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Call of Duty: Warzone

Team Emsage wins $15k CharlieIntel Warzone tournament: Final standings & results

Catch up on all the action from the first ever CharlieIntel Warzone tournament, where 40 teams battled for their share of the $15,000 prize pool.



CharlieIntel Warzone tournament graphics

The first-ever CharlieIntel Warzone tournament is in the books, with Team Emsage taking hope first place and the biggest share of the $15,000 prize pool. Check out the full results from the April 21 tournament.

Ever since its release back in 2020, Warzone has played host to some incredible competitions, as pro players battle it out to claim dominance and that elusive victory on Verdansk, Rebirth Island, or Caldera.

With $15,000 in prize money up for grabs, it was Emsage, Abwizz, and OEKIY who took home the lion’s share of the prize pool. Putting on a brilliant performance, they beat out the likes of 100 Thieves pro Tommey and FaZe Swagg to claim victory.

If you missed the action, check out the final placements below.

Warzone players fighting in Caldera

$15k Charlie Intel Warzone tournament final standings

PlacementTeamPointsPrize Money
1stEmsage, Abwizz, OEKIY153$7,500
2ndTommey, Almond, Newbz143$5,000
3rdBbreadman, JoeWo, Fifakill130$2,500
4thNobuSpartan, AyzenLR, BlingCjay114
5thSwagg, SuperEvan, Booya114
6thJukeyz, Hisoka, Aydan108
7thPanda, GoatClamp, NikeIsGod96
8thzSmit, Stukawaki, zColors92

$15k CharlieIntel Warzone tournament stream

The CharlieIntel Warzone tournament took place on Thursday, April 21, 2022. The tournament was streamed on the BoomTV Twitch channel, with fans able to watch their favorite streamer’s POV too.

$15k CharlieIntel Warzone tournament format

CharlieIntel’s Warzone tournament saw 40 of the best Warzone trios drop into Caldera, and fight to be the last squad standing. Competitors took part in six matches overall, with points awarded for kills, and a multiplier added for final placement.

You can view the format and scoring rules below:


  • Six Custom Battle Royale Trio games on Pacific Caldera
  • NA East host
  • Vanguard Weapons & Equipment only


  • Every kill = 1 point
  • Placement Multipliers
    • 1st: 2x Multiplier
    • 2nd: 1.85x Multiplier
    • 3rd: 1.7x Multiplier
    • 4th: 1.6x Multiplier
    • 5th – 10th: 1.5x Multiplier
    • 11th – 20th: 1.3x Multiplier
    • 21st – 30th: 1.1x Multiplier
    • 31st – 35th: 1x Multiplier

CharlieIntel Warzone tournament prize pool breakdown

There was $15,000 on the line for the 40 teams who drop into Caldera on April 21, with the winning team taking home $7,500.

The runners-up earned $5,000, while the third-placed team split $2,500.

charlieintel warzone tournament prizing

CharlieIntel Warzone tournament teams

Team 1Rated, Mayappo, Ottereyes
Team 2Tommey, Almxnd, Newbzz
Team 3QueenEliminator, TRAV3RSE, ShmurdaFPS
Team 4brittneyraines, Braxtvn, Validhands
Team 5fivebyfivex, Xundae, UncivilQueen
Team 6iSmixie, kenzrosey, zJelly
Team 7NobuSpartan, AyzenLr, BlingCjay
Team 8Swagg, SuperEvan, Booya
Team 9bbreadman, AverageJoeWo, Fifakill
Team 10Slacked, Blazt, Apathy
Team 11queenshadows, JujuSaiyan, vKreugerr
Team 12Unrational, HusKerrs, Scummn
Team 13zSmitOfficial, Stukawaki, zColorss
Team 14cPentagon, FuzznD, KayzahR
Team 15ShawnJ, Dr3waa, JezuzJrr
Team 17JaredFPS, TrickyRickTV, DrakotaTV
Team 18QueenBitty, aHTracT12, Finessen
Team 19FlexZ, peLukAA, TojoR
Team 20IMAngelikaa, Jayydar, DenxH
Team 21AngelWalks, 7Heis, CarnageNA
Team 22TheHobo, Gromalokk, iVisionSR
Team 23JessieCooks, WoakZyN, Sitrehp
Team 24Braalik, ForeignJase, exzachtt
Team 25Flxnked, picNICKbasket, Nickool
Team 26WarsZ, PrxdigyEU, skullface49
Team 27Vapulear, XamzahOfficial, HaddzyJR
Team 28TestyFPS, Bartonologist, Envader
Team 29Emsage, abWizz, OEKIY
Team 30Bloo, Fukluvey, BasedGodXenoN

