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How to sign up for Fortnite Impostor Trials and earn rewards

Fortnite’s new Impostor game mode tasks players to betray their teammates for rewards, here’s how you can sign up for the trials.



Fornite Impostor Trials

With the new Fortnite Impostor trials, players can earn rewards by betraying their friends or foes. Here’s how to sign up for the Fortnite Impostor Trials.

Fortnite has had some backlash following their Among Us style game mode, but players seem to be enjoying it, bringing something new to the battle royale.

For those looking to get involved in the new game mode for Season 7, and sign up for the limited spots available in the Fortnite Impostor Trials, let’s get into how you can do so.

Fortnite Impostor Trials

Apart from some players being unsure about the Coral Castle map change, the new Imposter mode has been going down a treat.

The mode is simple and works very similar to Among Us, with two teams, Agents and Impostors. The Agents must work together while completing Fortnite-related tasks to find out who the Imposters are.

The Impostors must avoid being caught while taking out the Agents, with their goal being to eliminate all Agents to win. For more on how to play the mode, check out our guide.

How to sign up for Fortnite Impostor Trials

  1. Log in to your Epic Games account
  2. Play Fornite Imposters and earn badges
  3. Collect all 11 badges in order to recieve rewards

To earn badges by playing Fornite Impostors, players must complete two games to obtain one badge.

Fortnite Impostor Trials

What are the rewards?

This means that players will need to play a total of 22 games to gain all the rewards, which are as follows:

  • Hot Headed Spray
  • Just Between Us Emoticon
  • Spectral Flex Wrap

Remember, there are only 5 million spots for the Fortnite Impostor Trials, so make sure you login and sign up for the trials as soon as possible to secure your spot.

For more on Fortnite, make sure you check out our article on how to get Fortnite Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair cards.

Image Credits: Epic Games


Are Fortnite servers down? Current Server Status

Having trouble connecting to the Fortnite online servers? Then use our detailed guide on how to check the current server status.



Are Fortnite Servers Down

It’s frustrating when the Fortnite servers go down and players can not connect to the popular game. However, there can be various reasons for the Fortnite servers going down, so here is how to check the current Fortnite server status.

Fortnite’s servers are fuller than ever as the game has skyrocketed over the past couple of years to become one of the most popular video games globally, with an awe-inspiring number of players having played the game.

With the arrival of Season 8, players get a Carnage skin, the return of the spooky Fortnitemares Event, and maybe even rideable wildlife.

There’s tons to do, which is why we’ve gathered together information on how you can check the current Fortnite server status, and what to look out for when you can not connect properly.

Are Fortnite servers down?

Fortnite server status

No, the Fortnite servers are not currently down, and players should be able to play the game without any troubles unless it’s on their end.

There has been a bit of difficulty lately with players overwhelming the system, but as of September 28, 2021, all platforms are currently operational.

Current Fortnite server status

kevin the cube in fortnite

It is important to note that the servers for the fan-favorite game will go down whenever there is a major update for the game, such as the recent 18.10 update.

This is intentional, as Epic Games can not properly apply an update when there are millions of players on the servers, so they bring them down for a bit to apply updates correctly.

So if you are having trouble connecting, check to see if an update is being applied, which will likely be the reason.

How to check if the Fortnite servers are down

are Fortnite servers down

However, if no update is being applied, you can go to the official Epic Games online service website, which contains an up-to-date server status for Fortnite and lets the community know when there is an outage.

You can also check the official Fortnite Status Twitter account. This account will post updates on the Fortnite servers being down and fixes Epic Games is applying to fix the problems.

There is no doubt that having trouble connecting can be a headache, but these tips above will help keep you in the loop, so you know exactly what is going on when the Fortnite servers go down.

For more on Fortnite, check out how to level up the Season 8 Battle Pass as fast as possible, and stay tuned for future news and helpful guides such as the Punchard Quests.

Image Credits: Epic Games

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How to complete Fortnite Season 8 Week 3 Character Punchcard Quests

Punchcards have returned in Fortnite Season 8, so here’s how to complete the Weekly and Character Quests for a ton of bonus XP.



Fortnite Season 8 Punchcard characters

Fortnite Season 8 is in full swing, and the Legendary and Epic Quests have been swapped out for Punchcards. Here’s how to complete Season 8’s new Character Punchcard, as well as all of the other Character Punchcard Quests in one handy place.

Fortnite’s Weekly Quests return in Season 8, but with a twist. This season, Punchcards have returned, offering players a ton of bonus XP towards earning Battle Stars completing the Season 8 Battle Pass.

Here’s Season 8’s Week 3 Character Punchcard Quests, and all of the other Character Punchcard Quests to be completed over the course of the season.

