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A Reddit thread on r/ModernWarfare that was upvoted to the top asked Infinity Ward if they will share any information to fans regarding the microtransaction system in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ahead of launch, as previous Call of Duty games have waited till after launch before showcasing the MTX systems in the game.

The post, by user u/FeelThisMoment, says, “Have there been any extensive interviews with the developers asking them what to expect with Modern Warfare’s MTX system? Every interview I’ve seen is sooo concerned about things like gunplay, map design, multiplayer modes, campaign, but I’m not seeing a single interview where the interviewer is picking at their brains regarding MTX.”

Now, Infinity Ward’s Senior Communications Manager has replied to the thread. She stated that they ‘hear’ us on this topic and will ‘share more closer to launch’ regarding MTX in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Please be patient. We hear you. And we’ll share more as we get closer to launch.

Another user followed up by asking her if that just means they’ll be ‘radio silent’ on this topic and ignore/put this off till launch, and she replied saying:

Aka, we’ll say more when we’re ready. Thanks!

One of the biggest concerns with this year’s game is the MTX model that it will feature. Black Ops 4 has a bad reputation for many fans with a horrible system across the board.

Modern Warfare is ditching the $50 Season Pass for Modern Warfare in favor of free maps, but it’s not clear how they’ll reflect the lack of the Season Pass in MTX models.

We’ll update as we learn more.

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