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How to tame a Raptor in Fortnite Season 6: Guide & locations

Raptors now roam the Fortnite Season 6 island, so here’s how you can find and tame them to hunt by your side.



Fortnite Season 6 Raptor

Raptors have arrived in Fortnite Season 6 following the 16.10 update, so here’s a full location guide to help you find and tame these dinosaurs to help you score a Victory Royale.

Introduced in the 16.10 update, Raptors now prowl Fortnite Season 6’s Primal island. These prehistoric beasts are lightning quick and can deal a lot of damage with their claws. You may want to avoid them, but you can also tame them to assist you in bringing home the win.

While you can also tame wolves and boars in Fortnite Season 6, these deadly new Raptors are a worthwhile companion. They can fight off other animals with ease and also deal some big damage to players if they get close enough.

Here’s where to find Raptors and how to tame them in Fortnite Season 6.

How to tame Fortnite Season 6 raptor

Where to find Raptors in Fortnite Season 6

As Season 6 has a primal theme, wildlife now roams the entirety of Fortnite’s island. Wolves, boars, chickens, and now Raptors can be found anywhere on the island, so keep your eyes peeled and you’ll be sure to spot them.

However, there are places you can go to maximize your chances of finding Raptors. There are several reports of Raptors frequently spawning near their eggs, which makes sense. Have a look around the Primal areas of the map with the brown dirt, such as The Spire and Bony Burbs and it shouldn’t take long to find these Jurassic monsters.

How to tame Raptors in Fortnite Season 6

The easiest way to tame Raptors is by crafting the Hunter’s Cloak. To do this, all you’ll need is some Meat and Bones and you can follow our guide on how to craft the Hunter’s Cloak.

Fortnite Hunter's Cloak

To tame a Raptor with the Hunter’s Cloak equipped:

  1. Find a Raptor in the wild
  2. Make sure the Raptor isn’t in combat with other animals or players
  3. Approach the Raptor and hold ‘interact’ to tame it
  4. The Raptor will now follow you and fight by your side

If you don’t have the Hunter’s Cloak equipped, you can distract the Raptor with some meat to tame it.

To tame a Raptor with meat:

  1. Get meat by killing wolves, boars, or chickens
  2. Find a Raptor in the wild
  3. Hold your aim button, then press fire to throw the meat
  4. Approach the feasting Raptor and hold ‘interact’ to tame it
  5. The Raptor will now follow you and fight by your side

You can even tame multiple Raptors, with several of these beasts sure to overwhelm your foes.

Once you have Raptors by your side, you can follow our guide on defeating the Guardians for some amazing gear.

Image Credit: Epic Games


Crazy Fortnite bug is causing screens to flip sideways

A frustrating Fortnite glitch is causing players’ screens to flip sideways, making it impossible to play without tilting their heads.



Fortnite flipping screens glitch

Several Fortnite players are being plagued by an absolutely bizarre glitch that’s flipping their screens sideways, and making things more difficult in the middle of their games.

You’ll find plenty that can surprise you the next time to jump into a match of Fortnite, as Epic Games are always introducing new content. This ranges from crossover skins with other franchises like Predator, to tamable Raptors.

However, fans usually only enjoy surprises when they don’t include horrible technical glitches that ruin the game Now, a new one has emerged which is flipping player’s screens horizontally, and it’s particularly frustrating.

Fortnite by Epic Games

Fortnite glitch is flipping players’ screens

Reddit user powerGladius posted a clip showcasing their encounter with this glitch in the middle of a match. They were just enjoying the game, and then the screen spontaneously flipped and locked sideways.

While this may seem amusing initially, it soon became clear that it would keep happening even when they tried to join other games. It’s far less fun to play Fortnite when you need to constantly keep your neck on your shoulders.

The comments were filled to the brim with other players that had also encountered this issue, and they were demanding that Epic Games issue a fix for this issue.

Even pro players like Thiago ‘K1nG’ Lapp of FaZe Clan Brazil and ‘Snow’ from Falcons Gaming have vented about their experience with this glitch. This means that this issue is widespread, and can happen to any player.

There is no doubt that Epic Games will end up investigating this issue, and then coming up with a permanent fix for it. However, they’ve not acknowledged it at the time of writing, so they might not know about it yet.

We’ll keep checking for any updates regarding this situation. Once the devs announce a proper fix for the bug, we’ll be sure to update you.

