In Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare multiplayer, Infinity Ward is introducing a new Weapon Crafting feature.

This feature brings back the Weapon Variants, with different loot combinations and more. In order to get the variants, players must earn Salvage.

Salvage is the new in-game currency in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for Crafting. The only way to earn Salvage, that has been announced so far, is through playing the game.

There are four different types of variants for each of the guns: Common, Rare, Legendary, and Epic. Every single weapon, including the secondary weapons, has these different variant options. The variants feature new abilities for that weapon, new camo look, and new perks to use for that specific weapon. For example, a Sniper Rifle can be upgraded to have Epic variant with perks that assist with long range shots.

The way to make these prototype weapons is by using Salvage. “The cost of Salvage differs based on rarity,” Infinity Ward’s Multiplayer Project Director Jordan Hirsh said. Players have to use Salvage in order to get these variants of the weapon. It is not clear yet how much Salvage each variant costs, and how the entire process will work.

Infinity Ward also confirmed that the classic weapon class, which features fan favorite weapons from older Call of Duty games, do not have variants and cannot be crafted.

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