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How to watch Summer Game Fest: Stream, schedule, & content

Summer Game Fest 2022 is right around the corner so here’s everything you need to know about the video game event.



Summer Game Fest 2022

Summer Game Fest 2022 will be the third iteration of the popular show that highlights video game publishers and their upcoming projects with juicy reveal trailers. Here’s how to watch Summer Game Fest, which is hosted by Geoff Keighley.

Summer Game Fest has already delivered two years of exciting video game reveals and in-depth discussion. Now, it’s back for a third show that will take place in the Summer of 2022.

Video games fans around the world will want to tune in to the several announcements, reveals, and breaking news in the industry. Given that E3 2022 was canceled earlier this year, the Summer Game Fest is sure to be a can’t-miss moment for video game fans.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Summer Game Fest event including when it will take place, how to watch, and the potential content you might see.

When is Summer Game Fest

Summer Game Fest June 2022

The Summer Game Fest is officially scheduled to begin on Thursday, June 9 at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET / 7 PM UK.

In the past, the event has been known to run for a few weeks with different developers taking the spotlight during planned presentations. At the moment we don’t know if this will be the case, but we’ll keep you posted once we know more.

How to watch Summer Game Fest & schedule

Summer Game Fest Schedule

This year, the Summer Game Fest will be doing things a little differently. Not only will you be able to follow the digital event via Twitter, Twitch, or YouTube Livestream, but the event will also be screened in select theatres.

IMAX have partnered with the Summer Game Fest to bring the event to select IMAX theatres. Tickets will go on sale as of May 12 and you can visit the IMAX website to purchase yours.

As of now, the official schedule indicates three events taking place including an Xbox + Bethesda Showcase and a Tribeca Games Spotlight.

  • Summer Game Fest hosted by Geoff Keighley — June 9 at 11 AM PT/ 2 PM ET/ 7 PM UK
  • Tribeca Games — June 10 at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET / 8 PM UK
  • Xbox + Bethesda — June 12 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM UK

Summer Game Fest reveals & content

While it isn’t confirmed exactly which games will be revealed or discussed, video game fans have reason to be excited as you might remember that last year’s event provided a first look at Elden Ring.

According to a tweet from reporter Jeff Grubb, the Modern Warfare 2 gameplay reveal might take place during Summer Game Fest. The report claims that we’ll get our first look at the CoD 2022 title on the week of June 6.

This lines up with the rumors that Modern Warfare 2 will be revealed in June through a standardized reveal trailer that features footage of the game’s campaign.

When more developer teams are announced and games are hinted at, we’ll continue to update this section as these details are revealed prior to the event in June.

For more on upcoming games, check out our guide to the biggest AAA video games coming in 2022 as well as everything we know about Witcher 3 PS5 and Xbox Series X/S version.

Image Credit: Summer Game Fest / Geoff Keighley


Sniper Elite 5 Co-Op: Modes & how to play with friends

Sniper Elite 5 Co-Op lets players team up and snipe their way through levels together, here’s all of the co-op modes you need to know about.



Sniper Elite 5 co-op

Sniper Elite 5 lets you team up with a friend to score gory X-ray kills on unsuspecting soldiers as a duo. Here’s how to play Sniper Elite 5 Co-Op and the modes available to you.

Karl Fairburne is back in Sniper Elite 5, and the series’ iconic slow-motion executions are in full effect as he looks to take the fight to the Nazis in WW2 France.

Alongside an action-packed single-player campaign mode, developer Rebellion has placed greater emphasis on multiplayer this time around. Not only does the Axis mode allow players to invade other games and wreak havoc, but there are also plenty of options for co-op play.

Here’s everything you need to know about Sniper Elite 5 Co-Op, from how to invite friends and the modes available.

Sniper Elite 5 Co-Op modes

Sniper Elite 5 player in cover

There are two different co-op options in Sniper Elite 5; Co-Op Campaign and Survival. Co-Op Campaign does what it says on the tin, and allows you and a friend to tackle Karl Fairburne’s story together, calling out enemies and coordinating kills like a well-oiled machine.

It’s worth noting that co-op starts a separate save file to any single player progress, and doesn’t pick up where you left off. This means you’ll have to start from scratch if you want to play with a friend, rather than having them hop in to help with one specific section.

The second co-op mode is Survival, where up to four players work together to defend a specific area from waves of enemy troops. Ammo and special items can all be shared around the squad as you try and hold on for as long as possible.

It’s an activity that will be familiar to fans of Gears of Wars’ Horde mode, with players facing increasingly difficult enemies in an attempt to rack up a high score.

