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Ever wanted to play with some of the developers of Modern Warfare 3? Well now you can in our first ever “Community Game Night with Sledgehammer Games!”

This Friday, June 22nd at 7:00pm PST, we’ll be kicking off the first of many “Game with Developers” nights on MW3 for the Xbox 360. Join as we play Modern Warfare 3 with some of the masterminds who created it. We’ll be hosting a private lobby and will be playing some of the greatest DLC that MW3 has to offer.

Make sure you’re following @SHgames and @charlieINTEL on twitter as we’ll be announcing when the lobby is open. Lobbies will be rotated every 2-3 matches so we can get as many fans to participate as possible. If you can’t make it in this go-around, don’t worry because this will be the first of many community game nights. Not in our clan? don’t worry, CGN is open to every Call of Duty fan on the web. We’ll be playing several of the new maps, so if you don’t have an ELiTE subscription then you better hurry and get it fast!

The guys at Sledgehammer Games are excited and anxious to finally play together with the Call of Duty community. They’ll be open to hear your thoughts and suggestions while we play and go to battle in Domination and Ground War… Stay Frosty.

WHEN: This Friday, June 22nd at 7:00pm PST
WHERE: MW3 on Xbox 360
HOW: Follow @SHgames and @charlieINTEL and await instructions Friday evening.


SOURCE: Sledgehammer Games

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