Yaron Levi (aka LoneWolf3D) is a 2D\3D freelancer artist who specializes in “hard surface modeling and texturing mainly for games/cinematics”. He also happen to design a couple of the weapons in MW3. @Luis_Someguy came across his online resume the other day and noticed a page titled “M4 Call of Duty Ghost“..

*Disclaimer: It should be noted that according to his resume, he lives in Israel and appears he is no longer with Infinity Ward or doing contract work with them…This is NOT a leak, just concept images.


Although it’s interesting that the page is titled “Project Ghost”. It could be a mere coincidence since there are couple references to Simon “Ghost” Riley on the images.

The M4 along with the MW3 guns seem like they were designed in super high resolution and in a high poly count, clearly these guns look better than their current-gen counter parts. Maybe this is a sign of whats to come?


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SOURCE: Via LoneWolf3D @Luis_Someguy

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