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Call of Duty: Warzone

Infinity Ward has ‘tons’ of plans for additional content for Call of Duty: Warzone



Activision says the development teams at Infinity Ward and Raven Software have ‘tons’ of plans for post launch content for the new free to play Call of Duty: Warzone game.

Call of Duty: Warzone launched on March 10 for FREE for everyone on PS4, Xbox One, and PC with two modes, Battle Royale and Plunder.

Per a new press release, Activision says that they have extensive post launch plans for Call of Duty: Warzone including live events for the game.

“Warzone is more than a new era for Call of Duty, it’s a game-changer for players and fans. We’re delivering two incredible modes of play within this massive world that take the experience to a new level,” said Byron Beede, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Call of Duty, Activision. “The teams at Infinity Ward and Raven Software have created an amazing, free-to-play experience that’s accessible to all to jump in right away and have a blast. There’s a ton of content plans and live events to come that will continue to keep fans guessing and ready to experience new thrills.”

Call of Duty: Warzone is currently lined up with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in terms of Battle Pass Seasons and Item Shop content. It’s not clear if plans for additional Warzone content will be tied to releases for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare as well.

Stay tuned.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone devs respond to incorrect Cold War weapon attachment descriptions

Developers have confirmed a fix for Black Ops Cold War weapon attachment descriptions being incorrect in Warzone.



Confused Warzone player using XM4

Several attachments for Black Ops Cold War weapons ported to Warzone don’t match their in-game descriptions. Warzone devs have confirmed that a fix is in the works.

Call of Duty content creators such as JGOD have done extensive testing on all of Warzone’s weapons. They discovered that the MAC-10’s Gallantry blueprint performed vastly better than its regular counterpart and that Black Ops Cold War sniper scopes have no glint.

The broken MAC-10 has now been patched, but there have been serious inconsistencies with the BOCW attachment descriptions. Some have no effect on the weapon, and others do the opposite of what they’re supposed to.

Raven Software has confirmed that they are working on a fix for incorrect attachment descriptions, as well as certain attachments not unlocking.

gallantry mac-10 in Warzone season 1

Warzone devs to fix incorrect attachment descriptions

On Activision’s official Trello Board, a card reading CW weapon attachments: Certain attachments are not unlocking or working as intended’ was added with the tag ‘under investigation’ on January 21.

The card was added by Alexis Barth, the Communications and Community Manager at Raven Software, confirming they will be handling the patch.

With Warzone featuring a detailed Gunsmith system, you can choose up to five unique attachments that vastly change your weapon’s performance. Each attachment has a different description and stats to match. Meaning you can build your weapon any way you want.

However, many of the attachments for the Black Ops Cold War weapons in Warzone do the opposite of what they’re meant to, with some even having no effect.

For example, the Stoner 63 can be vastly improved by a barrel that supposedly gives extra ‘vehicle damage’ but actually increases bullet velocity. The Striker Grip for the SMGs also grants recoil control when it’s meant to increase melee damage speed.

Most players wouldn’t even think about attachments not performing as they’re meant to, so they could be wasting their valuable slots.

Raven also addressed they are working for a fix on weapon attachments not unlocking.

It may take Warzone devs a while to fix this issue as they have to test every Cold War weapon, so keep an eye on Charlie Intel for the best weapon loadouts, such as our guide for the best AK-74u.

Image Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty: Warzone

How to fix Warzone’s ‘connecting to online services’ bug

If you’re stuck on the ‘connecting to online services’ screen when launching Warzone, follow this simple guide to fix the issue.



A frustrating bug that has Warzone players stuck on the ‘connecting to online services’ screen will prevent players from playing the game altogether. Not to worry though, follow this simple guide to fix the issue and drop back into Verdansk.

Warzone Season 1 hasn’t been free of problems; we’ve had overpowered guns, invisibility exploits, and the return of the stim glitch. These have now been fixed, but bugs and glitches still plague Call of Duty’s battle royale.

When booting up Warzone, you will be met with a ‘connecting to online services’ screen. This should only last for a couple of seconds as the game connects, but some players get stuck on this screen indefinitely.

If you’re stuck on ‘connecting to online services,’ first, you should try restarting your system and router, but if that doesn’t work, you need to change your system’s DNS settings.

It might sound daunting but follow these simple steps for your console or PC and you’ll get back to playing Warzone in no time.

How to connect to online services on PlayStation

PlayStation logo

If you’re stuck on the ‘connecting to online services’ screen on PlayStation consoles, you can change your DNS settings to get back to playing Warzone.

