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Gold, Diamond, Dark Matter, and more are now equippable in Zombies!

Since Call of Duty 4 introduced gold camos, players have sought after these pinnacle rewards for years. With Diamond camos in Black Ops II and finally Dark Matter in Black Ops 4, these weapon designs are the creme of the crop.

With the latest Game Settings Update, Zombies mode has finally got some Mastery camo love and we’re here to break it all down for you.

The first thing you’ll notice is that your Multiplayer and Blackout Mastery camo don’t cross over here. That’s because Treyarch wants “to make sure that equipping these camos in each mode proves that you put in the effort required to earn them.”

Essentially, if you’re rocking a Diamond camo in Multiplayer, it’s because you have put the time into Multiplayer, if you have a Gold camo in Zombies, it’s because you put the time in there, so on and so forth.

The way you unlock these camos is identical to how they’re unlocked in Multiplayer. Gold camo requires unlocking all previous camos for the specific gun. Diamond camo requires gold on all guns in that guns class and Dark Matter is unlocked through acquiring Gold camos for all weapons in the game.

First stage of Gold camo on an ICR (via MrRoflWaffles)

These mastery camos also change throughout the match depending on certain factors. The Gold camo has three forms, not pack-a-punched. Pack-a-punched once make its animated, and fully PaP’ed adds an electric effect.

Final stage of Diamond camo (via MrRoflWaffles)

The Diamond camo changes colors at 250,500,750,1000,1500,and 2000 kills throughout the game, while the Dark Matter camo changes colors at 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 headshots. Also, important to note that these camos don’t get replaced with a PaP’ed camo when upgraded whereas Performance and Technical camos do.

Final stage of Dark Matter Camo (via MrRoflWaffles)

Aside from Mastery camos, Reactive Camos also make their way into Zombies. To unlock Reactive Camos that you own you have to complete the associated challenge when the “wrapped” version is equipped. These range from 100 headshots for the Skullcracker camo to getting 5 headshots withing 7 seconds 25 times for the Vanguard camo. Mastercraft camos are also readily available once purchased.

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