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How to tame wolves & boars in Fortnite Season 6

Vicious wolves and boars now roam the Fortnite island in Season 6, so here’s how to tame them to assist you in scoring a Victory Royale.



Fortnite Wolves and Boars

Fortnite allows players to tame the wildlife of Season 6’s island, so here’s how you can recruit boars, along with the most fearsome beast yet – the wolf.

Fortnite Season 6 has added a plethora of new content for Fortnite fans to enjoy, including new points-of-interest to visit, weapons to craft, and a bunch of upcoming characters including Lara Croft.

Following the ‘Primal’ theme of the new Season, the map is now teeming with wildlife that you can hunt, but also tame. Hilariously, you can cling on to chickens and use them as makeshift balloons, and you can also find boars and vicious packs of wolves roaming the wilds.

However, you can master nature and tame these creatures to be your companions.

How to tame a boar in Fortnite Season 6

Boars aren’t the fastest or most powerful animals in the game, but you still need to approach them carefully.

Here’s how to tame a boar in Fortnite:

  1. Collect fruit or vegetables from a farm.
  2. Find a boar in the wild.
  3. Place the food near the boar and then hide.
  4. While the boar is eating, sneak up behind it.
  5. Press and hold the interact button to tame the boar.

This stealthy approach will serve you well, as it won’t cost you any health or shields.

Where to find boars in Fortnite Season 6

These creatures can commonly be found roaming wooded areas and on farms. You can check for them in the new Colossal Crops POI that is east of The Spire at the center of the map.

To make things a bit easier, we’ve marked this location on the map below.

How to tame a wolf in Fortnite Season 6

Here’s how to tame a wolf in Season 6:

  1. Roam the Fortnite Season 6 map until you find a wolf pack
  2. Kill a wolf
  3. Pick up the meat dropped from the defeated wolf
  4. Hold your aim button, then press fire to throw the meat
  5. A wolf will ignore you and start chomping on the meat
  6. Approach the feasting wolf and follow the prompt to ‘tame’
  7. The wolf will now be your companion!

Your friendly wolf’s face will go pink and they will be marked with an arrow above their head so you don’t get mixed up when fighting other wolves around the map. Unfortunately, you can’t give the wolf orders, but it will follow you around and protect you.

Where to find wolves in Fortnite Season 6

You’ll have the best shot at finding wolves when searching the wild areas of Stealthy Stronghold and Weeping Woods. You can take a look at these locations below:

You can only recruit one wolf at a time, so if you don’t clear out the other wolves before taming it, you could quickly lose your wolf to the other members of its pack.

You can also get meat by killing the other animals on the map and bringing it over, but when wolves drop meat anyway, you might as well kill two birds with one stone.

The Season 6 patch notes claimed the “the most fearsome predators have yet to hatch,” so you may need your companion in the future.

Image Credit: Epic Games