On April 23rd, Tacitus.com was a blank page. Then minutes after @CallOfDuty revealed the QuadRotor video on the official CallofDuty.com web site on April 24th, Tacitus.com gets updated with a new splash page. As you know, “Tacitus” was prominently displayed on FPSRussia’s t-shirt during the QuadRotor video.

After wide spread investigating from every hardcore CoD fan on the internet yesterday, the general consensus was that it was NOT a viral web site based on the extensive history of the site/company and also because of what WhosIs.com revealed. Still, a huge coincidence.

Further investigation (by multiple sources) revealed that “Howard Coale” is the domain contact person for Tacitus.com. If you look up Howard Coale on LinkdIn, he handles Data Visualization for Sapient.com…. the same Sapient.com that handled marketing for MW3.

HOWEVER,the page was updated today with; “Black Ops 2: Weapons manufacturer in the game. Not us.”

So this means it’s either NOT a viral site AND/OR Activision contacted Tacitus.com and informed them that the traffic spike was related to Black Ops 2 and/or the real Tacitus inadvertently revealed the title.

Who knows.. We give up! Either way it’s news because they had to update their page with it LOL

UPDATE:  Tacitus.com has now REMOVED the reference to Black Ops 2.

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