Similar to the January Update post, Infinity Ward has posted another Community Update post detailing upcoming updates they are currently working on for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Since the last Community Update post, Infinity Ward released both the Leaderboards and Combat Records.

This post talks about Custom Emblems, including that they will be going live by Mid-March. Infinity Ward says they had to delay the launch of this feature by a few weeks because it requires additional QA testing before going live. They will be providing more details about the feature as it gets closer to going live.

Other upcoming Infinite Warfare updates:

  • 360 Degree Combat Rig view coming by end of this month, allowing to fully see the new customization on your Rig.
  • New content being added to Quartermaster on Regular Basis. Infinity Ward says to checkout the Quartermaster often for what’s new.
  • New Mission Team coming soon to Infinite Warfare. Previously rumors have suggested the new Mission Team is called Blood Anvil, but that is not confirmed yet.
  • New Prestige Levels coming to the game.
  • New “feature” coming soon for scorestreaks. Not specific on what the feature is.
  • Infinity Ward will be having polls to allow community to vote each week’s featured playlist.

SOURCE: Infinity Ward

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