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How to unlock the Adored Sniper Rifle in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Here’s how to unlock the Adored Sniper Rifle, through the Gambit, Crucible and Vanguard quests in Destiny 2 Beyond Light.



Adored in Destiny 2

With the release of Destiny 2’s Season of the Hunt, Bungie has introduced another Pursuit weapon for players to chase. Here’s how this weapon can be unlocked in the Strike, Crucible, and Gambit playlists.

In the second year of Destiny 2, developer Bungie began experimenting with the idea of powerful weapons that could be unlocked by completing specific milestones in the game’s three core playlists: Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit.

While these weapons were first introduced into the Crucible playlist with guns like Redrix’s Claymore, Bungie realized they could expand on their idea and add Vanguard and Gambit weapons for players to obtain as well.

With the release of Destiny 2’s first season in Beyond Light, Season of the Hunt, Bungie has once again provided players with a new weapon to chase: the Adored sniper rifle. And with this Pursuit weapon, there is a brand-new twist on how to obtain it.

What is Adored? Season of the Hunt’s Pursuit sniper rifle

Prior to the release of Destiny 2’s Season of the Hunt, Bungie spoke about their plans for the game’s next pursuit weapon: the Adored Sniper Rifle. Now that the game’s new season is in full swing, players have started to obtain the weapon and try it out for themselves.

Adored in an Adaptive-frame sniper rifle, and while it does not have the raw damage output of other snipers like the Aggressive-frame Revoker, the gun still has solid stats and some good perk combinations available.

The first two static perks on the weapon are Hammer-Forged Rifling and Accurized Rounds, which boost the gun’s range value. The first set of interchangeable perks are Triple-Tap and Killing Wind, followed by a choice between Vorpal Weapon and Snapshot Sights.

Adored offers some interesting perk combinations depending on playstyle and whether the sniper will be used in PvP or PvE.

How to obtain Adored: Vanguard, Crucible and Gambit quest steps

Season of the Hunt kicked off with the release of Beyond Light on November 10. With the new content drop, the Adored sniper rifle has become available for players to obtain.

While there is still only a single Pursuit weapon this season, Bungie has changed the process for obtaining the new sniper rifle: players can choose to complete a single quest in one of the three core playlists – Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit – and will be rewarded with the new sniper rifle.

Guardians should follow the steps outlined below, in their preferred playlist, to obtain Adored:

  • Vanguard (Strike playlist):
    • Speak to Banshee-44 in the Tower and obtain the Strikes in your Sights quest
    • Defeat bosses, combatants, and collect points by defeating combatants while using Sniper Rifles in strikes (note: precision final blows with Sniper Rifles grant additional progress)
      • 40 bosses
      • 1000 combatants
      • 300 points
    • Get precision final blows with a Sniper Rifle or Sniper Rifle defeat streaks without dying in strikes (note: you only need to complete one of these two objectives)
      • 35 defeats in streaks
      • 20 Sniper Rifle headshots
    • Speak with Banshee-44 in the Tower to receive your Adored
  • Crucible
    • Speak to Banshee-44 in the Tower and obtain the Crucible in your Sights quest
    • Defeat Guardians as a team, earn Valor ranks, and collect points by defeating Guardians while using Sniper Rifles in Crucible (note: precision final blows with Sniper Rifles grant additional progress)
      • 500 Guardians
      • 3 Valor ranks
      • 200 points
    • Get long-range or precision final blows with Sniper Rifles in Crucible (note: you only need to complete one of these two objectives)
      • 5 long-range Sniper Rifle final blows
      • 5 Sniper Rifle headshots
    • Speak with Banshee-44 in the Tower to receive your Adored
  • Gambit
    • Speak to Banshee-44 in the Tower and obtain the Gambit in your Sights quest
    • Defeat combatants with precision damage, earn Infamy ranks, and collect points by defeating combatants using Sniper Rifles in Gambit (note: precision final blows with Sniper Rifles grant additional progress)
      • 300 precision headshots
      • 3 Infamy ranks
      • 250 points
    • Defeat Guardians or Blockers as a team with a Sniper Rifle in Gambit (note: you only need to complete one of these two objectives)
      • 5 Guardians
      • 20 blockers
    • Speak with Banshee-44 in the Tower to receive your Adored

Is Adored worth the grind?

While the three quest options for obtaining Adored are quite simple compared to some previous Pinnacle weapon quests, the question still stands: is the weapon worth the grind? Members of the Destiny 2 community have started to issue their verdicts on the new gun.

