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“Rock, Paper, Scissors for the Final Kill”

You might think Gestures and Emotes are pure vanity and serve no real function, however some Blackout players beg to differ. Part of the ongoing Operation: Absolute Zero there are 3 legendary gestures that unlock at tiers 28, 29, and 30. Rock, Paper, and Scissors.

Unlocked at Tiers 28, 29, 30 are the Rock, Paper, and Scissor Gestures

At first, I thought these were a little weird. What am I going to do with a single “Rock” emote in the middle of a Blackout match in Black Ops 4? Well, some fans opened my eyes and showed how useful they can be when all squadmates equip all three Gestures.

In a video tweeted by @Tayyab_402, he can be seen pulling up his Gesture wheel in front of one of his teammates. With only one other player left aside from their 3-man squad, they know they have the game in their hands.

So to spice it up, they play the classic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who gets the glory of the final kill. After Tayyab wins the Rochambeau, he runs forward to get the kill and secure the win.

This tweet was then quote tweeted by Studio Design Director, David Vonderhaar, where he confessed that “These are the only 3 emotes I have equipped, but nobody likes to play with me. You guys are my favourite and this is amazing.”

If the folk you play with are bad at making decisions and can’t fairly decide what actions you’ll take, try this fun trick and let us know how it goes!

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