weapons found in floor loot feels a lot better than last season, which will have also been influenced by the Replicator and Care Package changes.

Overall, the changes to both weapons and Legends have brought a healthy shift in the meta, giving rise to the more underused Legends in the game and also giving players a reason to use a wider range of Legends thanks to buffs and nerfs.

Verdict 8/10

Despite minor issues with glitches and bugs, Apex Legends Season 14 is a refreshing update that brings fun and excitement back to Respawn’s Battle Royale. The devs are clearly listening to the community as well, providing a wanted quality of life change, ranked changes, and offering more than one way to play with the new Battle Pass challenges.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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