Fortnite Season 8 Week 3 Wrath Punchcard Quests

Fortnite big mouth at pizza pit

It appears that more Fortnite Character Punchcards will be added every Tuesday at 6 AM PT / 9 AM ET / 2 PM BST, now offering players 150,000 XP for completing the five Quests.

For Week 3, Big Mouth and Grim Fable were added to the island, bringing the Tooth Ache and Wolf Activity Questlines.

Fortnite Big Mouth Punchcard Quests

Big Mouth can be found in Pizza Pit, and you need to talk to him to begin the following Quests:

  1. Open chests in Steel Farm (2) – 30,000 XP
  2. Search an Ice Machine (1) – 30,000 XP
  3. Open ammo boxes at Dirty Docks (2) – 30,000 XP
  4. Buy a health item from a Mending Machine (1) – 30,000 XP
  5. Search a Supply Drop (1) – 30,000 XP

Big Mouth’s Quests are extremely simple, which is a nice treat after the XP buff. You won’t have any trouble completing these Quests as there are no special requirements or hidden places to visit.

The only one you may need help with is finding Ice Machines, but these can be found inside almost all Gas Stations.

Fortnite Grim Fable Punchcard Quests

Fortnite Grim Fable at Weeping Woods

Grim Fable hangs around Weeping Woods, so approach and talk to her to begin these Quests:

  1. Hide in a haystack at Corny Crops (1) – 30,000 XP
  2. Destroy beds in Holly Hedges or Pleasant Park (3) – 30,000 XP
  3. Collect a Harpoon Gun (1) – 30,000 XP
  4. Hunt a wolf (1) – 30,000 XP
  5. Emote within 10m of Wildlife (1) – 30,000 XP

Again, Grim Fable’s Punchcard Quests are simple to complete. Harpoon Guns can be found in floor loot, chests, and Llamas, so just play the game naturally until you get one.

Wolves can be found almost everywhere on the map, so simply eliminate one that you come across. And for the final challenge, you just need to approach Wildlife and emote when you’re within 10 meters. Frogs may be the easiest Wildlife to do this with as they’re passive and won’t attack you.

What are Fortnite Character Punchcards?

Fortnite Season 8 Character Punchcards

You must visit specific characters and then complete the five Quests that they will assign you. For the first two weeks of Punchcards, you’ll get 12,000 XP for completing the first Quest, and it will go up by 2,000 XP for each one completed – giving 80,000 XP for each completed Character Punchcard.

After players complained that 80,000 XP wasn’t enough for completing a Punchcard, Epic Games have increased the Punchcards XP to 30,000 XP each for Week 3 Punchcards and beyond. This gives a total of 150,000 XP for each completed Punchcard.

More Character Punchcards are expected to be added each week, so stay tuned.

All Fortnite Season 8 Character Punchcards

Fortnite Season 8 characters

Fabio Sparklemane

  1. Use a Zipline (12,000 XP)
  2. Destroy five pieces of furniture at Apres Ski (14,000 XP)
  3. Dance at two different alien crash sites (16,000 XP)
  4. Dance for two seconds after damaging an opponent (18,000 XP)
  5. Dance for five seconds while in the sideways (20,000 XP)


  1. Refuel a vehicle with gas (12,000 XP)
  2. Travel 500 distance while in a vehicle (14,000 XP)
  3. Destroy mailboxes with a vehicle (16,000 XP)
  4. Get two seconds of air time with a vehicle (18,000 XP)
  5. Interact with an overturned car to flip it rightside up ​(20,000 XP)


  1. Destroy five opponent structures (12,000 XP)
  2. Build five structures at Craggy Cliffs (14,000 XP)
  3. Harvest metal from both Weeping Woods and Steamy Stacks (16,000 XP)
  4. Hit four weakpoints while harvesting (18,000 XP)
  5. Emote within 10m of an ally-built structure (20,000 XP

The Brat

  1. Open a cash register (12,000 XP)
  2. Destroy three couches or beds (14,000 XP)
  3. Complete a quest from another character (16,000 XP)
  4. Purchase a weapon of Rare rarity or higher from a character or Weapon-O-Matic (18,000 XP)
  5. Damage opponents with weapons of Rare rarity or higher (20,000 XP)


  1. Destroy a farming tractor (12,000 XP)
  2. Forage two mushrooms (14,000 XP)
  3. Craft a weapon (16,000 XP)
  4. Destroy two refrigerators (18,000 XP)
  5. Consume an apple and a banana (20,000 XP)

Toona Fish

  1. Visit three different named locations (12,000 XP)
  2. Dance within 10m of an IO guard (14,000 XP)
  3. Visit the Aftermath (16,000 XP)
  4. Pop the tires on five vehicles (18,000 XP)
  5. Buy an item from a character ​(20,000 XP)


