It appears someone got their hands on Infinite Warfare early and have shared the full list of map and portions of their descriptions in Infinite Warfare Multiplayer.

  • Breakout
  • Crusher – Support the Mars war effort! A medium-sized SDF munitions facility provides variety of play-styles.
  • Scorch – Scolding hot mining facility on the surface of an asteroid.
  • Retaliation – A classic-style map set in reimagined Geneva during the thick of the SDF attack.
  • Frontier
  • Grounded – A damaged SDF destroyer, crashed on the edge. Tactical, close range combat.
  • Precinct
  • Genesis 
  • Frost
  • Throwback
  • Terminal
  • Skydock – Floating SDF shipyard
  • Mayday

SOURCE: Images via Rory Smith

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