There are quite a few steps you must complete, so we’ve compiled all the steps into an easy-to-follow list.

  1. Open Settings from the PlayStation home screen
  2. Select ‘Network’ and then ‘View Connection Status’
  3. Make a note of your IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway
  4. Go back to ‘Network’ and begin setting up a new internet connection
  5. Select either Wi-Fi or LAN, then choose ‘Custom Setup’
  6. Go to ‘IP Address Settings’, select ‘Manual’, and enter the information you noted in step 3
  7. Set the Primary DNS Server to
  8. Set the Secondary DNS Server to
  9. Proceed with ‘Next’ and set the MTU settings as Automatic
  10. Launch Warzone and finally connect to online services

These DNS settings are Google’s own, and are perfect for gaming.

How to connect to online services on Xbox

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

To bypass the ‘connecting to online services’ bug on Xbox, you must also change your console’s DNS settings.

To get back to playing Warzone on Xbox consoles:

  1. Open ‘System’ then select ‘Settings’
  2. Go to ‘Network’ and ‘Network Settings’
  3. In ‘Advanced Settings’ select ‘Advanced Settings’
  4. Select ‘DNS Settings’ and then ‘Manual’
  5. Set the Primary DNS Server to
  6. Set the Secondary DNS Server to
  7. Test your internet connection, then get back to playing Warzone again!

How to connect to online services on PC


A PC doesn’t have the same Network Settings tabs as consoles, but fixing the ‘connecting to online services’ bug is quite simple.

Follow these simple steps to play Warzone on PC:

  1. Search for ‘View Network Connections’ in the search bar
  2. Open the connection you’re using and hit ‘Properties’
  3. Double-click on ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)’
  4. Check ‘Use the following DNS server addresses’
  5. Type into the ‘Preferred DNS server’ box
  6. Click ‘OK’
  7. Launch Warzone through and instantly connect to the online services

After following these steps you’ll be able to play Warzone again. Also, if you’re getting the ‘Warzone Dev Error 6034,’ you can follow our guide on how to fix that too.

Image Credits: PlayStation / Xbox / Blizzard / Activision

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Twitch Rivals $250k Warzone tournament results

Top Warzone Twitch streamers battled it out for $250k in the Twitch Rivals Doritos Bowl Tournament, with team UnRationaL taking the win.



On January 21, top Call of Duty Warzone Twitch streamers competed for the lion’s share of $250,000 in the Twitch Rivals Doritos Bowl Tournament, with team UnRationaL taking home the win.

Teams of Twitch’s best Warzone streamers competed in the Twitch Rivals $250,000 Doritos Bowl Tournament on January 21. In teams of three, with huge names in the CoD Warzone scene such as Aydan, HusKerrs, and TeePee, streamers fought against each other to determine who was the best.

49 teams of competitors played in the same lobby over five matches, with eliminations and placement counting towards scores.

Games were much slower and more calculated than the typical ‘kill race’ tournaments as every player was of around equal skill. That didn’t mean players couldn’t pop-off though, as team UnRationaL won with a huge lead.

Warzone players dropping into Verdansk

Here are the final scores for the top 10 teams of the $250k Twitch Rivals Warzone Doritos Bowl Tournament.

Twitch Rivals $250K Warzone Doritos Bowl final placements

it’s_iron’s team led the way for most of the event, but team UnRationaL closed the gap going into Game Five. In this final round, UnRationaL’s team clutched up to take the win, beating out second place by a whopping 33 points.

You can check out the final placements for the top 10 teams below.

1st UnRationaL, StayFinessen, Nickool127
2ndaamerica, Med1cinee_, Royalize_94
3rdits_iron, OPMarked, yeet89
4thAydan, Blazt, Rated83
5thzColorss, Frozone, aHTracTXII78
6thPRAY3RS, NobuSpartan, bbreadman75
7thBobbyPoffGaming, chun, Pieman75
8thmrdaft, GalvanizeCOD, Enable71
9thzSmittyTV, KriiNkz, mvriiooo70
10thHusKerrs, JoeWo, Symfuhny70

The event didn’t go down smoothly, however. After streamer METZY_B was accused by several competitors of cheating during the tournament, Twitch reviewed the footage and disqualified his team, taking away their share of the prize money.

There is no confirmation that METZY_B did cheat, and 100 Thieves’ Tommey, who looked through Metzy’s PC live on stream, has since apologized for making the accusation.

With Activision Blizzard confirming they are looking at expanding the Call of Duty League by adding Warzone, we can expect to see more battle royale tournaments in this format throughout 2021 and beyond.

Image Credits: Activision / Twitch Rivals

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