Destiny YouTuber CammyCakes released a video speaking about Adored, its perks, and its overall usefulness. He confirms “I found this snipe very easy to use, so it’s definitely gonna be something in my sniper rifle rotation.” He goes on to say that “as soon as there is an Aggressive-frame sniper that’s an option . . . I’m just switching to the aggressive frame.”

While it may not be the most powerful sniper rifle in the game, Adored does appear to be a solid choice for both PvP and PvE, especially with the recent sunsetting of many other weapons. If you are looking for a new sniper rifle to use in Beyond Light and Season of the Hunt content, completing the short grind to obtain this weapon is probably a good idea.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light and the Season of the Hunt are playable now on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.


How to get Eyes of Tomorrow rocket launcher in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

The Eyes Of Tomorrow exotic rocket launcher has arrived in Destiny 2. Here’s how you can get it.



The end of the Deep Stone Crypt raid in Beyond Light has unlocked many new exotic weapons in Destiny 2, including The Eyes Of Tomorrow exotic rocket launcher.

Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion has a plethora of new content available after the Deep Stone Crypt raid took place on November 21. Players who completed the raid unlocked powerful new gear and secrets. Now you can find many new exotic weapons all over Europa.

One new exotic weapon is called The Eyes of Tomorrow. This is a rocket launcher that’s becoming so popular that it’s being compared to Gjallarhorn, the most well known Exotic weapon from the original Destiny. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Eyes Of Tomorrow Exotic Rocket Launcher Perks

Much like The Lament exotic sword, The Eyes of Tomorrow exotic comes with the Solar element. This grants it two main perks:

  • Eyes On All: Lock onto multiple targets and hit them all with a single rocket at each of them. You will still fire six mini-rockets when locked onto a single target.
  • Adaptive Ordnance: If you take out four enemies with one shot then the next shot will get a slight damage boost.

These perks make it clear why the weapon is being compared to Gjallarhorn since the latter was also able to lock on to and fire at multiple targets at once. This makes the Eyes Of Tomorrow ideal for dealing with hoards of enemies simultaneously, as well as for taking out raid bosses. All the missiles fired will target the boss if he’s the only one you were locked on to.

How To Get The Eyes Of Tomorrow

The only way to acquire The Eyes of Tomorrow is to complete the Deep Stone Crypt. You will have to win in your final encounter against the boss Taniks, the Abomination. Beat him and you’ll get this exotic weapon as a bonus drop in the final chest.

You will have one chance per week to get this exotic rocket launcher with one character. Luckily, the boss fight has been nerfed since the contest mode ended so you’ve got a greater chance of success. If you have a fireteam of Level 1240 or more then you will be able to progress through the Deep Stone Crypt without encountering much trouble.

The Eyes Of Tomorrow exotic rocket launcher is a rare drop but one that’s worth chasing because of the immense power it gives you. Be sure to spring for it whenever you get the chance.

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How to get Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s Cloudstrike sniper

Destiny 2’s Cloudstrike sniper rifle certainly packs a punch, and here’s everything you need to know to get your hands on it.



The Deep Stone Crypt has unlocked new content for Beyond Light. This includes new exotic weapons such as The Cloudstrike sniper rifle. Here’s how you can get your hands on this powerful weapon.

The Beyond Light expansion for Destiny 2 is filled to the brim with new content. When you land on Europa, you will find new kinds of enemies, environments, and items, including some exotic gear you can find on Jupiter’s icy moon.

Cloudstrike is a unique and powerful exotic sniper rifle that became available after the completion of the recent Deep Stone Crypt raid. If you’re the type of player who prefers to camp and pick off his foes from long range, then you’ll want to swing for this gun. Here is everything you need to know about the Cloudstrike sniper.

Cloudstrike exotic sniper perks

Many sniper rifles are no longer available in Beyond Light following the completion of the raid. The Cloudstrike is one of the few left and it has 5 unique perks: 

  • Fluted Barrel: Boost to handling speed and stability
  • Alloy Magazine: Weapon reloads faster when the magazine runs out
  • Hand-Laid Stock: Improved stability
  • Stormbringer: Formation of a lightning storm after multiple precision hits
  • Mortal Polarity: Lightning forms from precision hits and final blows

The Cloudstrike does bonus lightning damage to enemies hit by rapid precision hits, especially those with a lot of health. This makes the weapon ideal when battling raid bosses.