Image Credits: Epic Games

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Fortnite player discovers genius tricks for off-road tires

A clever Fortnite YouTuber has discovered some genius tricks you can pull off with Season 6’s new tires, and they don’t involve vehicles.



Fortnite off-road tire tricks

A clever Fortnite player has found some genius ways to use Fortnite’s new tires, and not in ways you might expect.

A major part of Fortnite is discovering clever ways you can use your builds, the environment, items, and weapons to get the upper hand on your opponent. Chonkers off-road tires arrived with the 16.20 update, and while they are designed for modding vehicles, the community has already discovered their other uses.

Fortnite YouTuber Ryuzanami has demonstrated several tricks you can pull off with the tires, and, surprisingly, none of them involve vehicles.

fortnite season 6 vehicle mods

As Fortnite players have become more advanced at the building mechanics of the game, taking and getting through other players’ walls has become one of the most important aspects of the game. Ryuzanami showed that you can use the tires to phase through walls 100% of the time. If you throw the tire into the corner, push up against the wall, and break it, you are guaranteed to get through.

With the storm ever closing in, you can also use these tires to boost your movement speed. As you jump off the tire, you can continue to pick them up, repeating the process until you’re safe from the storm. Or, mid-fight, you can throw the tires on the ground below you and use them to take height from your opponents.

Once you have this height, you can also use the tires to avoid fall damage. Throw the tires on the floor below you then build a floor above, jump on top of the tires, then they will remain below your feet and break your fall. Just don’t pick up the tires on the way down or you’ll fall to your death.

Also, using their bouncy nature, you can throw them at opponents forcing them to take fall damage. However, this is extremely situational and is more fun than a competitive strategy.

With these tips in mind, keeping one of your inventory slots free for tires can provide you with a plethora of opportunities to get the upper hand in build fights.

Image Credit: Epic Games

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Where to talk to the Joneses for Fortnite Season 6 Spire challenge

To complete Fortnite Season 6’s Spire Quests, you’ll need to talk to the Jonses, so here’s where you can find them.



Fortnite Joneses NPCs

Raz’s Spire Quests ask you to talk to five Joneses around the Fortnite map, so here are the locations of each Jonesy NPC in Season 6.

Fortnite’s 16.20 update finally brought vehicle mods and new bows to wield, as well as a new set of Spire Quests to earn you a ton of XP and a purple variant for Battle Pass skin, Raz. These quests, which advance Fortnite’s story, are completed in stages, so once you’ll need to do them in order.

Players have become stuck trying to talk to five Joneses near the end of the quests, so we’ve got all of their locations to help you complete them.

Where to find the Joneses for Fortnite Spire Quest

Fortnite Season 6 Jonesy locations

As Fortnite’s story has progressed, several different versions of Jonesy have arrived. These can all be found on the island, and you need to talk to them to complete Season 6’s Spire Quests.

Here are the locations of each Jonesy on the Fortnite Season 6 island.

  • Castaway Jonesy: Desert island northeast of Steamy Stacks
  • Bunker Jonesy: Found in multiple locations on the map, e.g Lighthouse Building to the northwest of Stealthy Stronghold
  • Grill Sergeant: At the Durr Burger Food Truck east of Stealthy Stronghold
  • Wreck Raider: North end of Coral Castle
  • Suntan Specialist: Found on the beach at Sweaty Sands
  • Rex: In the building east of The Spire
  • Sash Sergeant: Playpark in Weeping Woods
  • Cabbie: Building in the south-end of Lazy Lake
  • Slurp Jonesy: Inside main factory at Slurpy Swamp

You only need to find five of the Joneses around the map, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find all five in one match of Battle Royale or Team Rumble. Plan a route depending on the Battle Bus’s line and you’ll be able to complete this challenge in only a few matches.

Where to find and duel Jonesy the First

Fortnite Jonesy the First

After you’ve found the five Joneses around the Season 6 island, you’ll be tasked with finding and dueling Jonesy the First. Luckily, he’s always in the same location. You can find him in the house on the northwest corner of Pleasant Park.

Simply talk to him and select the duel option to begin the fight. We recommend gathering some weapons, shields, and materials before taking him on. He shouldn’t be difficult to defeat, but you could find yourself struggling if you’re unprepared.

Finding the Joneses and dueling the OG isn’t particularly difficult, but is time-consuming. However, with this guide, you should complete the spire quests in no time. And be sure to check out the Week 5 Quests for some extra XP.

Image Credit: Epic Games / Fortnite.GG

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