According to images leaked via early streams, which show off Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s private match settings, the game features the ability to disable double jumps and wall running in private match mode in the game.

This feature, thus far, is exclusive to Private Matches. No mention of a possible ‘boots on the ground’ online playlist has been announced. Advanced Warfare, the 2014 Call of Duty title, had a Traditional Playlist, but was not that populated since majority of maps in that title required the exo-jumps.

Many users across forums are noting the importance of this feature in private matches: the possibility of disabling for esports. Although this is highly unlikely, considering Activision has been forcing esports players to try and play as similar to public (as evident by Black Ops 3’s “base” bans). Nevertheless, this feature does exist, and what the future may hold is not clear.

SOURCE: Reddit

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