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Call of Duty: Warzone

JGOD explains what the best all-around weapon is in Warzone Season 4

Warzone Season 4 brought lots of weapon changes, making one Cold War rifle the best all around for players to use in most situations.




With the Warzone Season 4 update, new weapons have entered the meta, with one weapon, in particular, JGOD is calling the “best all-around weapon.”

Warzone Season 4 is packed with new content, with a new Battle Pass, weapons, and map updates, but and a variety of weapon changes that have shaken up the meta.

The AMAX dominated in Season 3, but now the weapon has been nerfed, and others have received a buff, which has lead Warzone stats master JGOD to believe there is one that has taken its place.

Warzone Season 4 best all around weapon

In JGOD’s latest video, he showcased the XM4 in Warzone Season 4, explaining how it is currently the “most versatile” weapon in the game and provides some class setups for particular playstyles.

JGOD believes the XM4 can perform as an SMG, Sniper support, and a long-range option “if you stack it appropriately.”

Best Warzone XM4 loadouts for Season 4

XM4 SMG loadout

XM4 SMG build

The SMG build for the XM4 is built for mobility, better sprint to fire time, strafe speed, and faster ADS. The build also features the 45 round mag for increased mobility while also maintaining a decent-sized magazine.

This build can compete with SMG stats, in terms of ADS, movement speed, and magazine size, while also dominating in the bullet velocity category.

XM4 sniper support loadout

XM4 sniper support loadout

The Sniper support build features the standard suppressor for some mobility, as the 13.5″ Task Force barrel will increase range and bullet velocity. The Sniper support build will also have a clean optic instead of the iron sights to stay on target at those longer ranges.

For Trios and Squads, JGOD recommends using the 60 round mag, but for those who play solos, the 45 round mag will give you more mobility.

XM4 long-range loadout

XM4 long-range loadout

Lastly, the long-range build is stacked for bullet velocity, damage range, and accuracy. The Field Agent grip will help players controlling the recoil at those longer ranges, while the 60 round magazine allows players to maintain fire at range.

Of course, the Axial arms 3x is great for longer ranges, especially with the Cold War optic changes last season.

That’s all for JGOD‘s best all-around weapon in Warzone Season 4, make sure you also check out our Fara 83, CW AK-47, and Krig 6 builds, as these are the weapons that JGOD states can also be versatile like the XM4.

Image Credits: JGOD / Activision / Raven Software

Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone Pacific launch trailer gives players an in-depth look at Season 1 content

A new Warzone Pacific trailer has revealed more details about Caldera and what players can expect from the upcoming season.



warzone pacific trailer

Call of Duty has dropped a brand new trailer giving players a more in-depth look at the content coming in Warzone Pacific Season 1.

With Warzone Pacific just days away, players are gearing up for an exciting new season of content in Call of Duty’s battle royale.

Of course, we’ve had lots of information about Caldera and Warzone’s integration with Vanguard over the past couple of weeks, but the latest trailer gives players a more in-depth look into what fans can expect for Warzone Pacific Season 1.

Warzone pacific Caldera island

The trailer opens up with a peaceful look at Caldera, the new home of Warzone. Set in the Pacific, the new map offers spectacular views and intriguing POIs.

As the music kicks in and players are seen dropping into the map, the trailer shows off some exciting gameplay. It looks absolutely chaotic, and with so much to take it, let’s highlight some of the things we picked up on.


new warzone pacific vehicle

On Caldera, transport seems more prominent than ever, with the classic 4×4 cars and Motobikes making a return, as well as new additions such as the dogfighting planes.

There is also a glimpse of a new large vehicle that has a huge machine gun on the back which players can operate.

A new drop ship

We also got a glimpse at the new WWII-themed planed that will be carrying players over Caldera each match.

The trailer also featured a sneak peek at the new drop cinematic.

New mode

Vanguard Royale will be a new mode available in Warzone Pacific Season 1, which is actually the only mode in which the dogfight planes are available.

For more on this mode, check out our piece on every mode available in Warzone Pacific.

New Operators

new warzone pacific operator

The trailer also gave players a glimpse at some new Operators that will likely be available in the Warzone Pacific Season 1 Battle Pass.

There was also the appearance of a Komodo Dragon and Hyena, which will be new companions available in the Warzone Pacific Season 1 Battle Pass.

New Victory cut-scene

warzone pacific victory cut scene

At the very end of the trailer, instead of a Helicopter getting you out of the gas after achieving victory, this time you enter a truck that will board a ship and get you out of Caldera safely.

