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Blizzard has revealed in a new interview that both Treyarch and Infinity Ward assisted them in developing the aim down sight mechanics for some of the Overwatch heroes.

Overwatch was one of the first first-person shooter games that Blizzard ever made, and it released on PC alongside consoles at the same time.

Overwatch’s newest hero, announced at BlizzCon, features a new weapon that has aim down sights — something that is not common in Overwatch. Overwatch’s Designer stated that they reached out to Treyarch and Infinity Ward on locking down the aim down sight mechanics for the new heroes in Overwatch.

“We went to Treyarch and Infinity Ward and they helped us out because they’re so good at aim down sights, their guns sound so amazing. We talked to them for a while, we were just looking for inspiration for aiming down sights to feel perfect and the sounds of the guns to feel better, Wrecking Ball was a good example in that you can feel it in his guns a lot more strongly, and Ashe as well,” said Geoff Goodman, Lead Hero Designer at Blizzard.

Previously, Blizzard revealed that Treyarch assisted them in developing the aim assist mechanics for consoles in Overwatch, as Overwatch was one of the first Blizzard games to launch on consoles alongside the PC version.

Both Treyarch and Infinity Ward are wholly owned studios of Activision Publishing, which is a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard Inc.


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