How to play Sniper Elite 5 Co-Op

Sniper Elite 5 x-ray kill

Whichever mode you choose to play, Sniper Elite 5 Co-Op can be accessed directly through the main menu.

We’ve broken it down into an easy step-by-step guide below:

  1. Boot up Sniper elite 5 and head to the main menu
  2. Hit the ‘Play’ option at the top of the list
  3. Under Campaign, select ‘Host Co-Op Game,’ or select Survival mode
  4. Adjust your settings for the experience you want
  5. Invite your friend and away you go!

Does Sniper Elite 5 have split-screen?

If you were hoping to play local co-op with a friend, unfortunately, Sniper Elite 5 doesn’t have a split-screen option.

At the time of writing, the only way to experience Sniper Elite 5 with other players is via online multiplayer or by taking it in turns on the same controller. It remains to be seen if Rebellion decides to add the feature later down the line.

For more on Sniper Elite 5, check out whether or not you can play the sequel with Xbox Game Pass.

Image Credits: Rebellion Developments

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Does Sniper Elite 5 have crossplay? Cross-platform status

Sniper Elite 5 offers a variety of multiplayer modes, which leaves players wondering what the cross-platform status is for the game.



sniper elite 5 crossplay

Sniper Elite 5 doesn’t only offer a telling campaign experience, it also offers a variety of multiplayer modes that you can play with friends. Having said that, you may be wondering whether the game has crossplay, so let’s get into it.

Sniper Elite 5 is the latest installment in the sharp-shooting franchise, which continues to provide the tactical, third-person sniping combat players have grown to love from the games.

The series has grown in popularity over the years and has become known for its unparalleled sniping gameplay and legendary X-ray kill cam.

Sniper Elite 5 brings some multiplayer modes into the mix for players to team up with friends, giving rise to the question of cross-platform support.

sniper elite 5 behind cover

The latest installment to the Sniper Elite franchise doesn’t just offer a single-player story experience, it also gives the option of co-op so that you can enjoy the campaign with your friends.

The game also brings a Dark Souls-esque Invasion Mode, a 16-player competitive battle called Axis, and the co-op Survival mode.

With all these great options for multiplayer, some players may be wondering if the game is cross-platform, either from PC to consoles, Xbox to PlayStation, or even last-gen to next-gen.

Is Sniper 5 Elite cross-platform?

sniper elite 5

Sniper 5 Elite does support cross-platform play, allowing those on all platforms to group up and play together or against each other.

Crossplay works between all platforms, meaning players on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation can all party up together. This also works for those on next-gen and last-gen, meaning players on PS4/Xbox One can party up with PS5/Xbox Series S & X.

There is also an option to disable cross-play if you’d prefer to stick with players on your own platform.

For more guides, check out our piece on if Sniper Elite 5 is available on the Xbox Game Pass.

Image Credits: Rebellion Developments

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Is Sniper Elite 5 on Xbox Game Pass?

Rebellion Developments’ tactical shooter Sniper Elite 5 is now available to play, but is the game on Xbox Game Pass?



Sniper Elite 5 Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s subscription service that offers a massive library of games to play, and you may be wondering if Sniper Elite 5 is available after its May 26 release.

Sniper Elite 5 is the follow-up to 2017’s critically acclaimed Sniper Elite 4 and players are eager to see the result of Rebellion Developments’ hard work. The third-person shooter boasts an excellent campaign that can be played cooperatively with another player, alongside other exciting modes that keep the game feeling fresh.

Sniper Release 5 is available to play as of May 26, but players are wondering if the new game can be found on Xbox Game Pass.

Is Sniper Elite 5 on Xbox Game Pass?

Sniper Elite 5 key art

Sniper Elite 5 is available on Xbox Game Pass. Those with the Microsoft subscription service can enjoy the brand-new title for free thanks to the library of games offered to subscribers.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PC can take control of Karl Fairburne as he attempts to thwart evil WW2 plots. Early indications suggest that this iteration of the franchise is a game you won’t want to miss and with Xbox Game Pass, it is as accessible as ever.

How to play Sniper Elite 5 with Xbox Game Pass

You can give Sniper Elite 5 a try by downloading it from the Xbox Game Pass library. Not only is Sniper Elite 5 available on Xbox Game Pass, but it is available for download as of day one of release on May 26.

If you’ve never played a Sniper Elite game, Xbox Game Pass offers the perfect opportunity to test out the franchise for free. Simply download the game and find out if it’s to your liking.

For more Xbox news, check out if Call of Duty games will be added to Xbox Game Pass?

Image Credits: Rebellion Developments / Microsoft

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