How to acquire Cloudstrike in Destiny 2

Here’s how Guardians can acquire the Cloudstrike exotic sniper rifle:

  1. Talk with the Exo Stranger to start the “A Hard Rain Falls” quest
  2. Kill foes, complete public events and patrols in the week’s Eclipsed zone until you reach 1000 points. This week it’s in Eventide Ruins.
  3. Tell the Exo Stranger about your success to complete the quest and he will give you the High Albedo.
  4. Unlock both the Tier 1 and Tier 2 Europan Explorer nodes 1 in Variks the Loyal’s Sabotage menu by completing their assigned objectives
  5. Farm the new Empire Hunts playlist and you will be rewarded with The Cloudstrike sniper rifle

If you want to get the weapon faster then attempt the last step with the Adept difficulty setting. The weapon is extremely valuable because of how much damage you can deal with its precision hits and rolls. Whether you’re facing raid bosses or other players, the Cloudstrike exotic sniper rifle is a must-have.

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How to unlock The Lament exotic sword in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Here is how you unlock the new exotic sword in Destiny 2 Beyond Light.



Following the first completion of the Deep Stone Crypt raid in Beyond Light, Destiny 2 players can now get their hands on The Lament exotic sword. Here’s how you can add it to your inventory.

Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion has officially opened, with Deep Stone Crypt kicking off on November 21. Players took the opportunity to collect powerful new gear, and complete every task in order to find what the raid was hiding within.

With new activities unlocked after the raid completion, the exotic sword known as The Lament can now be obtained by players. Swords have proven to be extremely powerful in combat in recent seasons, so if you’re looking to give yourself an advantage, here is everything you need to know about this exotic weapon.

Completion of the Deep Stone Crypt raid unlocked a variety of new content.

The Lament sword perks

The Lament is a solar sword that has many perks to give it a boost above other melee weapons. The Banshee’s Wail perk makes this a truly formidable weapon, allowing users to create revved attacks that deal even more damage.

There are five total perks on The Lament, which are:

  • Jagged Edge: Damage boost but with less sword ammo
  • Revved Consumption: Heals the user after dealing damage to a foe
  • Enduring Guard: Guard has maximum efficiency and high endurance at the cost of low resistance
  • Tireless Blade: Every other powered kill gives you ammo
  • Banshee’s Wail: Revs up sword blade damage that stacks up after dealing damage with revved attacks. Also boosts shield bypass and adds shield piercing.

How to unlock The Lament sword

After the completion of the Deep Stone Crypt, an 11-step questline called ‘Lost Lament’ becomes available. You will get a notification about it after logging in to Destiny 2: Beyond Light. You don’t need to complete the raid yourself in order to do the quest.

Here is how you can complete the Lost Lament exotic quest:

  1. Visit the tower and talk to Banshee-44 in order to unlock the Lost Lament exotic quest
  2. Find and scan 3 dead Exos on Europa. You can find them:
    • At the center of Cadmus Ridge
    • In the front left corner of the boss area in the Perdition Lost Sector Ridge.
    • By an ice formation on the right-hand side of the Asterion Abyss
  3. Locate the Destiny 2 Giant Exo in the Exo facility
    • Talk with Clovis Bray at the Exo facility on Europa and you will have to prove yourself to him.
  4. Kill 100 Vex with Swords
  5. Kill a total of 20 enemies that are either Minotaurs, Hydras, or Cyclopes.
  6. Go to commander Zavala and Variks and complete the quests you get form them if you haven’t already. You need to have completed the Beyond Light campaign as well as the following quests:
    • “Reclaiming Europa”
    • “Empire’s Fall”
    • “The Dark Priestess”
  7. Complete and Exo Challenge on your map
  8. Defeat 60 Vex with finishers
  9. Complete The Glassway” strike and take down the Harpy to collect blade pieces
  10. Return to the Tower and talk to Banshee-44 about the broken blade
  11. Head to Eventide Ruins and explore the Bunker E15 Lost Sector
  12. Complete the mission “Reforging the Past” to get the Lament exotic sword
  13. Speak with Banshee-44 back at the tower

The Lament exotic sword will become unlocked after these steps, and you can access it from your inventory.

Although these steps seem like they could take a while, some of the tasks required to unlock The Lament are actually available during your playthrough, so you may find you have ticked some off before you even start your quest.

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