Image Credits: Raven Software

Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone May 26 update patch notes: Stim nerf, Whitley & Type 11 buff, bug fixes

Here are Warzone’s full May 26 patch notes which bring the Stim nerf, bug fixes, and confirm buffs to the Whitley and Type 11.



warzone players fighting in caldera

Warzone Pacific’s Season 3 Reloaded brought one of the most change-changing updates the game has ever seen, but the devs have brought more changes with the May 26 update. Here are the full patch notes.

Warzone Pacific Season 3 Reloaded is here, bringing the new Underground Transit System, reducing the player count, and changing up the weapon meta with buffs and nerfs.

However, it appears that a few issues made their way into the Season 3 Reloaded update, with the new H4 Blixen SMG being given the wrong name. Raven Software have released another patch on May 26 that fixes these issues, nerfs the Stim, and confirms buffs made to the Whitley and Type 11.

Warzone player in Rebirth Island

Although the patch notes said that the H4 Blixen SMG would arrive with the update, it hit Warzone under the name ‘Carl Gustav M/45.’ This was an error, and the new SMG will now be called the H4 Blixen in both Warzone and Vanguard.

Although Warzone’s Stim nerf was confirmed to arrive later in the season, players noticed the effects immediately after the update. This change has now been confirmed, with the Stim no longer healing you while you take damage, and the slide’s speed and duration have also been reduced.

You can check out the full patch notes below.

Warzone May 26 patch notes

Warzone players fighting in season 3 reloaded


Update to the PC kernel-level driver detection systems and server-side security. Learn more about RICOCHET Anti-Cheat here.


» Tactical Equipment «

  • Stim
    • Effect now removed when taking damage from Weapon attacks
    • Slide Speed reduced by 40%
    • Max Slide Time reduced from 1.9 to 1.3 seconds


  • Fixed collision issues with various elements across Caldera allowing Players to exploit/peek/shoot through them.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Fast Travel Tac Map icons to not appear correctly in certain game modes.
  • Fixed the rarity label on various Blueprints, Calling Cards, and Charms.
  • Fixed an issue causing the H4 Blixen (VG) Submachine Gun to appear ingame under the wrong name.
  • Fixed an issue causing the “Enhanced Risk” Weapon Blueprint to not have the correct Gunsmith functionality.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Axial Arms 3x Reticle Challenge to not track correctly.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Swap Attachment options in the Gunsmith menu to not show the correct stat changes.


Weapon Adjustments

The following changes went live with the initial release of Season Three Reloaded on May 25th, 2022.

» Light Machine Guns « 

  • Whitley (VG)
    • Min Damage increased to 32, up from 31
    • Max Damage Range increased to 38.1 meters, up from 33 meters
    • Headshot Damage Multiplier increased to 1.7, up from 1.5
    • Neck Damage Multiplier increased to 1.3, up from 1.24
    • .303 British 45 Round Mags
      • Firerate Scaler to decreased 5%, down from 18%
      • Damage Penalty removed
      • Bullet Velocity increased to -8%, up from -12%
    • .50 BMG 150 Round Boxes
      • ADS Time Scaler increased to 0.93, up from 0.88
      • Bullet Velocity increased to 25%, up from 10%
      • Damage Range increased to 30%, up from 20%
    • CGC R4 Stock
      • ADS Time Scaler increased to 0.97, up from 0.96
      • Horizontal Recoil Control Increased by 3%
  • Type 11 (VG)
    • Max Damage increased to 26, up from 24
    • Sakura 261mm 
      • Velocity Penalty removed
    • Sakura 487mm Shrouded
      • Bullet Velocity increased to 50%, up from 40%
    • Warubachi 352mm
      • Damage Range now increased by 10% 
      • Bullet Velocity now increased by 20% 

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Source: Raven Software

Image Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone players baffled by “most brutal” nerf in the game’s history

Players cannot understand the decision to deliver the most brutal nerf in Warzone history with the Season 3 Reloaded update.



