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We just recieved permission from the powers that be to declassify our photos from the “War Room” deep inside Treyarch Studios. Last Wednesday, I [along with 13 other VIPs] were invited out to Treyarch to play 6 straight hours of Black Ops 2 multiplayer. We’ve already told you about the valuable intel we learned, what we didn’t tell you yet was our experience while there.

At 1000 hours, we reported for duty not knowing exactly what to expect. Apon arriving, we were all ushered into the Treyarch lobby where we all had to sign in. At the front desk there happens to be a giant red button located directly above a flat screen TV with the world globe and a Black Ops logo. Once the red button is pressed, an animation begins with an ICBM(missile) being shot across the globe, once it lands a Gamertag appears with word “Banned” underneath it. The animation represents all the people who were banned in Black Ops within the last 24 hours. Needless to say, it was a lot of people.


Afterwards, we walked down a couple of hallways within Treyarch (walking as slow as possible so I can take it all in) and eventually ended up in the famous “Treyarch War Room”. Comfy leather theater seats awaited us with care packages along with a Treyarch badge (with our names and Site/Channel logos on them). After we were all seated, Treyarch Studio Head Mark Lamia took the center stage where we were all shown the new Zombies Trailer and then given a breakdown on the new Zombie modes in depth. Next up was David Vonderhaar (on video), He had a “special” video prepared for the VIPs since he was currently in the air on his way to the Eurogamer Expo. This is when he unvieled the last remaining tidbits for Black Ops 2 multiplayer.

From 1100-1700 hours, we played Multiplayer across 7 maps in Hardpoint, Kill Confirmed, Team Deathmatch and Multi-TDM. We had access to every Gun, Camo, and unlock in the game, although recently David Vonderhaar hinted there might be some camos that we didnt see..

I can now honestly say, that Black Ops 2 is game changer for Call of Duty. it’s exactly what it needed and at the right time too…

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