  1. Enter the Sideways (12,000 XP)
  2. Collect a Sideways weapon (14,000 XP)
  3. Deal 100 damage to players with a Sideways weapon (16,000 XP)
  4. Eliminate ten cube monsters in The Sideways (18,000 XP)
  5. Complete a Sideways encounter (20,000 XP)

Dark Jonesy

  1. Collect a shotgun and shells at Steamy Stacks (12,000 XP)
  2. Stoke a campfire (14,000 XP)
  3. Crouch within ten meters of an opponent for two seconds (16,000 XP)
  4. Cause 150 headshot damage on monsters in The Sideways (18,000 XP)
  5. Defeat two waves of Cube Monsters in The Sideways anomaly (20,000 XP)


  1. Collect nuts and bolts (12,000 XP)
  2. Craft an item (14,000 XP)
  3. Upgrade a weapon at a weapon bench (16,000 XP)
  4. Honk a vehicle’s horn within 10m of an opponent (18,000 XP)
  5. Survive three storm phases ​(20,000 XP)


  1. Collect an assault rifle and a grenade (12,000 XP)
  2. Reach max shields (14,000 XP)
  3. Visit an IO Outpost or the IO Convoy (16,000 XP)
  4. Eliminate 2 IO Guards (18,000 XP)
  5. Search a chest in an IO Outpost or in the IO Convoy (20,000 XP)

Scuba Jonesy

  1. Swim at both Lake Canoe and Lazy Lake (12,000 XP)
  2. Submerge a driven vehicle into a large body of water (14,000 XP)
  3. Throw a fish back in the water (16,000 XP)
  4. Hunt one wildlife (18,000 XP)
  5. Consume a fish and a meat in a single match (20,000 XP)


  1. Ring a doorbell until it breaks (12,000 XP)
  2. Damage an opponent within 30 seconds of landing (14,000 XP)
  3. Deal 75 pistol damage from above (16,000 XP)
  4. Get an elimination with a Pistol, SMG, or Shotgun in the Sideways (18,000 XP)
  5. Finish a downed enemy with Harvesting Tool ​(20,000 XP)

Baba Yaga

  1. Mark a Medkit, a Bandage, and a Small Shield Potion (12,000 XP)
  2. Use any of the services of a Mending Machine (14,000 XP)
  3. Consume foraged items (16,000 XP)
  4. Restore health with fish (18,000 XP)
  5. Use a Bandage or a Medkit in The Sideways (20,000 XP)


  1. Collect a sniper rifle (12,000 XP)
  2. Deal 150 damage with an assault rifle or sniper rifle (14,000 XP)
  3. Get two headshots with an assault rifle or sniper rifle (16,000 XP)
  4. Deal damage within 30 seconds of hiding in a haystack, dumpster, or a Flusher (18,000 XP)
  5. Emote on top of a mountain (20,000 XP)

J.B. Chimpanski

  1. Make a donation to the war effort donation box (12,000 XP)
  2. Deliver a car to the Weather Station (14,000 XP)
  3. Harvest 100 metal from an alien crash site (16,000 XP)
  4. Talk to three characters (18,000 XP)
  5. Interact with a mounted turret (20,000 XP)


  1. Spot two players with a recon scanner (12,500 XP)
  2. Use a jump pad or jump vent and travel 100 meters before landing (14,000 XP)
  3. Get a storm forecast from a character (16,000 XP)
  4. Get a bounty from a bounty board (18,000 XP)
  5. Complete a bounty (20,000 XP)

Big Mouth

  1. Hide in a haystack at Corny Crops (30,000 XP)
  2. Destroy beds in Holly Hedges or Pleasant Park (30,000 XP)
  3. Collect a Harpoon Gun (30,000 XP)
  4. Hunt a wolf (30,000 XP)
  5. Emote within 10m of Wildlife (30,000 XP)

Grim Fable

  1. Hide in a haystack at Corny Crops (30,000 XP)
  2. Destroy beds in Holly Hedges or Pleasant Park (30,000 XP)
  3. Collect a Harpoon Gun (30,000 XP)
  4. Hunt a wolf (30,000 XP)
  5. Emote within 10m of Wildlife (30,000 XP)

For more Fortnite, check out all the game’s fourth birthday Quests and rewards, and stay tuned for more Punchcard guides.

Image Credit: Epic Games / Fortnite Wiki

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Fortnite 18.10 update patch notes: New Crossbow, POI, Steamy Shacks map changes

The Fortnite 18.10 update patch notes are finally here, so here are all of the patch notes with new changes and bug fixes.



Fortnite 18.10 update patch notes

Fortnite update 18.10 is the first major update patch since Season 8 was first released, and here are the patch notes detailing all the new changes, including a new crossbow and POI.

