Lots of fans have been asking for clarification regarding Call of Duty: Ghosts MP servers, and today Infinity Ward has provided one. The servers for Ghosts are a mix of the Listen Servers and Dedicated Servers; you get put into one that provides the best online experience.

Just a reminder that we are using a hybrid system for Ghosts online play to deliver the best possible connection. So sometimes you might be on listen-servers and sometimes you might be on dedicated servers, depending on which offers the better connection. We’re making tweaks every day to improve the experience across all platforms, more updates to come. And yes, with today’s launch of Xbox One, there will be dedicated server support.

This news was announced back in October by Mark Rubin. He said in his post that Call of Duty: Ghosts will use a hybrid system of Listen Servers and Dedicated Servers to provide the best connection possible. There will be some instances where you will be on listen servers – the servers from previous Call of Duty games – or dedicated servers. It depends on connection, and varies by each game.

SOURCE: Infinity Ward

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