UPDATE: We’ve been able to confirm that the ‘Orientation’ image is fake. After this was posted another image appeared for an apparent “Induction” DLC for Black Ops 2. This is also fake as the soldiers in the image are from MW3 and Ghost Recon.



According to a new image floating, around the web, it appears that Black Ops 2’s second DLC pack has been leaked. Uh huh, the so-called leaked image states that the DLC is called ‘Orientation’ and contains 4 new maps, a new zombies map, and a new gun of some sort.

This leak seems fake to us because of the map names. “Water”, “Southpaw”, “Mobile”, and “Plane.” We’d expect more creative names.

We’ll keep you posted on anymore info that arises on this leak…


SOURCE: Gamer.Ru via @ryanwil22