Fortnite Season 8 brought a ton of cool new content for fans to enjoy, including Sideways weapons, the return of Punchard Quests, and a brand-new Battle Pass to progress through.

Now, Epic Games have released the Fortnite update 18.10 patch notes as the first set of changes of the latest season, and you can look at all the new changes in the Fortnite update 18.10 update patch notes that have now become available.

Table of contents

Fortnite 18.10 update patch notes

There are always some exciting new changes whenever a new update patch arrives in Fortnite. The new update went live on September 28, 2021, and it brought plenty of new additions for fans to enjoy.

The new changes include a brand-new POI, some new skins, and a brand-new crossbow for players to use in combat. Here’s a breakdown of all the new content in the Fortnite 18.10 update patch notes.

New Crossbow: Dual Fiend Hunters

Notable Fortnite leaker HYPEX revealed that a new Crossbow known as the Dual Fiend Hunters has been added to the game. This weapon shoots an arrow that deals heavy damage to Fiends.

Despite the slow fire rate and reload speed, the weapon is still impressive due to its notable damage and magazine size. Four different variants have been revealed, and each of them deals a different amount of damage.

Cube Town POI

Fortnite Season 8 is titled “Cubed,” and it has lived up to the name with the addition of various small purple cubes on the Island. We’ve also seen the addition of the Golden Cube in this season.

Now, a new POI known as Cube town has arrived on the Island and is said to contain many chests for players to unlock. You might find it aesthetically similar to something in Minecraft.

New Cube at Steamy Stacks

The Steamy Stacks POI has gone through a major change after a long while. A chunk of it has been destroyed and there is a giant purple Cube now marking the location.

It seems to have broken out of the facility and dragged itself across the field next to the POI. This change fits perfectly with Season 8’s theme.

Chili Chug Splash

Fortnite Chili Chug Splash

A new variation of the Chug Splash item called the Chili Chug Splash has arrived in the update. Using this will restore 20 Health or Shield while also providing you with a speed boost.

You can acquire the Chili Chug Splashes by purchasing it from The Brat NPC with Gold Bars. This item can also be dropped by Loot Llamas, and Epic Games have brought back the original Chug Splash to the loot pool.

Fortnite Super Level Styles for Battle Pass skins

Epic Games add rare variations of the Battle Pass skins every season, and you can normally unlock these by surpassing Level 100. The v18.10 update has brought Season 8’s Super Styles.

Characters like J.B Chimpanski, Charlotte, Torin, and Kor have received three Super Styles. These are the Blue Rune, Purple Rune, and Golden Rune Styles. Other characters have these, but it seems Epic Games haven’t added any for Carnage.

Fortnitemares Halloween skins

The Fortnitemares event will help players get into the Halloween season, and Epic Games will add some spooky new skin to the Item Shop over the next couple of weeks.

Among these new cosmetics will be a ‘Geometrik’ Cube-themed skin along with a new version of the Cuddle Team Leader called the Curdle Scream Leader.

Fortnite 18.10 update patch notes XP changes

XP coins in Fortnite

This update has increased the total XP you earn from completing Daily Punchcards and Character Punchcards. Shared Quests will also grant you some XP now.

However, the amount of XP that you can earn from completing Weekly Punchcards has been reduced following this update. If you want some extra XP then check out how to level up fast in the Fortnite Battle Pass.

Fortnite 18.10 update patch notes bug fixes

Fortnite Fortnite 18.10 update patch notes

As always, Epic Games will be fixing any bugs that are currently plaguing the game. While the devs haven’t dropped the full patch notes themselves, we know what’s being addressed thanks to their official Trello board.

Here are all the bug fixes that in the Fortnite 18.10 update patch notes:

  • Donation Boards do not display War Effort items in chosen language.
  • Crash site slip streams won’t disable after hitting a certain storm circle phase.
  • Player built structures cannot be placed adjacent to Barrier Device.
  • Vehicles take heavy damage when colliding with Mothership wreckage.
  • Dark Jonesy Stage 2 quest “Stoke a Campfire” doesn’t progress during the match when it’s obtained.
  • Scrolling in the Discover UI causes it to reset the player’s section position to the beginning of the row.
  • Voice chat on Switch won’t connect to party chat.
  • Quests cannot be pinned from quest journal (Save The World).
  • Dungeon announcer “Found all coins” audio loops (Save The World).

That covers everything that has been revealed about the Fortnite 18.10 update patch notes. We expect the developers to add more exciting content and changes to Season 8 in future patches.

For more Fortnite, stay tuned to Charlie INTEL, and check out the Rideable Wildlife that is set to arrive in Fortnite Season 8.

Image credits: Epic Games

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