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(Opinion) Infinite Warfare could be the last of future-based Call of Duty’s for some time



Since the release of Black Ops 2 in 2012, the Call of Duty franchise has been sending us into future settings, whether it be ground-based robot warfare or space gunship battles.

Many fans within the Call of Duty franchise want to see a return to modern day or pre-modern day warfare much like the Modern Warfare series, Black Ops 1 and other games. With 2016 being the fourth year in the row of future-based Call of Duty titles, many feel Activision just aren’t listening. It’s however much more complicated, and in reality, Activision are listening – they simply cannot react as quickly as we’d like.

In this video, we discuss the inner workings behind Call of Duty development, and why it’s a much slower process to respond to fans requests. Watch below:



Every Halo Infinite map ranked from worst to best

Halo Infinite offers ten maps across 4v4 and Big Team Battle, so here’s multiplayer map ranked from worst to best.



Halo Infinite maps ranked

Halo Infinite offers ten maps across its Quick Play and Big Team Battle modes, so we’ve ranked all of them from worst to best.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer launched almost a month early and has been praised by both new and returning players. The Battle Pass progression has been a sore point, but players have been more than impressed with the core gameplay.

One of the best aspects of the game is its map design, so we’ve looked at every map in the game and ranked them from worst to best.

All Halo Infinite maps: Ranked list

Halo Infinite Spartans firing weapons

Halo Infinite offers an extremely strong line-up of maps, all offering a unique and engaging experience. However, some maps stand out against the rest, so we’ve ranked all ten from worst to best.

Here’s every Halo Infinite map, ranked:

  1. Launch Site
  2. Deadlock
  3. High Power
  4. Fragmentation
  5. Aquarius
  6. Behemoth
  7. Bazaar
  8. Live Fire
  9. Streets
  10. Recharge

10. Launch Site

Halo Infinite launch site map

Launch Site feels far too large and mundane for Halo Infinite’s classic 4v4 multiplayer, making it the worst map in Halo Infinite.

This map covers the length of a long corridor in a missile silo, with plenty of nooks and crannies around the edges to navigate through. One team usually sits back in their base, spelling certain death for anyone who tries to travel through the main corridor.

It feels like it was designed only with the ‘One Flag CTF’ mode in mind, and every other mode feels lacking.

9. Deadlock

Halo Infinite Deadlock map

Deadlock is at its most fun if you manage to pick up some other weapons. The MA40 Assault Rifle you spawn with simply can’t handle Deadlock’s long-range fights, so you’ll need to find yourself a Battle Rifle or Commando as soon as you spawn.

The center of the map is usually full of action, but you’ll often find yourself having to run to close the gap before you can get into an effective range. And more often than not, you’ll be sniped or run over on your way.

But it still offers the fun chaos that popularized the Big Team Battle mode, and is by no means a bad map.

8. High Power

Halo Infinite High power map

High Power counters everything that has Deadlock lacking, allowing players to safely get to the middle off the map to fight at their preferred range.

Although a large Big Team Battle map, it doesn’t feel it, as it doesn’t long to get into the action. And once you’re there, the center of the map offers plenty of cover so you’re not getting picked off by Sniper Rifles and Skewers all of the time.

7. Fragmentation – Best Big Team Battle map

Halo Infinite fragmentation map

Fragmentation is the quintessential Big Team Battle map, offering all sorts of playstyles. You can hop in a vehicle to get right in the mix, sit back and snipe, or take close-quarters fights in the middle.

The edges of the map offer perfect opportunities for medium-range fights and flanking routes, but the central room is always chock-full of players if you’re looking for relentless action and chaos. This makes it the best Big Team Battle map in Halo Infinite.

6. Aquarius

Halo Infinite Aquarius map

Aquarius offers the classic three-lane gameplay that is so popular in the FPS genre.

Its symmetrical design makes it an excellent Capture the Flag map because no side has an advantage. Whichever team can control the bridge usually has a huge advantage, as they can see directly into the enemy’s spawn and control the Power Upgrade spawn.

The only thing that makes it slightly frustrating is that the two spawns can see each other, so you’ll often find yourself being battered by Battle Rifle shots as soon as you spawn.

5. Behemoth

Halo Infinite Behemoth map

The largest of the 4v4 maps in Halo Infinite, Behemoth offers players a wide range of playstyles.

