Infinity Ward’s Multiplayer Design Joe Cecot spoke with DigitalSpy at the Call of Duty Championship. There, they discussed how the new 3 year dev cycle is changing the studio.

It will give us some more time, let us spread our wings a bit and give us time to try some new things,” explained Cecot. “I think you can see, because of that extra time, it’s starting to show in our current DLC, like the stuff with Mike Myers and our upcoming DLC. We’ve had some more time to do something different.”

Cecot went on to say that the 3 year cycle also makes the team need to predict more of how the FPS genre will be different in next several years.

“It will give us some more time, but it’s an interesting challenge too, because we have to plan farther ahead, so we have to predict where first-person shooters are going to be and where Call of Duty is going to be in those three years.

“But for us as developers, there are games that you work with for five or seven years, so it’s still a tight schedule.”

SOURCE: DigitalSpy