Apple today announced the new version of iOS at their WWDC 2019 conference, and one of the big news was about the support for gaming controllers on their platforms.

Apple has announced that iPhone users can use PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers starting with iOS 13 this fall. Apple also confirmed that the controller support will extend to the AppleTV as well this fall.


PlayStation 4 controller support: Use your PlayStation 4 game controller with iPhone. Xbox One S controller support: Use your Xbox One S game controller with iPhone.

This could open up to controller support on iOS with the upcoming free to play Call of Duty: Mobile title, which will feature MP, Battle Royale, and a Co-op Zombies mode.


The new Call of Duty: Mobile title is still in early beta in certain regions with more regions to be added as the launch of the game draws closer. More details on Call of Duty: Mobile is available here.

iOS 13 with game controller support is expected to release this fall.



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