The initial battle after everyone takes the boosters to the side of the map gets the action in quick. And if playing in Quickplay, there’s plenty of fun to be had for vehicle players.

What slightly holds Behemoth back is its size, where if your teammates are uncoordinated, it can often feel like the game is unwinnable. But if you can coordinate pushes with your team, Behemoth leads to some excellent Halo gameplay.

4. Bazaar

Halo Infinite Bazaar map

Bazaar is one of the smaller maps, where fights are usually decided at extremely close range.

However, there’s room for some medium-range fights across the middle courtyard, where players can find some great equipment such as the SPNKR and Overshield.

There doesn’t seem to be any real power position for a team to hold, and some may not like its close-range nature, but we think Bazaar is one of the best maps in Halo Infinite.

3. Live Fire

Halo Infinite live fire map

If you thought Bazaar had close-knit action, Live Fire takes that to another weapon.

Set in the firing range from the tutorial level, Live Fire has Spartans engage in fights immediately. Almost every fight is decided at extremely close range, and you won’t have a second to breathe.

But, the map flows extremely well in Strongholds and Oddball, where teams can control either the B Flag or sniper tower above the C Flag to control the map.

2. Streets

Halo Infinite streets map

Streets has an extremely unique design, where players battle it out under the neon glow of a futuristic city.

There are plenty of powerful weapons dotted around the map, and plenty of power positions to hold. Both the A and C flags have powerful head glitches that look down onto the main street, which makes fighting for each of the spawn flags a tough battle. And if you’re looking for close-range chaos, head to the B flag where there’s almost no cover to take refuge behind.

Streets’ unique design and map flow makes it absolutely one of the best maps in Halo Infinite and could become a series mainstay.

1. Recharge – Best map in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Recharge map

Recharge captures everything that makes Halo Infinite’s multiplayer great. A futuristic aesthetic, strong team play, and a simplistic design that can be mastered.

Recharge has plenty of unique areas that offer different playstyles. You can take long-range fights onto the B Flag, or get up-close and personal in the rooms and corridors that go round the edges.

Although a brand-new map, it already feels like you’re playing a classic, and Recharge will likely be here to stay.

And that’s every map in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer ranked from worst to best! You can also check out our ranking of every weapon in the game.

Image Credit: 343 Industries

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Every FIFA 22 Ultimate Team promotion ranked

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team has had plenty of promotions since it launched, so we decided to rank every single one.



Every FIFA 22 promo ranked

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team has seen plenty of promotions come and go, injecting dozens of high-rated players into the mix. But which of this year’s promos has been the best? Check out our rankings right here.

As much as FIFA 22 players thrive on the competition of FUT Champs and Division Rivals, it’s really the promotions that keep them coming back week upon week.

A solid batch of new special cards can instantly change a player’s squad, and shake up the entire meta in the process.

But which of FIFA 22’s promos has made the biggest splash, and which have come and gone with little fanfare? We’ve ranked every single one, below.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team promotions ranked

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team promotions

Not all promotions are made equal. Some give us cards that are must-haves to be competitive in the higher ranks, and some are relegated to simply being SBC fodder.

These are the best and worst promotions, and special cards, that have hit FIFA 22 this year.

  1. Rulebreakers
  2. FUT Heroes
  3. Road to the Knockouts
  4. Ones to Watch
  5. Adidas Numbers Up

We’ll be adding every fresh promo as and when they are out, so be sure to check back here for our new rankings.

Best FIFA 22 Ultimate Team promotions

5. Adidas Numbers Up

FIFA 22 Numbers Up cards

One of the new promos in FIFA 22, EA’s collaboration with sporting giant Adidas turned out to be slightly disappointing. Not to say there weren’t any cards worth investing in – the Diogo Jota and Eder Militao will certainly keep popping up throughout the year.

The problem here is that many cards, despite the staggered upgrades, feel behind the power curve. This is mainly because stats that get boosted to 99 are dedicated by the boots they wear, meaning they aren’t always the ones that would make them useable.

Take Dortmund’s Mats Hummels, for example. While the prospect of 99 passing is nice, keeping his pace at 60 pretty much makes using him in-game impossible.

