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How to unlock cheap Apex Legends Heirlooms

Heirlooms are the rarest items in Apex Legends, and unlocking them can be extremely costly. Here’s how you can save money while getting them.



Revenant's Heirloom in Apex Legends

Apex Legends players frequently try to unlock rare Heirlooms for their character, but these are often extremely costly. Luckily, there are ways to save money while getting your hands on these cosmetic items.

Heirlooms are unique melee weapons that are suited to specific characters, and there nine of them in Apex Legends currently. Revenant’s “Dead Man’s Curve” Scythe in the Genesis Collection Event was the latest one.

These are particularly difficult to get your hands on as they’re the rarest cosmetics in Apex Legends. However, there are a few ways for you to get past the exceedingly high costs while unlocking Heirlooms.

How to get cheap Apex Legends Heirlooms

Revenant Heirloom in the Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event

You can unlock Heirlooms by collecting shards, purchasing 500 packs, or by playing through an Apex Legends Collection Event. Once you’ve collected 24 items in the event, you’ll use the packs to get the cosmetic.

However, each pack will set you back 700 Apex Coins, and you’ll need to spend around $160 if you want to ensure that you get your hands on an Heirloom. There a few different approaches that you can take to save money.

Apex Legends Event bundles

Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event tiers

If you want to save up and ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth, then you should purchase event bundles, rather than individual packs. The Genesis Collection Event has brought a couple of these.

The Loba Petty Thief and Crypto Inconspicuous bundles will not only grant you some new skins, but a total of 10 event packs as well. So rather than having to purchase 24 packs, you’ll just need 14 more.

EA Play discounts

EA Play subscription options

Players that have EA Play receive 10% off for in-game purchases. You can use this to your advantage by getting a $5 subscription to to this service.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit the EA Play website
  2. Click “Join now”
  3. Select your preferred platform to link your account (Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, Origin)
  4. Pick a monthly or annual plan and hit “buy”
  5. Login to your platform account and fill in your details

This will complete the process, and you will now save 10% on Apex Packs and bundles. While you’ll need to spend money on the subscription, it’ll be worth it for all that you save in the long-run.

Use your Apex Legends Crafting metals

Bloodhound in Apex Legends

Using any Crafting metals that you have will further reduce the cost of unlocking Heirlooms. The price varies, depending upon the amount of materials that you have. You’ll be able to get the Heirloom for free with 38,400 of them.

However, that’s an extremely high amount, and you’ll most likely still have to pay a certain amount. Even with a few thousand Crafting Metals, the overall price will come out at over $100.

Of course, there’s really no need to invest that much if you want don’t want to. You can try your luck with the in-game Apex Packs. You’re guaranteed to get shards after opening 500 of these packs.

There ways for you to check how close you are to an Heirloom in Apex Legends. You can try out the options above if you’re willing to pay a certain amount, and these will be cheaper than purchasing 24 event packs.

Image credits: Respawn Entertainment / EA

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 10: How Seer could knock Gibraltar out of the meta

Although Seer hasn’t been out for long in Apex Legends, players are starting to see his potential and how he could become a star in the meta.



Apex Legends Seer meta

Apex Legends’ new addition to the roster, Seer, is already proving to be controversial, with some players even claiming he may push Gibraltar out of the meta.

Apex Legends players have been gifted with a host of new content thanks to the Season 10 update. As well as some interesting changes to weapons, Seer has joined the fight and may potentially offer a shift in the current meta.

Of course, some of the Legend buffs and nerfs have also shifted the meta slightly, but some pros are actually claiming that Seer could shift the meta the most out of any Legend, so let’s get into why.

apex legends gibraltar

Seer is a new Recon Legend whose abilities are based on gaining information on the enemy’s location.

Further, his tactical, Focus of Attention doesn’t only highlight the enemy when scanned. It also shows their health bar, cancels their healing item if in use, and stops players in the process of reviving downed teammates.

It seems this tactical ability is where players believe the power is, and could potentially be why Gibraltar has pushed out the meta if we see more Seer players in the competitive scene.

Apex Legends Seer shifting the meta

apex legends seer

In a recent stream, professional Apex Legends competitor, Albralelie, said that Seer could be a huge problem in competitive Apex Legends. This is because his tactical can basically stop enemy teams from executing a bubble reset.

A bubble reset is when a team can either get a revive or healable off inside the temporary cover of Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection. This has been a staple strategy of competitive Apex Legends for some time now and is also the main reason Gibraltar is so strong in the scene.

However, with the introduction of Seer, players will basically be able to cancel players healing and reviving inside of the bubble with Seer’s tactical, especially as the ability has a long and wide range, making it easy to hit a whole team inside of the dome.

Further, if timed correctly, Seer will actually be able to fully stop a revive and heal by timing it so that the bubble disappears soon after the cancel, a very strong counter to Gibraltar’s most useful tool.

This could actually see Caustic enter the meta over Gibraltar, especially after his most recent buff that makes his gas more prominent. Caustic’s gas lasts much longer than Gibraltar’s dome. Although it doesn’t offer as much protection, it can give teams more time to reset without having to worry about Seer teams capitalizing off canceling a revive or heal.