Returning features

Ziplines are back

The grapple ziplines players are used to scaling buildings with on Verdansk are also in Caldera.

Contracts return

During the trailer, a sniper takes out another player and a voice line plays that says “Contract complete.”

That’s everything we picked up on in the new Warzone Pacific trailer. For more, make sure you check out how you can play on Caldera early.

Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone QA testers stage walkout days before Pacific Caldera launch

On December 6 Raven Software QA testers staged a walkout to protest the company’s sudden layoffs that began last week.



Warzone Raven walkout

In what is set to be a busy period for Raven Software, QA testers have staged a walkout as a response to layoffs announced by the company on December 3.

On December 3, the gaming industry received the news of significant layoffs taking place at Raven Software. The layoffs mainly involved the Quality Assurance team that works on Warzone content. Just three days later and most of a team of around 40 members are protesting the decision.

With Warzone Pacific’s highly-anticipated launch only two days away, one would imagine that this is a vital time for the company. Those who engaged in the walkout have claimed that they will not return until the layoffs are reversed.

Warzone Pacific Caldera

Raven’s Quality Assurance testers stated that the layoffs began on December 3 as individuals were brought into meetings to receive the news. The layoffs came as a shock to the majority of the QA team seeing as they’d been assured that positive changes to the payment structure were on their way.

The detailed statement from the workers below confirms that these changes are arriving after “five weeks of overtime and, before an anticipated end of year crunch.” Their contracts are set to be terminated on January 28th.

The QA testers hope that the walkout will result in permanent full-time positions for the entire team.

A spokesperson from Raven’s parent company Activision has responded to the protest in a recent statement, “We are converting approximately 500 temporary workers to full-time employees in the coming months. Unfortunately, as part of this change, we also have notified 20 temporary workers across studios that their contracts would not be extended.”

It remains to be seen if Activision’s response will encourage employees to return to work. This is going to be a vital week for Activision between the ongoing protests and the launch of new in-game content across Vanguard and Warzone.

For the latest updates concerning this story and the slatted release of Warzone Pacific: Caldera stay tuned to Charlie INTEL.

Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software

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Call of Duty: Warzone

FaZe Swagg reveals Vanguard weapon that will dominate Warzone Pacific

As Call of Duty players are gearing up for Warzone Pacific, FaZe Swagg claims this Vanguard weapon is going to dominate from the start. 



M1 Garand Swagg

Warzone Pacific is right around the corner and players are starting to wonder which Vanguard weapons will make their mark. FaZe Swagg believes this Marksman Rifle is poised to take over. 

Alongside a brand new map, Warzone players will receive an extensive selection of new weapons to choose from. On December 8, players will get the chance to test out a whopping 40 Vanguard weapons

Of the 40 new additions, Warzone superstar Swagg has his eye on one in particular. Predicting meta shifts is no easy task but Swagg certainly has the pedigree and experience to back up his claims. 

M1 Garand Heirloom blueprint

When Swagg hits Caldera’s sandy shores on December 8, he’ll be doing so with M1 Garand in hand. Interestingly enough, Vanguard’s M1 Garand has been available as a weapon in Warzone as of Season 6

Swagg was able to test the weapon in Verdansk and he believes its excellent qualities will carry over to Caldera. Of the 40 new weapons, the M1 Garand is one of three Marksman Rifles. As evidenced in Swagg’s video, players will need a steady trigger finger to utilize the semi-automatic weapon. 

M1 Garand Heirloom attachments

M1 Garand heirloom blueprint attachments
  • Muzzle: Mk. 2 Stabilizer
  • Barrel: Cooper 25″ Custom
  • Optic: SVT-40 PU Scope 3-6x
  • Stock: Cooper Adjustable
  • Underbarrel: Carver Foregrip
  • Magazine: Extended Mags
  • Rear Grip: Grooved Reargrip
  • Perk 1: Acquisition Perk 1

The Heirloom M1 Garand blueprint is available through the Season 6 battle pass once players hit the 72nd tier. 

Unfortunately, these are preset attachments that currently cannot be adjusted in Warzone. Once Warzone Pacific launches on December 8, players will be able to tweak this weapon’s attachments in Warzone and make it more powerful.

For now, you may want to focus on gaining weapon level XP with the M1 Garand in Vanguard. With more attachments at your disposal, you’ll be able to easily adapt to the Warzone meta. This loadout will produce the best results in Vanguard’s Multiplayer.

Stay tuned to CharlieINTEL throughout Vanguard Season 1 and Warzone Pacific launch week for all the latest news and updates. 

IImage Credits: Activision / Raven Software / FaZe Swagg

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