4. Ones to Watch

Ones to Watch Team 2 FIFA 22

Ones to Watch is one of FIFA’s oldest promos, kicking off the season in style. In FIFA 22, OTW looked promising after an unbelievable summer transfer window that saw some of the world’s biggest names switch clubs.

The issue, and the reason it ranks so low, is that most of the best cards are yet to receive an upgrade. The likes of David Alaba and Memphis Depay have had healthy upgrades thanks to their in-forms, but the Lukakus and Sanchos have been rooted to their normal ratings.

This could all change, though. All it takes is a few tasty TOTW cards and this could still be one of the best Ones to Watch promos in recent memory.

3. Road to the Knockouts

Road to the Knockouts Team 1

This was the first promo to really provide FUT fans with players that were worth changing their team for. Some of the cards across Teams 1 and 2, even before any upgrades, have been terrorizing FUT Champs players for weeks.

The likes of RTTK Heung Min Son and Marquinhos are meta cards that will no doubt be useable until Team of the Season. And they’re only going to get better as the upgrades for qualifying start to rollout.

Then there are cards like Mukiele and Tonali, which plug position gaps in certain leagues and them more appealing to build a team in. And, of course, there was also THAT Fekir SBC which gave us an all-time great FIFA player used in thousands of teams.

2. FUT Heroes

FUT Heroes in FIFA 22

FUT Heroes is an idea that fans have been calling for many years, and even though EA are clearly just testing the waters right now, it’s been a rousing success. These cult heroes have been a nice bridge between normal cards and the elusive ICONS.

David Ginola and Abedi Pele have established themselves as meta players that aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Even some of the cheaper options like Fernando Morientes and Robbie Keane are enough to give players clammy hands when defending.

The only real downsides are how few of them are, and the multiple Hero Upgrades that have lowered their market values. Hopefully, EA double down next year and give us more of these cards.

1. Rulebreakers

FIFA 22 Rulebreakers Team 2

In many ways, this year’s Rulebreakers was everything you could ask for in a FIFA promotion. It conjured up some brilliant cards that will be used all year and made top players who don’t normally fit the meta a viable option.

Fan favorites like Trent Alexander-Arnold and Erling Haaland, usually suffer because of their poor pace. Now, they have been made into some of the best cards in their respective positions.

It also threw creative SBCs where you choose between two versions of the same Rulebreaker into the mix. This gave players the chance to fine-tune their team in a way that no other promo allowed.

Die-hard fans will be hoping for more promotions like this as the season moves forward.

Those were our rankings of every FIFA 22 promotion. Do you agree with our choices? Be sure to let us know on our social.

For more on FIFA 22, check out our guide on how to claim free Twitch Prime Gaming packs.

Image credits: EA

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Call of Duty: Vanguard

Call of Duty Vanguard Campaign Review: An unspectacular but solid ride

Call of Duty: Vanguard gives players another campaign to fight through, but is it really worth your time to do so?



vanguard main characters stood together

Campaigns are a big part of the overall Call of Duty package, and for many players, they are still must-play journeys. Vanguard’s does absolutely nothing to reinvent the wheel but relies on a safe formula to give players a good story that is over before it really gets going.

Sledgehammer Games have made sure not to repeat the mistakes made by Black Ops IIII, and have included a campaign. And it works out, for the most part.

By this point, everyone knows what they’re going to get with a CoD campaign: a reasonably short tale that gets you warmed up for Multiplayer and Zombies.

Vanguard’s story goes in a slightly unfamiliar direction for World War II, and we’ll explain it all in our Call of Duty: Vanguard Review.

Tried and tested tropes

real-life actors of vanguard characters

Ever since Call of Duty 4’s masterful solo ride changed campaigns, every CoD game since has shared many of the same characteristics: a stealth mission, a vehicle mission, a ‘survive’ mission, and an epic finale that sees you fighting through waves upon waves of enemies.

Call of Duty: Vanguard ticks off every one of these, and that’s not a bad thing. Anyone who’s played a CoD campaign in recent years knows to expect a four to six-hour experience of thrills and spills.

Again, there is nothing in this campaign that makes Vanguard stand out and be memorable, but you’ll enjoy the ride whilst you’re on it.

Welcome to Team Vanguard

all vanguard characters posing with weapons

The first two missions set up the rest of the campaign nicely as Hermann Freisinger is revealed as our fictional antagonist, with Jannick Richter backing him up as his secondary villain.