Warzone Amax nerf Season 3 Reloaded

While the Season 3 Reloaded update brought several weapon balancing changes to the game, one nerf in particular has been deemed the “most brutal” in Warzone history.

On May 25, players received the Warzone Pacific Season 3 Reloaded update that introduced an abundance of changes to the battle royale. New features like the Underground Transit System and Squad HUD were added to the game, alongside justifiable nerfs to Stims and the Roze skin.

While most players agreed with the devs’ various nerfs and buffs in an attempt to further balance the game, one weapon nerf isn’t sitting right with players.

Amax Warzone Assault Rifle

The strange decision to nerf the CR-56 AMAX has left players stunned and utterly baffled following the Season 3 Reloaded update. The update’s Assault Rifle changes essentially buffed Vanguard ARs once again while nerfing some Modern Warfare and Cold War weapons.

The AMAX had its max damage decreased from 35 to 31, and its minimum damage decreased from 31 all the way down to 24. These are some pretty major nerfs that have essentially made the weapon “completely useless” as one Reddit user points out.

Since the AMAX had its damage decreased so heavily, players are questioning if it’s the “most brutal, unnecessary nerf in Warzone history?” While having its damage nerfed to such an extent is certainly brutal, the unnecessary nature of the nerf has also left players baffled.

The AMAX wasn’t exactly dominating the meta and it was far from a popular choice with a WZ Ranked pick rate hovering at around 0.68%. Players in the comments can’t seem to understand the odd decision to nerf the AMAX, “Were that many people even using the Amax that it needed a nerf? Haven’t seen one in a while.”

Other players were left wondering why an overpowered weapon like the STG44 with a pick rate of 16.21% was completely ignored in the latest update, “Meanwhile you will absolutely get lasered by an stg at any range.”

Whether you agree that the Season 3 Reloaded nerf to the AMAX is the most brutal in Warzone history or not, the weapon is sure to go from rarely used to never used by players.

As a result of these baffling Season 3 Reloaded weapon changes, Warzone players have also slammed the devs for forcing Vanguard weapons into the game’s meta.

Image Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone’s Stims receive major nerf in Season 3 Reloaded

Warzone players have felt that Stims became too powerful after their buffs, but the devs implemented a new nerf in Season 3 Reloaded.



warzone player and stim in season 3 reloaded

Stims received a major buff going into Warzone Pacific Season 1, but thanks to their ‘super slide’ feature and ability to keep healing players while they take damage, they’ve been nerfed in Season 3 Reloaded.

The Heartbeat Sensor was always the meta pick before Warzone integrated with Vanguard and shifted to Caldera, but the Season 1 update nerfed the Heartbeat Sensor and gave Stims a huge buff. 

Although the Heartbeat Sensor is still more popular, the Stim is a close second. Many have claimed that it’s too powerful, especially in the hands of a skilled player, so the devs have brought a nerf for it in Season 3 Reloaded

stim in warzone pacific

Warzone’s Stims were always powerful tools for escaping the gas, and players had the ability to gain a speed boost that allowed them to ‘Stim super slide’ while their health kept ticking even when taking damage. 

Alongside Season 3 Reloaded’s major changes such as introducing a highly-requested squad HUD overhaul and reducing the player count, Raven Software implemented a nerf that removes this ability.

While it was initially believed that this change would arrive at a later point, Reddit user ‘ToxemicRug74749’ pointed out that the Stim super slide ability has disappeared following the arrival of Season 3 Reloaded.

The Warzone devs previously explained that the “Stim slide modifier was too extreme,” so it needed to be dialed back. They stated that sliding movement should still receive a buff after players use a Stim, but “it still needs to fit within limits.”  

Also, if a player had just used the Stim and took damage, the Stim would keep on refilling their health. Raven felt this was an issue, so they are “adding weapon damage interruption,” where taking damage will cancel the heal.  

Now, this will no longer be a problem, as players won’t be able to use the Stims to immediately escape losing gunfights. It remains to be seen if the developers will implement more changes to the Stim as the season progress.

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Image Credit: Activision

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