Infinity Ward has announced the selection of game modes that will be available in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer.

Fan-favorite modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination, Search and Rescue, Search and Destroy, and more are returning, alongside Drop Zone, Infected, Uplink, Grind, and Gun Game.


In addition for the first time in an Infinity Ward Call of Duty game, Hardpoint will be present. Infinity Ward has made slight changes to Hardpoint, in that, the objective location will light up differently when a different team is in the mode. Alongside this, Infinite Warfare features a new feature under the mini-map, which shows call-out of locations. For Hardpoint, this will list the location where the current Hardpoint is active.

In terms of new game modes, there are two new modes: Defender and Frontline.


Defender is a ‘keep away’ style mode, which features a drone that players must hold from the other team. A drone starts in the center of the map, and both teams must race to secure it. Once you secure it, a countdown starts with 1 minute. After that countdown ends, the drone resets. The longer your team holds the drone, the more points you earn. The score limit in Defender was 250 points to earn.

Infinity Ward did not provide any details on the new Frontline mode.


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