We then go on an exploratory adventure through each of the four main character’s backstories as we find out who they are, their motives, and tell the player why they were chosen to be part of ‘Vanguard,’ a special task force team.

Lucas Riggs, a loud-mouth Aussie, Wade Jackson, a stereotypically confident, boisterous American, Polina Petrova, a silent but deadly Russian Sniper, and Arthur Kingsley, a well-spoken Englishman with strong leadership skills, represent this internationally diverse squad.

arthur kingsley holding mp-40 looking at burning windmill

The game’s plot centers around “Operation Phoenix,” a mysterious plan that would ultimately lead to Germany taking over the world if they were successful. We never really find out too much about it as there’s little exposition to push the narrative on, and it never feels like a main point of the story, leaving the ending feeling a bit empty.

On the plus side, the game’s missions are fun, albeit quite cookie-cutter and by the numbers, but you begin to realize that Vanguard’s story might have been better just concentrating on one or two of the protagonists – or just Polina Petrova.

Anyone for a Polina party?

Her tale is comfortably the most compelling and the two main missions you get with her far exceed anything else you get in this campaign in terms of plot, emotional investment, and gameplay variety. A few hours with ‘Lady Nightgale’ might have negated the Vanguard name, but it would’ve resonated a lot deeper and lived long in the memory.

poilna petrova holding sniper in vanguard

The opening moments of her first mission are about as powerful as any in the campaign, and her style of gameplay is so different that we can’t recall ever seeing anything like it before. Scurrying around rooms between holes in the wall and conveniently placed furniture is as close to a Ninja as you could wish to be.

But again, by only having two missions, and giving pretty much the same time to each character, it means that as soon as you’re caught up with everyone and you’re just starting to forge a bond with this Vanguard, it’s over after just nine missions.

There’s always the hope that a Call of Duty campaign will one day go all-in and make a 20-25 mission campaign with tons of character development and exposition.

Gorgeous and grandiose gameplay

Call of Duty’s shooting mechanics have always made its games a delight, and Vanguard feels great to play – helped by a large number of weapons and attachments made available throughout the campaign.

elite enemy in cod vanguard holding lmg

As we’ve already mentioned, in the space of nine missions Sledgehammer Games does its best to keep the game moving with a series of easily digestible chapters, all tailored towards each character’s special ability and personality.

Kingsley really encourages teamwork as you overcome huge odds in massive shootouts, Riggs is more an explosive solo project that complements his explosive specialties, Polina employs sniping and stealth over everything else, and Wade… is just kind of there with his focus ability.

Whereas Black Ops Cold War introduced puzzles and had some very open missions for you to explore and do what you want, Vanguard regresses slightly, doesn’t really do anything to innovate, and keeps it linear.

allied squad members in cod vanguard

Again though, this isn’t a bad thing, and we get plenty of nice moments in the campaign such as Arthur leading his team over the top after surviving on his own, Polina’s epic sniping duels and literally cleaning house, and Lucas blowing up factories and planes.

But Wade’s horrific flying mission and boring jungle survival are a big sour point for the campaign.

Thankfully, all of this is boosted by Vanguard’s jaw-dropping visuals which feel like the first, truly ‘next-gen’ CoD title and are a promising sign of things to come. Ray Tracing and proper visuals bring fire, ash, and weather effects to life, making for more realistic and alive environments.

lucas riggs firing lmg in cod vanguard

Call of Duty: Vanguard’s campaign is one that can easily be filed away under “fun, but won’t play again in a hurry.” It lacks some of the ingenuity and creativity that made last year’s Cold War campaign appealing and has missed a big opportunity with Polina Petrova.

Nevertheless, for what it is, a starter before the game’s other main courses, it’s definitely worth going through at least once. A few more missions could’ve really opened things up a bit more and made people care about Operation Phoenix and its potential consequences on the world, but we’re not complaining too much.

This is a great romp through an alternate-history Germany that has just-enough substance and character exploration to leave you feeling good after it’s over.

Final Verdict: 7/10

For more Call of Duty: Vanguard content, why not check out our review of Vanguard’s Zombies and Vanguard’s Multiplayer.

Image Credit: Activision / Sledgehammer Games

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