This is very interesting, and although it may not happen, as teams may still opt for Bloodhound over Seer, if a strong Seer meta enters the competitive scene, we could see Gibraltar counter more often, forcing players to switch Legends or change playstyles.

For more on Apex Legends, stay tuned via Charlie INTEL and check out our article on Seer’s Lil Nas X inspiration.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Apex Legends players believe Seer is inspired by music star Lil Nas X

Apex Legends players are suggesting that Seer has a very similar aesthetic to music artist Lil Nas X and may have been influential to the design.



Apex Legends Seer Lil Nas X

Some Apex Legends fans are drawing on similarities between the new Legend Seer and popular musician Lil Nas X, suggesting he may have been an influence when the developers were creating the character.

Apex Legends has just dropped its brand new update featuring a variety of changes in the patch notes. As well as Legends and weapons receiving buffs and nerfs, players also get to drop in on a new Decimated World’s Edge and Ranked Arenas playlist, keeping the free-to-play FPS fresh.

As well as all this, players have also been able to get their hands on the new Legend Seer, who has an interesting kit and an intriguing aesthetic that many relate to Lil Nas X.

apex legends seer

Lil Nas X is a popular musician who has broken onto the music scene in the last few years. The musician is known for his outlandish outfits, and most notable, his cowboy influence due to his hit song “Old Town Road” with Billy Ray Cyrus.

Lil Nas X is constantly seen sporting a cowboy hat similar to Seer’s, which seems to be the main reason for their recent comparison by Apex fans on social media.

Apex Legends Seer and Lil Nas X

Apex Legends Seer

Of course, both are of similar heritage, with African influence being a heavy part of Seer’s lore and design, even having a skin called “Afrofuturism.” However, the main point of comparison seems to be the personality and aesthetic similarities, possessing flamboyant and extravagant qualities.

Similar to Lil Nas X, Seer also has a musical background, with his mother being a dancer. Seer definitely possesses a spring in his step similar to that of a professional dancer, as he moves very fluidly as if every action is part of a routine.

Their outfits also have a similar aesthetic, with Lil Nas X often pictured with gold accents and a cowboy hat, much like Seer’s launch bundle skin.

Fans on Twitter have already picked up on this, with one user even putting the images side by side to compare, demanding that the devs confirm Seer has some Lil Nas X influence in his design.

We are yet to officially know whether Respawn Entertainment was influenced by Lil Nas X when they were creating Seer.

However, we know Respawn is great at representing communities and all walks of life, so we wouldn’t be surprised if this was their ode to Lil Nas X and his breaking of industry norms.

For more on Apex Legends, check out our recent article on why content creators and streamers are leaning towards Apex Legends over Warzone.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment / Wikimedia Commons

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Apex Legends Monsters Collection Event skins leaked

The next Apex Legends collection event may have had some of its skins leaked, as a dataminer reveals some new content for a possible Monster event.



Apex Legends Monsters Collection Event skins

Just like any new update, dataminers have found some new code that hints at an Apex Legends Monster Collection Event, as well as some upcoming themed skins.

Apex Legends fans have been gifted with a brand new season, Emergence, which brought various new updates in the patch notes to freshen up the game. Players have been enjoying the new Legend, Seer, and the various weapon and Legend meta changes.

Although players were given a brand new battle pass with various cosmetics to unlock, it seems dataminers have unveiled even more upcoming content, which has got fans excited.

Apex Legends bloodhound

Popular Apex Legends dataminer Garretleaks has been revealing upcoming content for the battle royale for some time now, becoming a reliable source for leaks.

The latest leak involves the upcoming collection event and the first look at upcoming skins for Revenant and Bloodhound.

Leaked Apex Legends Monsters Collection Event skins

Garretleaks revealed the codename for the upcoming collection event is “Monsters,” which stands as the theme for the skins we can expect in the event.

For example, the skin Garretleaks revealed is a Revenant skin that depicts the Legend as a werewolf, possibly referencing the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

Apex Legends Monsters Collection Event skins

Some have even been speculating that we could see a Loba skin where she is portrayed as Red Riding Hood in the group of possible Apex Legends Monsters Collection Event skins.

There is also speculation that the event could revolve around old folk tales and fables that involve monsters, especially as the new Legend, Seer, seems to have a similar back story, with his community ousting him as cursed.

Further, Garret also revealed some holosprays of future Apex Legends Monsters Collection Event skins, which seem to be related to the event. As we know, holosprays often show future skins before they come out, as we had seen a lot of the Genesis Collection Event skins in holospray form before their release.

Apex Legends Monsters Collection Event skins

One of the holospray skins shown was for Bloodhound, which depicts the Legend as a simulacrum, which is pretty controversial as there has been a constant debate about what Bloodhound actually is.

If you’re interested in seeing more skins from Apex Legends, why not check out all the Legendary skins for Seer.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment / Garretleaks

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